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Wow, Laggie, that is one fantastic dark line on the 5 pm drugstore test!!!  I can still see the line on the other test, too-- must have been the amount of dye concentration in it, why it was so faint. With my internet cheapies the other day, the one I used in the morning, with FMU, was lighter than the second one I used  later on in that day in the afternoon, whereby I had only held my pee for hours or less. I am really glad that you are feeling more reassured now about that. Did you say if you were going for a second beta?


(The two links worked fine on my computer)

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I finally found a link Laggie that takes me to the "non-mobile phone" original and i totally see your beautiful pink bfp! The second photo is great! Dancing vegetables for you!
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Thanks Suzie, you can uncross your boobs now! winky.gif


My second beta is tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by Laggie View Post

Thanks Suzie, you can uncross your boobs now! winky.gif


My second beta is tomorrow.

Hahahaha!!  OMG they are so used to it I forgot to release them!! 

(note.. I was a C cup in Jan before IVF.  Just got fitted on the weekend with an E CUP!!  Eeeek!)


I'm just so ridiculously happy for you Laggie x

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Crashing to say congrats to rcr, Laggie and TenzinsMama!!!! joy.gif


...back to lurking and rooting you all on silently...

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Sila, thanks, and I see that congrats is in order for you, as well!!!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013 is the day for my egg retrieval.  The ART nurse finally called about an hour ago. Tonight I take 1 mL of hcg and 40 units of Lupron. My nurse friend is coming over tonight at 8:30 p.m. to get my shots ready for 9 p.m.  The egg retrieval is planned for Thursday at 8:30 a.m. DH and I are going to stay at a hotel up in Grand Rapids near the doctor's office since it is a 1.5 hour drive to get there and the doctor wants a fresh sample from DH. The ART nurse said there were 14 to 20 follicles that should be retrievable. I am so thankful that  I only need 2 more shots - one intramuscularly in the bum and one in my belly. The finish line is almost here!  Post operative appointment is Tuesday, April 23 where if I am pregnant, it will be an ob ultrasound.

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That is great Lilac.  btw - Don't get to used to not doing shots - aren't you going to do progesterone shots?

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Oh, no, rcr, i am doing the prometrium tablets, vaginally, three times a day.  I knew I couldn't keep with shots so the two tonight, whatever shots to get my knocked out for the ER and ET, and then I think I will be done with shots for awhile.

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Shots are done! Glad I had my nurse friend for the intramuscular one. I don't think my DH could have handled that shot.
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Thanks for all the suggestions about the format of the thread. I like the idea of not really having a front page and updating as we go. Laggie's suggestion is really interesting, I'm on another forum where we do that too with each person copying the list and making their own updates to it, it seems to work pretty well.

toothfairy - you're the best for offering to take over the thread! It's your call whether you want to start an April thread, a Spring thread or a forever thread with no updates of the front page!

rcr - congrats on the amazing beta! It is so incredibly exciting to finally see your name on that BFP list! I can't wait to hear how many are in there!

Laggie - congrats on the positive beta! It sounds like you have a late implanter since your pregnancy tests are only just starting to get darker now. I'm wishing you a super awesome beta today that is more than double your last one! Keep us posted.

lilac - I have a 22-year old baby sister who will be staying with me for most of April, I agree that baby siblings can come in handy! Sounds like you are going to have a great number of eggs. I've read that the optimal number of eggs is 10-20 with 15 being the absolute best number so you are right in that range! Good luck with your ER and take it easy for the next few days, the last few days before ER are the most painful ones (unless you get OHSS which I'm sure you won't), I felt so sick that I didn't go to work on those days. I immediately felt better the day after the ER until the OHSS kicked in.

Tenzinsmama - congrats!

AFM - CD1 is here at last, my FET cycle begins today! It feels wierd to have a CD1 with no bleeding (not that I am complaining). Tonight I take one more shot of Lupron and I also start estrogen in the form of Climara patches. I love the Climara patches, I had no symptoms at all from them during my last FET cycle however I am hoping for one major symptom this time: HOT FLASH RELIEF! I am so ready to be done with these hot flashes, they were unbearable in February and they seem to have gotten worse in March. I've been getting one every 30 minutes for like 7 weeks now and when I get them I feel like I'm going to explode from heat and I sweat like crazy from every single pore in my body (including all kinds of wierd places like my fingers and my elbows). And then when it ends after a couple of minutes I'm drenched and freezing. It's even worse than menopause because my mom says she gets hot flashes that are just as bad but not as frequent, it's more like once every few hours for her.

I honestly am not excited at all about my upcoming FET, the only thing I'm excited about is the possibility that the Climara will make my hot flashes end and I hope it happens really fast because I can't handle one more day of this torture!
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Oh, man, sourire, those hot flashes sound super annoying. I hope the estrogen patches do the trick.


AFM, I sure hope I don't get OHSS.  Last night we mixed up 5 mL into the HCG powder and only put one mL into me through injection. I hope it is enough to do the job with out overdoing the job. So I decided just for fun to use an internet cheapie pregnancy test because I had planned to test out the trigger shot to see how long it took to have the hcg gone from my body before I would hope for a positive pregnancy test. It wasn't with first morning urine, so maybe that makes a difference too and I only got 1 mL of HCG - but it seemed nothing much showed up on the test strip. I will do it tomorrow night just to make sure no hcg is coming through on the pregnancy test when in fact no embryos have been transferred back.


Spending today chilling in my living room, doing some embroidery on my niece's princess turret I am making her (thanks to a bunch of embroidery floss I got from rcr's mom's estate sale), and otherwise relaxing. I feel much better day although some of that may be that I didn't have a transvaginal wanding this morning. I still have been laying down every now and then for awhile. Tomorrow egg retrieval! I can't wait for these eggs to be out of me.

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lilac - It sounds like everything is in place for your ER tomorrow. Good Luck! I hear that gatorade helps with bloating and discomfort - sometimes that's an issue for women who have a lot of eggs (I wouldn't know!)


Sourire - hopefully when you stop the Lupron the hot flashes will go away. I'm excited for your FET even if you aren't!


suzie - I have a B cup normally (barely) but I had to buy actual bras (not just the sports kind) last time I was pregnant. They're a C cup and it's so weird for me to have boobs... I can't even imagine an E. 



My second beta was 192! joy.gif This calculator says I have a doubling time of 32 hours. 

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Winter IVF Members* dust.gif


Kewpie80 Me:PCOS Him:Vericocele, low motility, low morphology.  Currently gathering information and funds for next fresh cycle. 2 Embies currently on ice.


Sourire (30) TTC #1 since August 2010, diagnosed with stage III endometriosis, 5 failed IUIs. First IVF in November 2012 cancelled due to OHSS. 8 frozen embryos. First FET in January 2013 negative. 2nd FET in April 2013.


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (41), (zero sperm on 3/23/12, 25 sperm on 5/18/12, 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm for cryopreservation on 6/29/12 & 8/3/12, 3 motile, 2 shaking, and 3 non-motile sperm for cryopreservation on 8/17/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Have IVF coordinator meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013. Will determine if we will try an IVF cycle in March or June. Almost have all the money to cover the IVF cycle.


Silverbird Two failed IVF and now waiting to see what life holds for me.


Guppyluv TTC 1.5yr. 6 failed home insem w/live donor swimmers. 1 iui with frozen failed. IVF #1: (9 eggs, 8 fert, two left at xfer, none to freeze); BFP; m/c @10wk; trisomy 16.










Laggie (38), MFI. TTC #1 since Sept 2009. IVF #2 March 2013.


Xerxella After many losses we're trying IVF with PGS to find out if there are any good eggs left.




Currently doing IVF/FET:





Beta Dates:



Winter BFPs:pos.gif


Suzie McCool



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Yay Laggie! That is a fantastic number!! Way more than double!! Love seeing your name on the BFP list!


Lilac: Good luck tomorrow! I hope you feel tons better once all those eggies are out of you.


This thread is on a roll. Lilac and Sourire - you guys are next to be on that list!



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Yay Laggie!!! I am so glad we got BFPs at the same time! How are you feeling? I don't feel pregnant at all. I am getting a little worried about that. I don't remember if I had symptoms this early or not with DS - pregnancy was so carefree then.


Sourire - I understand not being excited. I was that way too. In a way it felt a little safer and would guard against my heart being broken again.


Lilac - glad you are making good use of the embroidery floss. It was actually my grandma's, and had probably been sitting in the house for the last 40 years. I hope one of those eggs inside you is a kid who is crafty.

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Laggie - Yayyyyyy that is an awesome 2nd beta, congrats!!!!! Technically I'm not stopping the Lupron, the injections I'm doing last a month, I took one at the end of Jan, another at the end of Feb, and I'm doing another one today so I won't be rid of this evil stuff until May! The Lupron turns off all my hormones and hot flashes are caused by having really low estrogen levels, that's why I'm hoping that starting the estrogen patches will stop my hot flashes even though I'm continuing the Lupron. I just stuck the first patch on my butt, now all I can do is wait and hope it takes effect super fast!
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Laggie that is great for your numbers! Now we will get ready to find out the gender of your little one around 20 weeks.

Rcr, i figure any child of mine will be crafty because that is my idea of fun instead of TV. I will post up pictures of the princess turret I am making my niece with hand embroidered flowers. It is going to look sweet.

afm, slept most of the afternoon, went out to eat supper at Subway with my Dh and now headed to the hotel where I will take my happy and docile pill and go to sleep.Looking forward to having tomorrow done.
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Lilac - good luck tomorrow!!!  I think that you are going to the same clinic that we used.  We actually live in OH but DH had an aunt in GR's so we would stay with her for all of our transfers and did our monitoring here in OH.  I loved that place and everyone was so nice to us.  It's been awhile since i have had a fresh transfer, but i think that they just start an IV for the ET no other shots that I remember.  Also, the hcg probably won't show up in your system for a day or so so i wouldn't waste a hpt on that, if i were you!!  Good luck and I have my fingers crossed for you!!!  Can't wait to hear how things go.  I'd assume that you will have  a 2 day transfer since that is what they normally do but I could be wrong.  PM me if I can answer any other questions for you.


Sourire - ugh to the hot flashes!!  Hope that estrogen helps to combat those.  Fingers crossed for you w/ your next cycle!!!


Laggie - broc1.gif  banana.gif  carrot.gif  Great number!!!!!!!!!  So excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you have to go again or did they just schedule your ultrasound?  I was in the same boat w/ always being guarded so i totally understand.


rcr - Mon can't get here soon enough!!!!!  Can't wait to hear what your next beta number is!!!!!!!! 

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Blueyezzz, yep Dodds and Young in Grand Rapids, Mi. I have been happy with my experience so far. I have never had an iv so that will be interesting. Supposed to have an empty bladder but if they are sticking an iv needle in me I probably need to drink a couple cups of water in the morning. Yes it is a 2 day transfer so Saturday morning it is. Now to chill and go to sleep.
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