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i am just so tired right now and have missed so much here. welcome everyone. and hello to the people that have been here before. Im tracyamber and i am on my 2ww and my bumm is sore and.......

nievesstevens i am sorry to hear about your egg quality. 

guppyluv what do you teach exactly if you don't mind me asking. i am an elementary teacher.


and i just found out there is a february infertility one thread.  do we have to join each board???


thursday thursday then friday friday..7am

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nievsstevens i know there is a berkeley parents network that has some interesting ideas about egg quality,doctors,donor and such if you have not explored it yourself.

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I second Berkeley parents net. Was great for info when I started out (was living in northern CA at the time) and there is a ton of info there i never explored.

I'm in the Boston area so I guess I should watch the news. 18-24"!? Eeeks - well we never get as much as those outside RT128 so maybe not so bad...

On a side note I am sick again. Was really sick during stims and then good by retrieval. All the nurses had runny noses, etc at transfer last Thursday and boom! I got sick Monday. It's now settled in my chest. So lovely. Sleep sucks between the progesterone hot flashes and sinus congestion/coughing. Making me grumpy smile.gif
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Crashing once again to ask wannabmom about one of the embryos splitting. I'm confused. I did some research and couldn't find anywhere where the embryo split in the Petri dish. I guess it could happen (I don't see why not), but it doesn't seem common. Did the docs say anything about that? It definitely seems unusual.

Just FYI - I hope you'll let me join you guys. I may actually end up doing this crazy thing. I'm in the middle of a test cycle and the IVF nurse said we could start next cycle! Crazy.
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X: Hi there! Sorry you are joining this thread. 


Funny to see Berkeley parents network mentioned on here. I live in Berkeley. So nice to have that resource!


Nieve: I am so so sorry! I hope some did fertilize and they just looked at the wrong time. I only had 1 fertilize and was about to turn to donor egg. I had decided to go with RBA in Atlanta. CNY in new york is very affordable but I followed a thread about women doing donor egg there on another board and their success rates are WAY below RBA. Almost everyone on the RBA thread got pregnant. It was truly amazing to follow! I met a mom at the park last week who told me her 4 yr old was conceived via donor egg when she was 52. I was impressed that she was so open with me. I told her we almost used donor egg and likely would have to if we ever want another child. Hugs!! I'm sorry you have come to the end of the line for your own eggs. But I know you will have a child of your own through donor egg. My sister has 3 little girls all born thru donor egg/surrogacy. And she says she never ever stops to think where that little piece of DNA came from. She's too busy just being their mom.



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Xerella i had question the dr the day of transfer re:the embryos splitting, he said that it was uncommon but it happens. Usually it happens in the uterus later in development & the result is twins.

Guppyluv I thought I was having hot flashes during the night, I wake up at least 4 times everynight. Now I know it is from the progesterone. :-)
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wannabemom - Maybe I'm confused. When you say the embryo split, do you mean the normal embryo division process or that the embryo separated itself into 2 and it is now a separate embryo? Honestly, this seems highly unlikely. Unfortunately, I'm pretty familiar with the formation of identical twins. And, it seems that scientists have been doing this in a petri dish, but it's highly experimental and the docs have to place an artificial zona pellucida around the partial embryo to protect it within the petri dish. Source: www.ama-assn.org/resources/doc/code-medical-ethics/2145a.pdf

A hatching blast (a very good thing) looks a lot like an embryo splitting, maybe that's what you saw. But, that wouldn't happen until day 5 or 6. Maybe someone else can pipe in who knows more about the IVF process.
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It is 7pm. I'm in my PJs in bed. Exhausted. Ready for sleep and the impending blizzard. BRING IT ON!

Tracy - keep us posted. Good luck tomorrow.
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Good luck Tracy!!



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Thinking of you today Tracy!!
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Waiting to hear news from Tracy and Guppy!


Today was another snow day in Michigan. I got to sleep until 10 a.m.  I have to remember to enjoy this because once I have kids sleeping in will be a thing of the past and I can't wait!  Waiting for AF to show up next week, call the RE, and get the ball rolling for March for our IVF cycle. I am so glad I don't have to do BCPs.  The IVF nurse said since my cycles were regular it was probably best not to mess with the BCPs.  Also my RE does egg retrievals and transfers on weekends so that relieved some of my fears about when my body will be ready fro egg retrieval.  April 2013 will be two years since my DH and I started TTC.  I hope April 2013 will be our month!

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Sourire - Hi, and yes please add me to the front page, when you have a moment. I hope you're having fun in Jamaica. I think my info is in my sig? Age 38, TTC for 3 years with MFI and this is my second IVF.


Aura, Toothfairy, :wave: hi, and I'm sure I'm missing somebody. It's going to take me a bit to get caught up over here, sorry.


rcr - Yes, we go way back. I'd forgotten about the Bitter Sushi Ladies... I think I still am one, sushi and wine are staples in my diet these days. I occasionally pop over here to see what's going on with you - are you going ahead with the embryo donation? Do you have it scheduled? I hope there are less meds for that.


tracy - I'm just meeting you but I'll keep my fingers crossed for a BFP for you!


Xerxella - welcome! I'm not sure what a test cycle is but that sounds promising.


guppyluv - I was skiing last weekend and I totally suck at skiing, but I LOVE wearing snow boots. They're like slippers with 4WD. It almost makes me want to live somewhere that actually gets snow! I hope your blizzard is the fun kind.


lilac - It sounds like we might be cycle buddies. 


AFM - I'm taking BCP and I'd forgotten how they make me feel nauseated in the evenings. I really wish I wasn't so sensitive to the hormonal meds. I'm trying to think of it as practice for morning sickness. Ugh. It's been almost 2 years since my first IVF cycle and I'm a bit surprised at how much I've forgotten about how this all works. The first time around I had spent so much time researching - this time I'm just doing whatever they tell me and not thinking about it at all. 


Feb 19th is our injection teaching and they're doing a sonohysterogram or something. I forget what that word is supposed to be, but IIRC it's not the same as the HSG. The doctor had mentioned that they would do an endometrial biopsy as well, but when I asked the nurse about it she told me that it could be done at the same time and that I should remind the doctor about it. Which seems a bit bizarre to me but whatever.

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greensad.gif bfn

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greensad.gif... So sorry to hear.
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tracy - I'm so sorry. There are no words. hug.gif
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Laggie - I've had to do a hysteroscopy. It's where they actually take a small camera and look inside the uterus. While they're in there they can get a sample for the endometrial biopsy. (They did with me, too.) It was alright. A lot like the HSG in a lot of ways.
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Oh Tracy! That just...well, it sucks, to put it plainly.
AFM, it's official, no fertilization. Not sure what our next steps are, just going to let this broken heart heal a bit and drink some wine. I ordered The Infertility Cure, seems like it might worth reading, it supposedly offers lots of info on possibly improving egg quality. I will still be lurking and cheering you all on!
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Tracy, I am so sorry. hug2.gif


Laggie, yep, it might just happen we will be cycle buddies.  I am hoping for AF next week.  Then expect next AF March 12 to begin our IVF cycle. I think I had a sonohysterogram done and man the cramps afterward just about killed me - take some mega doses of your favorite pain killer before hand.

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Tracy and Nieves - I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Hugs to you both.

AFM - I spent the day packing. I have a 6am flight tomorrow morning and I'm really hoping its not delayed or cancelled due to the weather. Though we're not having much of a blizzard here... We're only expecting about 5 inches which is nothing for us, and it should stop snowing a few hours before my flight is scheduled to leave. Anyways I'm so looking forward to the sun and especially having a piña colada or two (or twenty!) smile.gif
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Laggie - embryo donation is easy breezy. Just some estrogin pills, a transfer, and then progestrone afterward. I wouldn't have to do the progestrone shots if I didn't want to - I could do crinone but I hate that stuff so I am opting for the progestrone shots. I am hopeing for March. Just waiting for AF to start.


Tracy - I am so sorry. hugs.


Nieves - I am sorry.


Sourire - have a lovely time!

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