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Awww thanks everyone :)


Good luck Sourire how exciting!

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Silver- I'm a past stalker too so you are always welcomed here for updates. I hope there is a bright future for you & your new b/f.

Sourire- so exciting!! One more week! That would be great to move on together. I haven't even looked at due dates, too superstitious.

AFM- today is the day. I've been doing the circle+bloom meditations like crazy, had acupuncture yesterday & go back at 4 for another treatment. My transfer is at 11. Feeling much calmer & more like myself today than I did waiting on Friday. All 4 were still growing when they last checked.
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Lilac- that's really cool about your mom & dad delivering at home (and 5 times!). I don't know that I'd ever feel confident enough to go unassisted but do dream of home birth. My sis & I were both hospital births but unmedicated. My niece & nephew were hypnobabies (hospital/unmedicated).
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Good luck toothfairy!!!

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Toothfairy - I've been doing the Circle&Bloom meditations every day as well. I received their FET series from my mom for Christmas and its really great. I also have only a very a vague idea of due dates for this cycle.
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TF should be doing her ET now. dust.gifMassive baby dust to you, eh!

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Expanded blastocyst AA quality transferred with 2 early blasts BB to freeze. All that for starting with only 5 eggs. We are thrilled & relieved.
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That's fantastic toothfairy! I hope you are relaxing and visualizing the embie implanting.

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ToothFairy: Sounds like your transfer went great!! Now rest up and eat warming foods! So great that you had 2 to freeze as well. I was really bummed when I realized that I was not going to be having twins either. I think in my head it only made sense that after trying for 2 years that I would end up with 2 babies, haha! Obviously nothing goes the way we think it should but I am just so, so, so thankful to be preggo with one:)


Sourie: Its finally happening, I almost can't believe it so you must just be so excited!! I will be sending you whatever positive vibes I can!


Lilac: Good luck with your apt.


Silver: Hi! Glad to hear that all is going well with bf.


Hi to everyone else!


I'm ten weeks, when did that happen:) feeling like crap still but glad to have some signs that all is going as it should in there. I have my first apt. with my regular ob tomorrow.

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I am very excited for all of you. Thanks sourie for telling me about the thread 'One" guess I'll join this one too.


Hi, Im tracyamber and i am waiting for my damn period!!!!!!Errr 2 days late. I have a suppression check on Wednesday and start Estradial that day too. Already on Lupron. Fet transfer is for the 28th!!! of January. We got one beautiful boy from a fresh cycle in 2011 and hoping for one more!!!!!! Just one more freakin baby. why does it have to be so hard.LOL  I love being a mom. I adore my son.


Sourie I am happy for you ,you must be soooo excited!!

Toothfairy2b i hope you are resting. It is so exciting after the transfer and the 2ww can be worrisome. Keep busy. I am often online. write posts and i will reply;)

deborahbgkelly how are you feeling these days. I met you on the thread"one"

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Good luck toothfairy thats a great sign having such awsome embie quality :)


Good luck for your cycle Tracey.


And tanks every for wishing me well with my bf :)

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Toothfairy - wow it sounds like you couldn't have gotten a better quality blast than this one.

tracyamber - Welcome! I'm so glad you've joined us!
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TracyAmber- Thanks for asking. My morning (read all-day) sickness has been really bad this time and I'm continuing to have trouble with the PIO shots, but hoping things get a bit easier in the next couple weeks. My first ultrasound is Thursday.

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Thinking of you, Cait!!

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Thank you!

Anyone around to describe what their 'cramping' felt like? I'm beginning to wonder if all I feel is my mind trying to make me feel something...
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Hope the feeling is a little one digging in. Since I haven't been pregnant yet, I am no help on "what" it feels like.  Just praying that it is a good thing!

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Well I had my ultrasound this morning and everything looked great. My lining was at 12mm and there were no cysts on my ovaries. Therefore I will be starting progesterone on Thursday and my transfer will be 1 week from today on the 15th.

Does anyone have any tips for making the progesterone injections more bearable? I've never done projesterone injections before and I'm not looking forward to that part.
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Souire: I would massage the injection site with some gauze right after the shot. Then I would swing my leg back and forth doing some leg lifts to the back to try and get the medicine to move into the muscle - then I would use a heating pad for a while. It still sucked though.



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I was told the heating pad could actually make it worse, but a warm compress would be okay. I had major problems with the injections though and am switched to suppositories as of today. Toothfairy- For me, both times, the cramping felt like ovulation pain on steroids.

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I had a sharp intense cramp that woke me from sleep. it lasted for 20 minutes or so.


anyone else? bumping!!!!!!!

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