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Sourire- That is great! Only one more week! I'm just on Crinone so no PIO advice here. I think if the vials are refrigerated it helps to let it come to room temperature so the oil thins out. I think thats the same idea as warming your
Injection site, to allow that thick oil to disperse. So I'd think anything other than a cold compress should help. Good Luck!

Turns out the cramps were just my holding pee too long. It went away soon after & was more just a tight full feeling. Ah well, better luck tomorrow. Anyone not have any cramping & still turn up pregnant??
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Just posting to wish you all luck and to start getting all of your updates, so I can stay in the loop and cheer you all on!!!  Come on BFP's!!!!!!  goodvibes.gif

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How are you feeling today toothfairy?

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Normal greensad.gif My nipples aren't even sore anymore from the trigger shot. I know that it takes a while for your body to build up to 10,000 even if my embryo is implanting but it is hard not to get discouraged. I'm still listening to my meditations once or twice a day & trying to be hopeful. Beta is in one week.
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Toothfairy - well you are only at 8dpo right? It's a bit early for symptoms, implantation can happen up to 10 or 12 DPO I think! Are you planning to test at home before the beta?
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I know in my head that it is still early, but how long can a 5 day blast hang around before implanting?? Don't they hatch around day 6... So what's going on in there? Of think the 12 dpo implanted are slower developing embryos. I just need to talk myself out of this & be more patient. I am, of course still hopeful that either it just hasn't happened yet or just that I don't have any cramps from it. Just after all this time it would be nice to have my body cooperate & show me that it is working, ya know? Thence brain jumps to, we'll maybe it isn't and it won't. Then I try to push out those negative thoughts and go back to the beginning. Endless loop. I think I'll test Sunday. 7 dp5dt
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Toothfairy - it sure is stressful eh? It's been ages since I had a proper 2ww where I actually had a chance of a BFP (not since last summer) so I had forgotten how stressful it was! I guess I'll remember how it feels next week!

In case it makes you feel a bit better, recently on another forum I go to there was a girl who started a post about how she was certain her IVF had failed because she didn't have a single symptom. A couple of days later she got a BFP!
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It won't necessarily implant right away. My clinic has us on bedrest for 3 days because it could take that long for implantation. Also, not everyone feels implantation cramping. It doesn't mean you weren't successful.

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Tooth fairy: it sounds like your transfer went great! I did no that've uterine cramping right after my transfer either. I had ovary cramping which was a result of left over cysts. They were really sharp, uncomfortable pains whenever I moved position, got up etc. My uterine cramping didn't start for a few weeks and hasn't let up since...right now i would say that it's too early to read anything into signs or lack there of. Good luck staying sane in the next few days!
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Thank you Bucket! I needed to hear that! Hope your cramping comes my way so you can get some relief. Deborah- we don't have any bedrest, not that I could've taken any anyway! Sourire- stressful only when over thinking it. The meditating has helped immensely with keeping me calm! How do you like the FET meditations? I may need them someday!
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Toothfairy - the FET meditations are great though you have to repeat the same one for 3-4 days and I tend to get tired of a meditation after doing it twice. I might supplement with ones from the IVF series during the 2ww since I never got to listen to those when I did my IVF cycle!
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My clinic requires the bed rest. I had to have my dad come out to be with me and he got me sick. Luckily, neither baby nor I are any worse the wear for it. If you want my update PM me or check out the grads thread.

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toothfairy~ i had no pregnancy symptoms till 5 weeks!!!!! none and i never got breast tenderness but major morning sickness kicked in about 8 weeks.

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btw we did our first estradial shot in the buttocks..ouch.. i cried ..and progesterone shot start next week. it doesn't help the my husband feels dreadful about hurting me and is a bit timid about giving it a dagger motion.

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Tracyamber - I feel your pain! I did my first progesterone shot in the butt last night! I did find that not seeing how big the needle is and how far it's going in makes it a bit less scary.
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Luckily for me I don't have to do estrogen shots, I have the patches. I really love these patches, I have no side effects at all! For my IVF cycle I took estrogen pills, those made me feel crazy.
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Toothfairy- I meant to mention that if you aren't at rest, you are less likely to feel what;s going on in there.

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Ouch ouch ouch to you all with your bum shots! So intimidating!
Sourire- do you have to do the PIO the whole time? Even 2ww? Who is doing the shots for you?
Tracy- thanks for the symptom experience, I just need patience is all...
Deborah- it is usually when I'm 'resting' or at least not actively moving that I feel anything.

AFM- Still just waiting. Starting to feel twinges & cramping & some shooting pains but they are so brief & sporadic it is hard to know if there's something there. Date night tonight, testing Sunday. It will be 14 days post trigger & 7 dp5dt.
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Hello again, just got to a point where I feel like I have something to post on myself, even if I have been lurking and keeping track of everyone in the Fall thread. I had my smiley face yesterday so in seven days I start the Vivelle patches until my cycle starts and we can do bloodwork and start stims again. Unfortunately, the changes in my meds from my poor response cycle ate up a huge chunk of our prescription cap and re-ordering for this cycle used up the rest and while we do have medical insurance left, we just can't afford the meds out of pocket so we are really hoping this one is THE cycle that works. fingers and toes crossed for everyone as it seems many have or are moving forward!
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Toothfairy - the PIO is from my fake "O" date (I say fake because I won't actually O this cycle) until pregnancy test so for a total of 2 weeks. If I get a BFP I am allowed to switch to Endometrin if I want. DH is doing the shots for me. As a pharmacist they don't phase him at all. He likes to joke that one day he'd like to give me an intra-ocular injection because it sounds so crazy (that actually exists but thankfully not for fertility medication).

Nieves - how exciting that things are about to get started for you. I really hope it works out so you don't have to worry about money. Would you like me to add a blurb about you in the first post?

Tracyamber - I can add a blurb about you too in the first post, just let me know what you want it to say!
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