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Oh good luck Laggie!!  I've got fingers, toes and huge boobs crossed for you x

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rcr, there are those that I could help through my donation. I guess my DH and I will have to wait and see how many embryos we even get from our procedure.  Weird to think that these embryos have been in storage since 1969. I thought that IVF didn't really get going until the 1980s. Odd to consider the siblings of your children would be older than you. When do you do your frozen embryo transfer?

Xerxella, My temp was really close to the cover line this morning and I was hoping it would come all day long!  But probably tomorrow.

Laggie, congrats on 2 eggs fertilized!  I hope they are multiplying like mad!


AFM, come on AF, come on! Temp dropped down to just a smidge above the coverline this morning.  Tomorrow I am hoping for AF.  Feeling crampy.


Got my progesterone in the mail.  Um, insert vaginally 3 times a day?  I thought these capsules were ones I could swallow.  I bet this will be fun in 2 weeks when I go for my transfer and afterward.

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Yay Laggie! Congrats. I have everything crossed for you.

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Yeah Laggie!!!!!! We're all really pulling for you!

Lilac- I hope you wake up to AF tomorrow. Is it Endometrim? That's what I used before. Yep, vaginal. I guess the pills aren't as effective. It's not too bad. Just wear a pad because you'll leak.

AFM- AF came today after all!!!! I've never been so happy to see red! :P So tomorrow I go in for my baseline. I hope it's as good as the one when I started the BCPs. I'll update tomorrow. I can tell you are all on the edge of your seats.
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Xerxella, I think it is prometrium (probably the generic for endometrium). I might have to buy some disposable sanitary pads because I don't want my cloth menstrual products to get destroyed by this cycle. Although I am hoping that this cycle turns into pregnancy so I guess I wouldn't need my cloth menstrual products for awhile anyway.


AFM, temp still hanging on at 96.8 degrees just a smidge above the coverline and no bleeding yet. Come on AF, come on!

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Xerxella- yay for the start of your cycle!

Lilac- prometrium is like a softgel where endometrin is like a tablet that effervesces (DH used to call it vagaseltzer). IMO the prometrium is easier. They're both messy, I recommend the really thin paper pantiliners (even overnight). I seemed to get a little dripping constantly and occasional big rushes of watery discharge. Not cool. Truth is the same waterfall thing happended on crinone (gel suppository) but only occasional watery discharge. Hope AF comes today & you can get started!

RCR- this Thursday is it for you too, right?
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Laggie - I'm part of the cheering team for sure.  Hope your ET tomorrow goes great and fingers crossed that this is it!!!!!!   goodvibes.gif


rcr - fingers crossed for you as well!!!!



Cheering everyone else on too!!!!

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Alright to all the IVF verterans....

So, I'm freaking out a little here. Before BCP my AFC was 15. Fine. I started the BCP and stopped the BCP 3 weeks later and today on my cd 2 they could only find 2, TWO! antral follicles!!! WTF!!! Did the pill oversuppress me? Is it because it was counted on cd 2 and last time it was cd 3? If they check tomorrow will there be alot more? What does this mean going forward? And, of course, the nice nurse is out this week and the bitchy nurse is in residence. The nice nurse would've answered all my questions, the bitchy nurse wouldn't answer any of my questions.

Is this common? Does AFC change that much from cd 2 through cd 3? Is this the BCP at work? Would they cancel this cycle before we even get started?
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Xerxella- no answer for you here :-/ not sure they ever checked or told Me an AFC, ever. Can you ask your doctor for answers or are you totally stuck with the nurse?
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I suppose. But, I'm just starting this cycle and I really don't want to start by pissing everyone off by going above her head. Sigh. I guess I just wait for them to call me this afternoon with the bloodwork results.

Wow. They just called. E2 was at 18. They want to see it at least at 20 before starting stims. So, maybe that explains it all. I was overly polite to the nurse, even apologizing for all my "silly questions" and how I was nervous first-timer. So, I come back in tomorrow for bloodwork only. And, I'll probably start stims tomorrow night. I still don't know what all this means...
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Xerxella - the nurse won't answer your questions? dizzy.gif Isn't that what the nurses are there for? I would definitely ask her to have the doctor call you, if she won't give you answers. The nurses at my clinic are very nice and reassuring even when I'm being the hormonal crazy woman. I've never been given any info on AFC so I can't answer that.


Blue - thanks, good to see you! Hopefully some of your baby magic will rub off on me.


lilac - The nurse at my ER said I would want to wear a panty liner with the prometrium "because it changes your discharge." I just laughed and said, "you mean because it's  disgusting." It's in a peanut oil/soybean oil so it's really sticky and messy. I have read that some people use them rectally to avoid the grossness, but I don't have the guts to ask the nurse about that. I ask enough weird questions as it is. Plus, I'm not sure that would be any better. (sorry TMI)


rcr - thanks! Good luck with your frosties, will you ask about the 1969 thing or just go with it? Sometimes I feel like I'm less stressed out if I just do what they say and don't think about it too much kwim?


suzie - boobs crossed? Well that's a first! thanks!


The embryologist called and both embies are still growing, so I'm on for the transfer tomorrow at 9. How much water should I drink beforehand? My clinic doesn't give any details other than "have a full bladder." For my first fresh transfer I drank way too much water, but then for my frozen I drank less and my bladder was full-ish but not bursting - and that one didn't take whereas the fresh one did. So maybe bursting is better. So uncomfortable though, and the nurses do nothing but talk about how much it sucks.

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X- I know BCPs can oversuppress you so they tend to avoid it if you have DOR, I forget if you mentioned if you fell into that category? I think it can probably still bounce back and you will get more follicles than they see now. 18 seems so low! You will be amazed how high it gets when you are close to egg retrieval! Hoping for you things are better tomorrow and you are starting stims soon! Also, love what you said about no child left behind. We discussed what to do with left-over embryos and decided to cross that bridge when we got there, turns out we only ended up with 3 and now we will be using the last 2 but it is so hard to make that decision.


Laggie- So happy to hear the two are still growing. Wishing you all the best for you transfer tomorrow. Are you doing acupuncture or taking anything before the transfer (piroxicam or valium)? It is funny what you said about the nurse and prometrium, there's no way around it, any progesterone suppository is just yuck (but better than a shot in the behind if you ask me!)


rcr- Even 1996 is pretty cool, that would make their siblings in teens. It is so hard to imagine, being infertile for so long, having so much success with IVF that you just 'forget' your embryos frozen somewhere... Maybe it is my religion or that we only had 3 embryos survive to 5 days, but I can't imagine leaving anything behind. I'm grateful the service is available so that babies don;t get discarded, every one deserves the chance to love. I'm thrilled you are given this opportunity and any baby is lucky to have you as their mommy. Will you be transferring one or 2, (or 3)?


Sourire- How are you doing? Your FET cycle is coming up too, right? I know we talked about the C + B FET meditations before, would you recommend I purchase them? I wish they had something general for people in between cycles that just need some feel good, getting ready, etc meditations. I felt so much better doing them but am lost as to where to turn in this no-mans land...


AFM- Same old waiting game here. Realizing when all of you get pregnant these next few weeks I'm going to be all alone in May for my FET... I'll be glad to see you go but it is kind of sad the infertility/IVF threads that kept me so sane the last few years have become so sparse with new members. 

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Laggie - good luck tomorrow. Are you transferring both? I drank too much water the first time too - I definetely won't be doing that again! It was horrible and I couldn't relax. I am going to drink way less this time.


X - I hope things look better tomorrow. I have never heard of that happening before. I have always gotten about as many eggs as we saw at my baseline (usually a little less). Seeing 2 would stress me out. I hope you can continue.


TF - don't worry about being left behind. I have felt like that so many times. I have been here for 4 years (yes, I am that pathetic), and for so long it was just me and a few leftovers like blue and laggie and silverbird (I hope you all don't mind being called a leftover - I mean that in a nice way :) . It always seemed to pick back up eventually. After blue graduated I felt like the only one left... and then you all came along :) I agree, it is crazy that they were forgotten. They would have been thrown out. Even if I had 100 leftover embryos I would make sure they all got good homes. In fact I would probably make it my life's mission to find good homes for them. crazy. We are transferring two (see below).


lilac - I have to take prometrium tomorrow at 8 am to "soften my cervix". Strange, because I have never done that before.


Blue - Hi! I love seeing you pop in here. You are so close now!


AFM - So I have been really absent from this thread since I got my last BFN. It just hurt so bad I didn't want to think about TTC again. Now that we are close to transfer (tomorrow), I am feeling good and more confident. Sorry for popping in and ignoring questions and not giving too many details. sometimes this thread is really good for me, but sometimes it helps to just not obsess and not talk about it with anybody.


Anyway, my transfer is tomorrow at noon. As of yesterday we have four embies growing. They thawed 7 of our "mystery babies" (which were actually from two donors) and five survived the thaw. Four were continuing to grow yesterday afternoon. I don't know which donors they are from (either or both), but they will let me know tomorrow. We are putting back in the two best (hopefully there will be two). If they don't make it, then they will thaw more and we will wait a few more days. There are about 15 more mystery babies that can be ours if these don't make it. For now, our transfer is at noon. It is possible that we would put back in two embryos from different donors, and since we don't even know the race or any characteristics of them, they could be totally different from each other. All of that is crazy to think about, but I am excited.

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positive thoughts and energy to you for thursday!!!!

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Rcr - we are transferring on the same day? wow. Fingers crossed for leftover luck for both of us!

I am hoping to transfer 2 tomorrow, yes. I was just reading about a set of identical quadruplets... I can't even imagine. I don't want to jinx myself so I won't say any more about multiples.
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Thinking of you both this morning. Hoping you don't drink too much & you can relax as much as possible while those babies make a home.
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Happy transfer day Laggie and RCR!!!!


RCR: That is so crazy you could end up with twins of dif nationalities! Cool though! 


Laggie: I read about the 2 sets of identical twins. Talk about luck! That woman should have bought a lotto ticket.



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TF- since we won't be transferring any this time, I could be sound an FET in may or June-ish.

Laggie- you should be PUPO by now! Everything crossed for you!!!

RCR- So how many beans made it to ET? How'd it all go? Congrats on being PUPO!!!!! Everything crossed for you!

AFM- Estrogen was still 18. So another u/s and bloodwork tomorrow. I'm floored that BCP could suppress me this much. Hopefully tomorrow will tell us more.
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Vegan Princess - it was actually the Mathias quads that I was reading about. There is a youtube video of laughing quadruplets? That is them, and they are all four genetically identical - so one egg split in 4! Which is just mind boggling to me.


Yep I guess I am PUPO! Beta is March 25th. I probably won't POAS before then, those sticks and I do not have a happy relationship.


The embryologist said both embryos were 6 cells with slight fragmentation. She rated them a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. So, I hope one sticks! My uterus was at a funny angle and they had a hard time finding it so I hope they got a good placement.


When we got home, though, I checked the mail and found a nasty surprise - DH's tax assessment came back and instead of the small refund I was expecting, he owes over 5 thousand dollars. yikes2.gif Turns out that he never filed his taxes in 2007 or 2008 so now he owes for those years plus penalties. Deep Breath. I am trying not to get stressed out about it, but this sucks. We're financing IVF on credit as it is... the timing couldn't be worse.


Damn, typing that I got a nasty twinge in my lower abdomen. Sshhhh.... Must relax... Must relax... I left the house and came to work to give me something else to think about. all I do here is sit at a desk, so I'm sure it's fine.


Xerxella - good luck tomorrow, I hope your ovaries spring into action. I always wonder, since it's supposed to be normal for women to have 1 or 2 anovulatory cycles per year (I know I seem to get about one a year that will go 45+ days) what happens if you land on that cycle for your IVF month? I mean I'm sure there is just basic month to month variation that they can't really account for. My new protocol was supposed to mean way more eggs, but instead I ended up with less. I wish it was more of an exact science, but there seems to be a little bit of magic and a lot of guessing.

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Thread Starter 

I've been traveling on business for the last few days and I've totally fallen behind!


rcr - good luck with your transfer today. What you are doing sounds so exciting! I'm glad to hear from you whenever you feel like posting, but totally understand the not being around much as I'm sort of doing the same thing!


laggie - your transfer is probably over already, but to answer your question I drank one full 500ml bottle of water about 45 mins before transfer. I think I would have been fine drinking just half the bottle as my bladder was bursting before I went in for the transfer and the doctor offered to let me empty it a bit. 


Toothfairy - in retrospect I don't feel like the FET cycle meditation was worth buying. They only have one meditation for every 3-4 days of your cycle and I found myself listening to the IVF cycle meditations a lot for the transfer and luteal phase section. Of course the IVF ones are not so good for the beginning of the cycle since you aren't stimming but I would be happy to send you the 4 meditation sessions for that part of the cycle if you want. 


Xerxella - AFC is very subjective and may not be representative of how many eggs you'll get. My first AFC I had 15, second time I had 20, and I ended up having 30 mature eggs retrieved in my IVF cycle (at one point they counted 50 follicles growing, so they had to decrease my meds). I am surprised they measured your AFC after having you on bcp, I don't think that number means much. During a normal cycle your antral follicles start growing about a week before AF starts so the ones you see on the AFC have a week of growth already. On bcp your follicles will not start growing until you stop taking it so I'm not surprised you had a lower number this time. I wouldn't worry too much about the AFC of 2, the previous number of 15 is probably much more representative of how many eggs you should get this cycle.


Lilac - oral progesterone is not very effective so everyone has to take it vaginally or by injection. The good news is that there are less side effects when you take it vaginally. I used cloth panty liners when I was taking prometrium and didn't have any trouble getting the stuff off the pads. I just went through my usual routine of pre-soaking and rinsing the pads before throwing them in the wash.


AFM - As for the frozen embryo debate, it's going to be a long time before I have to make that decision since I want 2-3 kids so I'm planning to try again with any frozen embies I have left over after my first baby. I may not even bother trying for a 3rd unless there are frozen embies left, my DH would prefer to have only 2 children and I'm not sure I'd be willing to go through anymore fresh cycles by that point. However if ever I'm in a situation where I have 3 kids and still have frozen embryos left over, I think I'd probably want to donate them to research. I like the idea of helping other couples fulfill their dreams but am uncomfortable with having bio kids somewhere and not knowing anything about them and what kind of people the parents are. Research seems likes good compromise for me. 


13 days until my FET cycle starts! Yes I'm counting the days! 

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