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Delurking just to say rcr - I had cramping for several days before my BFP, and was totally convinced AF was coming, even though I don't remember having cramps BEFORE AF came before. So I'm with all the cautiously optimistic in wishing you luck!!


I'm cheering for you other ladies, too, just very busy with not-MDC right now. Hoping to see lots of BFPs and healthy babies here in the next few months!

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rcr, sorry that your day at work was so miserable. Hopefully on Saturday a BFP will show up or even Sunday as a birthday present for you!

Tear, yes, I have the Q-cap for the menopur. I have used it the last 3 nights and gotten every last bit out of the vial. Much better than the needle, I just couldn't suck it all out with that.

 AFM, I feel like I have golf balls in my abdomen, although I am sure the ovaries aren't that big.  I feel bloated, but I weighed myself today and I am down 1.5 pounds from yesterday morning. Off to standardized testing at school today.  Yippee, I get to watch a kid take a test for 3 hours.  Since I can't do anything but read the testing manual, I will just have to dream in my mind of all the baby things I am looking forward to doing.

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Has anyone here had an endometrial biopsy? I'm getting one this afternoon and I have no idea what to expect.
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lilac - 8 follies on 1 side and 9 on the other? Golf balls is an understatement, I think... Follicles are a lot bigger than I imagined, I didn't realize until they started telling me the measurements and they were each the size of a small grape.


Sourire - I had an endometrial biopsy before this cycle. It was just a tiny pinch, but my period at the end of that cycle was heavier and grosser than normal. A lot grosser. 


rcr - I'm sorry you are feeling so crappy. Those sound like serious cramps though, do you think you should check with your doctor to see if it could be a problem? Being on the floor sounds pretty awful. I guess if it's only intermittent it's probably fine, I'm just a worrier.


Blue - my beta is Monday. 


Xerxella - my first cycle was the longer protocol with Lupron starting about halfway through the month of BCP. I think I had 8 follicles, we ended up with 2 good blasts. This time the new short protocol was supposed to make way more eggs, but my body didn't cooperate. Um, what is a WTF appointment? I think I missed something.


suzie - wow that's serious dedication. I'm avoiding the sticks so you might have to keep them crossed until Monday... thanks for making me smile.


AFM - I'm feeling mildly queasy this morning. I hope I hope I hope... watch it turn out to be food poisoning or the flu though. ha! Yesterday I didn't feel any cramping at all, but today it's back, so who knows. 

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Laggie - good to know it doesn't hurt too much. I don't have worry about having a gross AF because I don't have AF anymore since I've been on Lupron for 2 months.
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Laggie, I thought the 2ww was so long for me, but it's actually worse waiting through yours :) 


I had my blood test for downs yesterday and have to wait til Monday for the result, because we have MIL funeral Friday.  Wish I wasn't so old right now.. lol. I was high risk with my son 14 years ago, so I have no illusions with this one.

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rcr- The cramping you describe sounds more intense than what I experienced but I do remember someone having some pretty bad cramps like you are saying. I am still so hopeful that it is good news for you & this is the best kind of birthday present. After the loss of your mom this year & your attempts at IVF you really have put on a brave face for too long and you deserve a bit of good karma. Can't wait for Saturday to hear your good news :)


Sourire- Are you being put under for the biopsy or are they doing it during a hysteroscopy? It is on my list of questions for me RE at my next visit. They have to do a hysteroscopy since it will be over a year since my LAP and since the biopsy increases the chance for implanation... it seems common sense if they're in there already. Let us know how it goes! Will you get AF before starting your FET cycle? Clearly I have no idea how this lupron suppression works!


Laggie- Queasy is good... Will you be testing again at home before your beta? I think xerxella's WTF stands for what the f*ck as in, WTF happened that she didn't get enough eggs and WTF are they going to do about it next time :) 


lilac- golf balls is a good way to describe them! Just wait until you get to egg retrieval- those suckers are like oranges.  


AFM- Just had my follow-up with my OB/GYN. I know this is all just routine to them but it made me feel so sad that the questions they ask are so generic and they don't really care about the answers. It is not like they are uncaring but I'm glad I see the therapist and she is much more empathetic. I don't want to be fawned over but it would be nice to feel like the death of your baby mattered for more than 30 seconds. Sigh. Anyway, she said everything looks fine. They did a urine sample and apparently my pregnancy hormone was low enough they don't think I need bloodwork to confirm. She said we can start trying again by her standards, just need to get AF. I did have more EWCM starting this morning, hopefully this time it sticks around and we can get this show on the road. Right now it looks like (if AF comes in 2 weeks) that my FET will fall right on my DH graduation from his Masters program. Sure to screw up our party plans... Baby comes first, sorry hunnie.

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Toothfairy - I was not put under nor did I have a hysteroscopy. It was kind of like an IUI they just installed a speculum and then stuck a little tube through my cervix. I took a prescription painkiller about 1 hour before but holy crap was I not prepared. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain I experienced was definitely a 10. It didn't help that the doctor messed up on the first try and had to do it again. It took about 5 minutes after it was over for the pain to subside enough so that I could actually move. Wow. Now I know why my clinic doesn't do these routinely.

To answer you other question no I won't be getting AF again before my FET. I'll just continue on the Lupron and CD 1 will be the day they start me on the estrogen patches.
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Sourire - ouch. Sorry, that sounds horrible. That is one procedure I have never had. What is it for?


TF - sorry they weren't supportive. I had the same experience during a m/c. I also had the same experience when I asked questions when my mom was dieing. I think there is a certain amount of "protecting yourself" that goes into health care. I imagine it would be quite painful for them if they let themselves feel for every painful thing that happened to somebody. I am glad that the therapist is doing some good for you.


Suzie - I hope everything goes well with the blood tests!


Laggie - my cramping comes and goes too. Today I was really excited because it was gone, and I was convincing myself that it was gone because implantation was over. Of course it is back now. I would check with the doctor if the really bad cramping was still going on, but it stopped after about an hour. 


Monkey - thanks for coming out of lurking to cheer me on!!


Lilac - How did the shots go last night? Are they getting easier?


AFM - just mildly cramping now. It was gone all morning, but it came back this afternoon.

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Sorry to be stalking!  As I wait to get through the adoption process (which is much less eventful than a TWW), I can't help tracking some of my old BSLs and Bajingo Ladies.  I am praying or sending positive vibes for you all and your BFPs.   


Just a quick question Sourire....  Do you have cervical stenosis?   This was the final diagnosis that made me give up on ART.  I had a hysteroscopy and it was soooooo painful.  My RE told me that regular IVF would not be recommended and instead recommended ZIFT.  But I have bad fallopian tubes (stenosis) too.  I just can't help to continue asking the "why's" of my infertility.   

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sourire, i had the same experience with my first endometrial biopsy.  it hurt SO BAD i jumped up off the table as he was doing it.  wasn't expecting it!  all they did was give me a motrin once i caught my breath again.  i wish i had painkillers!  turns out i had a case of endometritis from all my prior procedures, and had to be put on antibiotics to get rid of it.  had a second biopsy later before my FET to ensure it was gone and that one didn't hurt nearly as much.  maybe a 6? i did get pregnant that cycle,, and they say that sometimes the growth of new endometrial tissue makes the uterus more receptive to implantation!


rcr, sorry the cramps are so crazy, but it's totally different for you, right?  this could be something great!! 


laggie, nausea and cramping is good!  i'm so anxious waiting for you and rcr!!!

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auraleigh- Not sure if you have an answer to this, but if I just had a d & c doesn't that mean my endometrial tissue is all new anyway? Just trying to gather info if I should push for an endometrial biopsy or not. What were you on for antibiotics to clear the endometritis?


Sourire- That sounds worse than the pain from the HSG and much longer lasting. Are they testing the tissue for endometritis or just doing it to help implantation?

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RCR: I so cannot wait for Saturday to get here!!!! I never had ANY patience in my own 2WW and I don't for you either. ha. Thinking good thoughts for you!! Throwing up has to be a good thing, right??



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toothfairy, I hope AF comes right on time. Baby comes first! My DH wants to go to Canada for my spring break, but the beginning of break will be right after our egg transfer and frankly I don't want to be 9 hours away and in another country if something is weird after embryo transfer. I think we will just stay home, thank you.

laggie and toothfairy, it feels good to know that the fullness I am feeling is really because there is something taking up space inside in a serious way. It will be interesting to see how many follicles are marching forward to being retrieved.

rcr, the shots are going pretty good.  Easier, not really, I still have to psych myself up for them. But it isn't taking me as long to get them done anymore.

PoorUglyHappy, thanks for the prayers and positive vibes.

AFM, going in for my ultrasound this morning. I have a feeling that I will have to start the ganirelix today because yesterday I started getting my EWCM. For me it usually lasts 7 days. Don't want all those precious eggs to be lost if I was to ovulate on my own.

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Would someone be willing to take over as threadkeeper and start a Spring IVF thread?

rcr - the reason I'm doing the endometrial biopsy is that some studies have shown higher implantation rates when people have an endometrial biopsy at the end of the previous cycle. I don't think the reason why this happens is fully understood, but the theory is that in the process of healing itself from this injury, the lining of the uterus becomes more receptive to implantation. Your symptoms sound pretty exciting, I'm so hoping to hear some good news from you this weekend!

PoorUglyHappy - I actually had to google cervical stenosis because I had never heard of it! So according to wikipedia it means that the opening of the cervix is abnormally narrow. I'm pretty confident that I don't have that issue because I've had plenty of tubes inserted through my cervix before (I've had 1 HSG, 5 IUI's, 1 embryo transfer) and never really had very much pain from any of those (even though I wasn't on any painkillers at all for most of them) so I'm guessing that the majority of the pain I experienced yesterday came from the removal of tissue from the wall of my uterus.

aura - I hope this doesn't mean I have endometritis! I guess they will tell me if I do. I'm not actually sure whether they are planning to analyse the biopsy, they didn't mention anything and I was in too much pain to think of asking! It's very encouraging to hear that you had success after one of your biopsies though.

toothfairy - I was reading up a bit on endometrial biopsies yesterday and it sounds like it's a very similar procedure to a D&C (minus the dilation part) so you will probably not need to do a biopsy. Like I mentioned earlier I forgot to ask if they were planning to analyse the tissue.

lilac - let us know what happens at your ultrasound!

AFM - well after what people here have told me and some other stuff I read online, I don't think the pain I had at my biopsy was normal. I'm hoping it's not endometritis, but I do have another theory. I think it might be caused by the Lupron. I've been on Lupron for 7 weeks now and I'm technically in menopause, so the lining of my uterus is probably about as thin as possible right now. Which would explain why the first time the doctor tried to get a sample she got nothing, because I barely have a lining. That first time the pain level was only about 7, but the doctor commented that she must not have pushed hard enough on the little pipette to really dig into the wall of my uterus, so the second time she went REALLY hard and that's why it hurt so bad. Note to self: don't ask for endometrial biopsies when your lining is thin!!!!
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Oh Sourire, I got the willies reading about your biopsy and thin lining! I am so sorry you had to go through that - but I hope it brings you your BFP!! I know of a donor egg clinic with super high success rates that requires their patients to do one. 



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Sourire - ouch. That sounds really bad. I am sorry. The theory about the thin lining makes sense. Thanks for the explanation about why you had one.


I am going crazy waiting. I may end up POAS tomorrow. I am still having cramps, and they feel like AF cramps again.

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how many days has it been rcr?  i got my bfp 5 days after the 5 day transfer.  i'm pretty sure it was 5.  granted it was twins so that may have been early... but i had a negative the day before and then all off a sudden BAM positive. 

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sourire, wow, your theory on thin lining and biopsying your lining aka stabbing the uterus sounds awful. I hope it helps you get pregnant this next time.

rcr, when is your date for a beta scheduled? I can't remember. If it has been 7 days since your 5 day transfer, I would say pee on a stick!

AFM, good day at the doctor's office.  Got told today to take the ganirelix. Man does that stuff burn going in. At night after I take my shots I usually relax for an hour or so to get myself over giving myself shots. This morning I had to go back to work after getting done with the doctor appointment. Ugh. While I was checking out and scheduling my next appointment, I got a call from the HR department at the school I was considering. Turns out my salary would be $10,000 less than I make now, I would have to drive an hour to get to work, and I wouldn't get paid during the summer. I am going to turn down that job and keep looking for something closer to home and hopefully better pay.  Anyway, back to the appointment.  It was the funniest thing. The nurse handed me a tiny clip board with pieces of scrap paper on it and told me that I was going to be put to work today. I was supposed to write down everything she said.  Right ovary - then measurements for four or five follicles between 8.5 and 11 and 18 follicles less than or equal to 8 then Left ovary measurements for 6 or 7 follicles ranging in size from 9 to 12.5 with 7 follicles less than or equal to 7.  She said egg retrieval could be Wed, Thurs, Friday or Saturday next week.  Too soon to pin it down. Why even tell me if it is too soon to tell?  She is on vacation next week. Tonight's shots seemed to hurt more.  Still on 150 follistim and 75 menopur. Next ultrasound is on Saturday.

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Lilac - Gannirelix sure does sting. Plus I always thought that the needles are a little thicker so sometimes I had a hard time getting it through my skin. Congrats on the follies! Sorry the job didn't work out.


Aura/Lilac - today is 7dp5dt. So tomorrow will be 8. Plenty of time, I know. I am just afraid of finding out. I am afraid it is negative. We do have a back-up plan, and this plan was a bit of a longshot, so I am guarding myself for a BFN. I may be brave and POAS tomorrow just to spare myself another day of torture. It is all I thought about today.

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