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TF - glad the therapist has been good. I sent you a pm about the mp3s. I really liked them, they are very relaxing. They might help you even though you aren't doing your cycle yet - just relaxing is nice. I only have the IVF/IUI, so maybe that is what you already have though?


Lilac - are they going to freeze the eggs that they get but don't fertilize? That is wonderful that you are so many eggs. Now hopefully you will get enough sperm!


Laggie - I eat beets all the time (they grow like crazy in the south). I didn't know about the pee color.

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rcr - yes we will freeze extra eggs - just in case we need them later.

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Xerxella - wow that nurse sounds absolutely awful. I'm guessing that she doesn't actually know the answers to your questions and that is why she's being a jerk. Though the time she wouldn't tell you how many follicles she counted was just plain rude, I wonder what's wrong with her? I'm like you, I always like to have as much info as possible so I can imagine how frustrated you are!


rcr - it's so exciting to see those pics of your embryos! I hope they snuggle in there real good!


lilac - I'm so glad your period came and that your clinic is open during Easter weekend. Unlike everyone else here I'm going to wish not all of your 30 eggs grow to maturity (15 is probably the perfect number)! I had 30 mature eggs retrieved and suffered from OHSS and could not have a transfer so they froze all my embryos. You are taking way more meds than I was too, I started with 150iu of Follistim and 1 vial of Menopur. I really hope you don't go down the same path I did. It's very odd that they are only planning to fertilize 12-14 eggs. They tried to fertilize all 30 of my eggs but only 19 fertilized successfully even though my husband has perfect sperm (nobody ever has 100% fertilization so it's kind of crazy they are assuming you would, especially with your husband's sperm), 5 were frozen at day 3, and only 3 made it to blast. Of those 3 blasts one did not survive defrosting, another was used for my unsuccessful FET in January. So now I only have 1 remaining blast and 5 day-3 embryos, but success rates are lower for day 3's so I'm really not worried about having leftover embryos even though I do want 3 kids! Sorry to be so discouraging but I am really surprised at some of the stuff your clinic is telling you.


Laggie - I'd be glad to send you the IVF meditations from Circle and Bloom, just PM me your email address! That's hilarious that your mom thinks its possible to get the results immediately after they transfer the embryo. My mother-in-law is the opposite, I tested a week after my 5-day transfer last time and she didn't believe the results were real because it was so soon.


Vegan - crazy amounts of embabies are NOT a good thing. I guess to people who have the opposite problem it can seem wonderful, but OHSS is awful and also reduces pregnancy rates.


toothfairy - please pm me your email address, I'll send you the FET meditations. I also have a hard time talking about my feelings with the therapist. Especially when she always asks me how I am feeling in that precise moment that I'm talking to her, and often I'm feeling just fine, but apparently fine is not an emotion so she always tries to force me to say some real emotion when I don't really have one!

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Sourire: you are right - too many eggs is not good either! My friend got 30-35 on both of her fresh cycles (male factor) and only ended up with her fresh transfer and 1 FET per cycle (she got 1 baby out of her first cycle from the FET and twins from the fresh on the 2nd and has 2-3 frozen). She was really upset that she ended up with so few to freeze but then she found out that having too many eggs can reduce quality - or it could have been bc of their male factor issues. Anyway, I just find it fascinating to see how bodies respond - probably bc mine so does NOT respond that way thanks to my DOR. 



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sourire, truly, I can see where too many eggs could be a problem. I don't want to have OHSS. I wonder whether the difference in the amount of follistim is due to my weight. I weight 250 pounds so the meds are maybe compensating for that? I don't know. I guess I will wait and see what happens at my next ultrasound on Tuesday.

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Lilac - you're right, weight probably does have an influence. I weigh 105 lbs so that could explain why I responded so crazily to the meds.
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Sorry to be AAM- I got some answers. There were only 3 follicles on Friday and there are only 3 today. Worse, they are 15, 12 and 11. There is nothing else. So, they've grown quickly and dominantly. I think the doc will want to cancel me and try again next month with a natural start, but I also think he'll leave the final decision up to me.

So, I need to think hard about going after those 3 or scrapping it and trying next month. I have 4 IVFs covered by insurance. Thoughts?
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Bummer, Xerxella. I am no help on whether to cancel or go forward. But I hope you and your doctor can decide the best thing to get the eggs you need.

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X- I would say if you are planning on fertilizing and freezing anyway then it wouldn't hurt to keep going. Also, you may lose the biggest one but it is possible you will have smaller ones that catch up if you keep on. Such a tough call. I wish I remembered what mine were at first to compare. What is your doctor suggesting?


lilac- I did 225 of gonal-f but nothing else. Weight probably does factor in. They will know after a few days if they need to reduce your meds. 


Sourire- Thank you for offering to send me the tracks! I will PM you my email! It does seem like with the therapist at that point I'm always feeling good, it is going back to the things I felt stuck on in the past week and trying to go over those. I feel like I should take notes between visits so it is a productive time. She is making me a relaxation CD at my next appointment. We'll see how that goes!


rcr & laggie- Hope the 2ww is flying by!

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AFM, shots done!  I don't think I got all the menopur out of the bottle. I thought I had it all but when I went to throw it away, there was a little bit left in the container.  Menopur is hard to get out of the bottle. Hopefully it goes better tomorrow.

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The doc thinks that if we keep on pushing the one biggest follicle will just become more dominant and we'll end up with just one. So we're canceling, we'll regroup this week and make a new plan and with my period next month we'll see how many AFC there is. If its good maybe a natural start. If its bad maybe a Lupron flare.

I don't know. I'm just so frustrated and angry right now. I know you all know the feeling, but I can't figure out why my body just can't seem to get anything right these days. I feel so defective. All my stats were good. Why did my body not get with the program?
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Xerxella that sucks. I'm really sorry to hear you have to cancel the cycle.
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X; Hugs!! It sounds like your body IS working - 15 follicles is great. It sucks that you got over suppressed - I've def heard of that happening and that is why I did not take BCP as part of my cycle. I'm so sorry you got delayed - but hopefully a natural start will allow them to get somewhere around 15 when you do go forward. 



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X- that stinks. I can't imagine your disappointment. greensad.gif it sounds like they're making a better plan so this doesn't happen again.
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xerxella...sorry to hear about this. 

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X- I am sorry. That really sucks. I had Illinois insurance too (we are from Chicago, and DH still works for a IL company), so we had 4 IVF tries for insurance too. We used them all. I had two cycles canceled before they got to retrieval (which is when my insurance counted it as an IVF try).  I am glad that you at least found out before you got too far into your cycle, but yea, it really sucks. I hope next month is better for you.


Lilac - congrats on the shots!


TF - when DH and I went to marriage counseling, we had to make notes about what we wanted to talk about because we always forgot by the time we got to the counselor.


AFM - I am feeling defeated. I think AF is coming. Hope that I am wrong, but I can feel it. ugh.

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Xerxella, sorry to hear that your IVF was cancelled. Hopefully this try doesn't count against your 4 tries.


rcr, I hope that AF holds off and that your feelings are pregnancy instead.


AFM, woke up at 4 a.m. chattering cold.  DH had stolen the quilts. Didn't fall asleep after that and finally woke up at 5 a.m. as usual.

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rcr~ i hope you really are not feeling af coming and just embryo stuff going on in there. sending positive vibes your way!

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Originally Posted by rcr View Post

I will chime in about what to do with leftover embryos.


I am (obviously) becoming a reciepent of donor embryos, and for that I am very grateful to those who make the choice to donate. My wish is that it were an open donation, so that my (hopefully) future kid(s) will be able to know the biological parents and siblings if they choose. But for the most part that is not an option that is available in the U.S. There are places like snowflake, where people can donate their unused embryos and then be able to have a say in who adopts them, but they are christian and don't accept non-christians. ....


Good Morning,

It is such a hard decision regarding excess embryos, I cannot imagine but I am grateful to those who choose to donate them.  I just want to correct the record, in that you DO NOT  have to be Christian to donate to Snowflakes.  I was so excited after my child was born, that I managed to find a job in the industry of embryo donation/adoption and I know for a fact that this information is wrong. 


Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program accepts embryos from those of all faiths, or no faiths, and matches them with individuals that meet the DONOR'S criteria.  There is never any fee or charge to donate embryos to Snowflakes  The donors are the onces holding the cards as they select the recipient family, much like the rold of a birthmother in a Domestic Adoption.  Call them and see for yourself!




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rcr - I hope you are wrong! It's too soon for AF isn't it? Implantation cramps, I hope hope hope. Thanks for sending me the meditations, I hadn't realized how expensive they were though, ouch. I really like them, but I find I have to listen to them twice because my mind wanders so much and I miss half of what she is saying. Very relaxing, though, yesterday I was trying to listen to one and I kept falling asleep.


lilac - we have separate quilts on our bed so I never wake up with no blankets. Our bed is a king and we have two twin comforters. I think it's normal for a tiny bit of menopur to stay in the bottle. It's designed to deliver the right dosage, but there is always a tiny bit of residual in the jar. Are you using the Q-caps?


X - I'm sorry that your cycle got cancelled, my results weren't much better than yours. I hadn't realized the BCP could be the problem. Insurance coverage for 4 cycles, though, I'm jealous of that! We have no insurance for anything fertility related.


toothfairy - We had to switch counsellors because the first one would just accept our "we're great" at face value and we didn't make any progress. The new one doesn't let us get away with anything and makes us admit things we don't want to. It does take awhile to develop trust though. Also I do find that I have to think about what I want to talk about beforehand, otherwise we just end up chit chatting and I'm not paying $200 for that!


For Everyone: I'm not sure if this was mentioned before, but on the circle and bloom website there is a free meditation for healing after miscarriage. It's pretty short but still a good way to get into trying again mode. Oh and the pink pee is called beeturia and I don't always get it. Apparently it's genetic but is also related to eating lots of iron with your beets, so maybe it's partly the prenatal vitamins? 


AFM - my bladder has been sore/achy since the transfer. I started drinking cranberry but I don't know if this is normal. 

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