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Thanks all! Cautiously optimistic and wildly nauseous at times.

Toothfairy-- yes i thought the same. I did have more than one go back (two were 7&8 cell grade 1/HIPs). I'm holding my (proverbial) breath that it's a single or twins (and not more). Breathing... smile.gif
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Suzie- That was my first noticeable symptom with my boys.

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Thank you Deborah :)  It feels awful, but if that's what it's from I welcome it!  I test in 2 and a bit days so... fingers crossed!

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guppy - Congratulations! I love BFPs on here, it gives me some hope. love.gif


Suzie - Welcome, you seem really funny! ...and I'm sorry your nurse is such a UA violation. I would write a complaint about her, those are horrible things to say! Really cruel and nasty. The nurses at my clinic are always very positive and sympathetic. I can't imagine being told it might take 6 cycles and not to get my hopes up! Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a BFP for you! I think nipple pain sounds promising. And I hope hunger for food at mealtimes is a good thing, I have that too winky.gif. Are you sure you don't need the progesterone, I've never heard of stopping it so early.


AFM - I have received a very kind offer of some leftover meds from one of the ladies here. It's so generous, and such a relief to take a bit of the strain out of the budget. I was considering ordering meds from overseas to save some money, but I was really nervous about the quality. This way we can save about the same amount but not have to worry that we're getting fake drugs.

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Just quietly lurking here and cheering you all on!!!!


Laggie - good to see your name again, even though I wish you were here telling us you were already preg, but we all know life isn't fair!!!!  Fingers crossed so hard for you w/ this next cycle my friend!!!! hug.gif


Guppy - Congrats!!!!!!  joy.gif


Suzie - Welcome!!!  Wow, that nurse sucks!!!  I think your symptoms sound good.  Fingers crossed for you!!!



Sending lots of baby dust to everyone!!!  goodvibes.gifBack to lurking!!!

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Suzie- my first pregg in the fall my BBs were sooooo sore and pretty much excessively perky (in a really uncomfortable way) ALL the time. This time they seem better but they had just barely gone down again almost to my previous size when I started IVF round 2...
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Hi all :) Thanks for all the messages of support!!  So appreciated!


Well... It's valentines day and i do my beta tomorrow, so i thought i would do a test (actually, I'm so impressed i waited this long) and it was a faint positive.. not very faint, but a pretty good looking faint actually!!  Still not getting my hopes until the blood test tomorrow (actually, yes I am), but what a great valentines day gift - and it was free! haha  (unless you count how much IVF costs)


I am feeling calmly excited (actually, crapping my pants in anxiety) LOL - Damn these truth brackets!


Laggie: I have left a message for a nurse (I asked for a nice one this time) to call me back - I am going to address the progesterone thing.  I officially ran out last night, and now I have a reason to push for a better reason than they gave me last week for stopping early.  It doesn't make sense to me either - why take the risk? 


Guppyluv: You made me laugh so much with your excessively perky boobs!!  I think given the hugeness that mine have reached, the gravitational pull is working against me in the perky stakes LOL 

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Yay Guppy!!! so exciting!
And Suzie: Fingers crossed for the beta! The HPT sounds promising!!
AFM: question for those of you who made to retrieval but didn't have fertilization: did you find that the cycle after was completely miserable? I have been experiencing some the *worst* PMS ever. I am super bloated (like actual weight gain) and anything above a wedding style march makes by boobs hurt so bad. And cramping! I never cramp. And Monday I actually found myself chain eating, last bite in one hand while reaching for the next bite with the other. It was insane! Thank God it was just the one day...
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Hi Nives. Sorry about all the symptoms. My usual PMS includes one day of "eat the kitchen sink" syndrome every month. It's not so fun (afterwards...). The bloating doesn't sound so good. Have you talked to your Dr? I hope things mellow out soon.

Suzie - good luck tomorrow!!! Love the not so faint line. I went digital all the way. Yes pricey, but I hated second guessing lines on OP test strips... smile.gif and re BBs.... Gravity is a bitch. My once upon a time baby B's are now champion C's... I'm sure gravity will kick in soon enough! Lol.
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Suzie, I hope your beta confirms your HPT!


I talked with my ART nurse yesterday So far the blood tests have come back with good news except that my vitamin D3 was low (12.8) so I am supposed to take 2000 IU of that with breakfast and dinner.  My TSH was up to 1.78 from 1.57, my free T4 was up to 1.19 from 0.99, my FSH was 4.7, and my prolactin was 8.6 and this was all for Day 2 testing.  Being hypothyroid was I was concerned about my TSH and free T4 but I think I am now in the range where it is good. I also don't have hepatitis so that is a good thing, but I didn't think I did have hepatitis anyway. The nine vials of blood are working their way through the lab. I guess some of the tests take longer than others.  Hopefully all this work will get me a baby or two!

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Hey all


My blood test came back positive with a HCG of 220!!  My progesterone level is over 190 (they an only read up to that) so apparently there's no need for me to continue the suppositories :) hooray!!

So unbelievably surprised that it worked - despite the misgivings by a couple of witches (nurses) that my age and weight would hamper my chances.


Now I just have to wait for the scan in 3 weeks.... :)  No symptoms to speak of except for bursting into tears when they called and being ludicrously optimistic x

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Yeah suzie!!!!! So excited for you!!! How many (equivalent) dpo are you again?

SO exciting!!!!!
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YAY Suzie!!! So glad! Great numbers. My u/s is March 8... so you're probably around then too! crazy waiting... I like ludicrously optimistic!!! joy.gif (Oh and I clearly found the bouncing emoticons... lol...  just can't get them on the iphone... )

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Suzie- Yay! I knew you'd prove those idiots wrong. jumpers.gif

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Suzie I am so glad that your HPT was verified and that those nurses were wrong!  Grow, Baby, Grow!

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Thanks so much for all you messages guys!! It means a lot blowkiss.gif Especially when we aren't really telling too many people, until after the scan at least.  So nice to have it applauded!!


Xerxella: I was tested at 16dpo - they told me anything over 100 is good... please don't tell me otherwise hahaha  I looked it up on google and have decided to ignore the stats on the webpages and listen to my doctor - so far she has been pretty spot on.


Funnily, in Australia (or at least my clinic) they grade the eggs differently, so when they told me I had 2 grade 4 eggs and a grade 3 I was so upset.. until they told me that 4 was the best grade! LOL  It was only one of the 4's and the 3 that made it to 5 day blast so at least I have a little grade 3 waiting for me for another go in the future :)


I am still in a bit of a state of shock, and have no idea how to remain calm while I wait for the scan, BUT luckily I have a 25 pack of pregnancy test strips, so I'm going to test whenever I feel like it  to reassure myself that I'm still OK.  Today I did an ovulation test instead and that works too!  (I've got a hundred of those haha)  Got them really cheap on ebay last year, and they were WAY faster to show a clear positive than the expensive early tests I had! 

PS Guppyluv: i scan on March 12th so we are scan buddies yay!!  And nice emoticons, btw joy.gif

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Suzie- My clinic tests at the same time, and said the same thing.

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Suzie sounds great to me!!!! thumb.gif Keep us updated. I love stats.
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Suzie that is wonderful!! Congrats!! So you only put one back?
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Toothfairy:  I was completely torn on just putting one back in - most people (especially people over 35) have had 2 or 3 put in at a time everywhere i looked on the net..... BUT, my doctor and embryologist were quite insistent that unless they were low grade eggs, they only would put one in. 

Apparently their studies show that the success rate is higher for single high grade 5 day blast transfers. 

I have put every faith in them, even though almost everything recommended was pretty much the opposite of what everyone else had.  Maybe it's because I'm in Australia? 

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