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My clinic actually has the same philosophy. We put back one perfect five day blast and are at 8 1/2 weeks. My clinic is very geared toward keeping the highest singleton pregnancy rate. It works!
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That's excellent !! Congratulations Toothfairy :)   

It was a bit scary seeing everyone else having at least 2 put in and trying to keep my faith in their advice!  We only have one blood test and have to wait for the scan now, so it's gonna be a long 3 weeks....

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It's interesting how different clinics have such different protocols. My RE didn't feel that there was a benefit of waiting until they reached 5d blast but that there was a risk that good embies might not xfer back so he usually does d3 xfers. I asked b/c I'd geard of so many successful 5d blast xfers!! PhD or not I can't make heads or tails of the research. It still seems like such a crap shoot.

I'm a bit hormonal - emotions all over the place. Of course all my nausea and sore bbs have vanished - which is driving me nutty! Ugh... I liked the constant reminder that I was PG. Now the worry of another m/c keeps bubbling up! I know symptoms come and go but last time they just went at the time I lost the baby and I sort of knew. Trying to stay positive but mar 8 is sooo far away! I'll be 7w5d then. It seems too long to wait. (hate holidays when u just want to call the nurse and ask a question!!)
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Guppyluv: I think it's harder after IVF in the first few weeks if u get a BFP than a non IVF positive... the side effects we have endured for the previous month are about a hundred times worse than actual pregnancy symptoms (NOT exaggerating!) so any real symptoms we may have now are almost nothing compared to what we had when we weren't pregnant!  Then we worry because we don't have sore enough boobs, aren't nauseous enough and really feel a million times better than last month!!  I am doing a test every other day to reassure myself (and to make sure the second line comes as dark as the last time) so I don't worry so much.  (I bought about 50HPTs and 100 Ovulation Tests on Ebay for $15 so I have plenty).  Highly recommend that - it makes up for feeling so healthy when u see the 2 lines repeatedly! lol


Please try not to worry -  Your numbers are awesome!  And when I was pregnant with my son I had virtually no symptoms at all except for the ridiculous food intake (I gained 30 kilos) and a positive test.  And I'm with you - March seems like a year away!!  blowkiss.gif


My fingers are crossed for everybody at every stage - the whole process is such a waiting game!

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If figure I won't test with the pee stick since my HCG levels took almost 4 weeks to go to below 50 after the baby stopped growing Last time @5w3d. So HPTs still registered positive even after my d&c, which was crazy making for me! I just don't like the sudden disappearance of symptoms. Bah
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It seems like sometimes it just comes down to the doctor not just the facility to decide when to put embryos back. I think with my RE his choice to do 5 day blasts were to keep the singleton rate low, at day 3 they will put back 2 whereas day 5 they only put back 1... lowers the twin rate. I would have loved 2 at a 3d transfer!


suzie & guppy- If  you haven't been over there already, there is an IVF grads thread on the 'I'm Pregnant' forum. 

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I'm back. I had a wonderful vacation but when I got back I found out I'm a victim of identity theft so I've been spending all my time trying to close all the bank accounts and credit cards that this person has opened in my name over the last couple of weeks. It's definitely keeping me busy.

Congrats guppy and suzie on your BFPs.
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Sourire - craziness! Hope you get things settled ASAP. Not a fun way to re-enter after vacation! best of luck.
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Originally Posted by guppyluv View Post

If figure I won't test with the pee stick since my HCG levels took almost 4 weeks to go to below 50 after the baby stopped growing Last time @5w3d. So HPTs still registered positive even after my d&c, which was crazy making for me! I just don't like the sudden disappearance of symptoms. Bah

well, there goes that theory!  Fingers and all other things are crossed that you just cruise through the next couple of weeks til the scan and it's perfect!  Anytime you feel like venting, feel free to use me - this waiting and worrying is as hard to deal with! 

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Blood test today at 8:00 a.m. I am so scared, but I still have hope. .
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wannabeamomi, hope your blood test goes well.


AFM, spent an hour on the phone with my mail order pharmacy yesterday trying to get all the meds pre approved for my IVF cycle.  At least the pre-approval guy really spoke English and could think on his feet, the other woman I spoke to could only read to me from scripts and was unable to answer my questions to my satisfaction. I will be calling my Dr. again today to figure out exactly how the ranges of meds I need will work - does the pharmacy give me the low end or the high end or am I getting meds delivered every day for the month as I need them? What have others experienced with IVF meds that have ranges of what you "might" need?

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Good luck wannabemomi! Fingers x'd.
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Lilac - I was lucky enough to live 30mins from my pharmacy (and they also do same day deliveries within a certain area) so I just ordered the minimum and then picked up more towards the end. Problem was that I couldn't return unused Meds (which I'm sure is common). I didn't find out I needed extra 300 Follistim (for the second time) until 3p on friday. Luckily they delivered them to me at 8pm that night so I had them saturday am. Which Meds are you taking?
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Got the call from the nurse & the results were negative. I am just heart broken. My husband & I will try a second round in a couple of months. I just need to prepare myself again. I thank all you ladies for your support. This has got to be the hardest thing in my life that I have ever gone through but I still have hope.
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wbm - I'm so sorry. Hang in there, it's great that you can do another round so quickly! 


lilac - I was going to do mail order meds and my Dr. wrote me a prescription for the maximum that I would need for the cheaper drugs, and then for the Gonal-F he just wrote the prescription for the amount he thought I would use, and then I would have bought more directly from the fertility clinic if I needed it. The Gonal-F was about $300/day so buying extra of that would negate any savings from doing the mail order.


guppy - hang in there, the symptoms being there or not is meaningless. I had really awful morning sickness for 4 weeks while the baby I miscarried wasn't growing at all. And lots of women have those annoying happy earth-mother pregnancies winky.gif and have healthy babies. 


suzie - I think POAS would make me feel better anyway, even knowing what I just wrote above! Funny the way the mind works... I think it's adorable that you're doing that, I never would have thought of it. I almost want to order a bunch of tests, but I think I'll wait and see if I even produce any eggs. 


AFM - I had the sono hystero uterus probe today (can never remember what they called it) and the Dr. said I have a great looking cavity. LOL. Um, gee thanks. The things you hear at the fertility clinic... My Day 3 FSH was 9.1, so not great but not too bad. They're dosing me with twice the amount of Gonal-F and Menopur as last time, so hopefully I'll end up with more than 2 fertilized eggs. 


I want to transfer 2 this time, last time I was afraid of twins so we only transferred 1 at a time (1 fresh, 1 frozen). I think that in places where IVF is covered by the govt. medical plan, they only allow 1 at a time, because they say it's cheaper than paying the medical costs of twins. That has been in the news a lot here because some provinces have started covering IVF for that reason. Here in BC we still have to pay for it ourselves. $7700 on the Mastercard today - ouch.


Last time around our family and friends all knew about our IVF treatment. This time, I haven't even told my mom. I'm not sure if that's a good idea, it will make it kind of weird if it doesn't work out and I end up telling her after the fact. There are a few people who know that we're planning to try again "soon" but that's all.

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WBM - so sorry to hear. Glad you are able to try again. Positive energies your way!

Laggie- good luck. I understand the dilemma on who tell! Not so easy.

Being single (with parents 3000 miles away) I already have to have a few people who know a priori - my ride to and from clinic, etc... But answering all their questions (which probably aren't that many but seem incessant) gets trying sometimes. And explaining that I lost the last one was really tough - people had so many questions or were big cheerleaders - oh you'll just try again!, etc like it was a quick roll in the hay (I didn't handle either well).

I'm the only one in my friend group who's had to deal with IVF so it's been awkward. So It's been nice to find a group like this!
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WBM - I am sorry. That hurts so much.

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wbm: I am so sorry it didn't work.  statistics show each time you do a round of IVF your chances increase substantially.  My heart goes out to you but i want you to know that hope is always there x


laggie: completely understand the who to tell dilemma! instead of family and friends, i told loads of strangers (at the laundromat, in random shops...) so i satisfied my need to talk about it without having to deal with any real pressure from my life people.  the only people who knew were my best friend and eventually my mum.  it's not the business of my stupid mother in law, as i'm sure she would just add my inability to conceive to the vast list of reasons i am not worthy to be with her son haha...  oh, she is a demon mother in law!!

just stick to your "soon" for as long as you can - trying to put up with having to support your family's concerns and questions is harder than dealing with your own!  And your mum will be so stoked when you get your BFP that she won't be hurt you didn't tell her sooner!   my whole body is crossed for you to get loads of eggs, i only got 5, and only 2 made it to blast... i thought that was the end of it for me, but it wasn't, so quantity isn't everything!  good luck!


guppy: hope you're feeling nauseous babe! :) never thought i would wish someone i liked would feel bad, but i really do!  it's unsettling to feel healthy all of a sudden when you should feel like crap.  I am hoping the reason i feel good now, is the ridiculous IVF hormones have left the body, and the tiny symptoms i might have are hard to spot because i finally don't feel like complete rubbish from IVF.  But i feel really good and healthy at the moment too!  A few vomits would make me feel much better though! 

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Nurse appeased me and did a repeat HCG. Looks good. so that's a relief. Also upped my thyroid meds -- finally.  I pushed last week but Dr was out of the office (of course he finally reviewed things today when they came in as I was being a ninny).  Makes me feel better as it has crept up to 2.9 as of today already! crazy.  Tired as heck from being on my feet two days in a row for 4 hours in lab and answering non-stop, pedantic questions from students (I like the kids, but at 20+ they need to step up and figure some of this out themselves!).  Off to grade papers. 

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Thank you all for your wonderful encouraging statements. Hugs are all coming you way!

I have a wonderful sapport group & loving husband in which we are going to try another cycle. For the financial aspect, we had awesome news from our accountant yesterday that we can get up to 50% tax credit on the fees for ivf. We live in Ohio, I had no idea this even existed. That really helps!
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