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i had my first hot flash two nights ago...i am not excited about being on lupron!


congrats again on your bfp!!!!!!!!!!!!


good luck on your retrieval tomorrow!!!!

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Winter IVF Members* dust.gif


Kewpie80 Me:PCOS Him:Vericocele, low motility, low morphology.  Currently gathering information and funds for next fresh cycle. 2 Embies currently on ice.


Sourire (30) TTC #1 since August 2010, diagnosed with stage III endometriosis, 5 failed IUIs. First IVF in November 2012 cancelled due to OHSS. 8 frozen embryos. First FET in January 2013 negative. 2nd FET in April 2013.


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (41), (zero sperm on 3/23/12, 25 sperm on 5/18/12, 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm for cryopreservation on 6/29/12 & 8/3/12, 3 motile, 2 shaking, and 3 non-motile sperm for cryopreservation on 8/17/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Have IVF coordinator meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013. Will determine if we will try an IVF cycle in March or June. Almost have all the money to cover the IVF cycle.


Silverbird Two failed IVF and now waiting to see what life holds for me.


Guppyluv TTC 1.5yr. 6 failed home insem w/live donor swimmers. 1 iui with frozen failed. IVF #1: (9 eggs, 8 fert, two left at xfer, none to freeze); BFP; m/c @10wk; trisomy 16. BFP in February 2013!




tracyamber  Failed FET February 2013 second FET April 22,2013 






Laggie (38), MFI. TTC #1 since Sept 2009. IVF #2 March 2013.


Xerxella After many losses we're trying IVF with PGS to find out if there are any good eggs left.




Currently doing IVF/FET:






Beta Dates:



Winter BFPs:pos.gif


Suzie McCool



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Lilac - I'm thinking of you this morning. I hope everything goes great!

Tracy - how long are you on Lupron for?

AFM - hot flashes are still going strong. In fact I got woken up by them 4-5 times last night, which doesn't usually happen.
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lilac - wishing you well today! i know carrying around all those eggs can't be easy! (though i am TOTALLY jealous of your prolific ovaries ;-)


tracyamber - i'm also curious how long you will be on lupron...


sourie - your lupron experiences are scaring the crap out of me :) (more in afm) - i am very optimistic for you this cycle... it seems like a lot of endo ladies get their embies to stick after a course of lupron...


laggie and rcr - still beaming for you both!


afm - i introduced myself back in the fall (i think) but then IVF got pushed out several months and I lost my enthusiasm guilty.gif but now i am about to start my pre-cycle protocol and so it's about to get real (though i can't say that i'm any more enthusiastic!). i just turned 37 this week, had stage II endo removed last year via lap (pretty confident that it is back), and as a result have diminished ovarian reserve. i'm not looking forward to going through the constant monitoring and stress of wondering if i am going to respond to meds and how many (if any) embryos i will end up with... ugh. my AFC is around 8 so i already know i need to be happy with whatever i get! my "plan" (as if you can really plan these things?) is to freeze and do two months of lupron prior to FET. i've pretty much designed my own protocol by researching what has worked for other woman with similar age/stats/situations who are going to the best of the best (like CCRM in colorado) and am thankful that my RE is willing to humor me. she tells me she wouldn't usually do so many things prophylactically (like the two months of lupron, and my specific protocol) without having first had a failed IVF but since what i'm asking for is reasonable and not dangerous, she's willing to go along with me. i just know that at my age and in my situation, i'd rather be safe than sorry, you know? 

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lilac - Good luck today!!!!!!

laggie - That's a greta doubling time!!!! So excited for you!!!! I can't wait until the first u/s.

rcr - When's your first u/s? I'm sorry if you already mentioned it....

AFM - I feel better after my appointment with the doc on Tuesday. Things look good to do a natural start whenever I get my period. DH and I haven't been abstaining and I think I just recently ovulated, so I'm technically still in the running, but not holding out any hope for a sticky one. So, I'll start IVF #1.2 in 2 weeks.
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lilac...good luck today!!!

sourire...on lupron for 21 days i think. i have been doing it for a week already. i always get hot flashes from it within 2 days of taking it. and i do not look forward to progesterone shots. i feel like a bummer this cycle. i just want to get pregnant you know?

indie1976...exciting and overwhelming starting your protocol huh? good luck and i have lots of advicesmile.gif

xerxella...2 weeks..wow. hope you get a sticky one



afm ..hope you are are doing well!

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Egg retrieval went well. Collected 18 eggs. DH had no sperm in fresh sample so I am thankful we had frozen sperm already. Tomorrow we find out fertilization report. Tummy is tender. Chilling in bed and trying not to cough because coughing makes my tummy hurt.
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18 egg?????? awesome!

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Yep, male factor infertility was our issue and even today DH had no sperm in his sample. HE stopped taking the fertilaid vitamins after we had enough sperm frozen last summer.
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Lilac - are they still planning to fertilize only 12 eggs or will they do them all?

Indie - welcome back! That sounds like an interesting plan - its pretty much what I've ended up doing even though it wasn't planned that way. When do you start stimulation?

Xerxella - did they say what they are planning to do differently this time?

Tracy - wow your hot flashes start pretty fast. I didn't start getting them until 10 days after my first shot, and they were pretty mild in the beginning. Good luck surviving the next 2 weeks. I don't envy your progesterone shots, I am soooooo glad I got switched to Crinone this cycle so my one and only injection for this FET cycle was my Lupron shot that I did last night. No more shots for me!!!!
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Lilac - 18 eggs, that's impressive. Fertilaid didn't help DH in the slightest, he has severe male factor although not as bad, usually his samples have a few thousand motile sperm. Fingers crossed for a great fertilization report!


indie - That's amazing that you're doing so much research. I could never keep track of all the different protocols and reasons for them, it all makes my head spin. 


Blue - my ultrasound is April 18th. I won't be finding out the gender at 20 weeks though. I'm old fashioned and want it to be a surprise.


rcr - I feel fine so far, just a bit uncomfortable/bloated. Embarrassingly I already pulled out my maternity pants to wear to work, I am finding a belt is uncomfortable so that's my only option. I do have one pair of dress pants with the stretchy waist that I can still wear. I had awful morning sickness last time, so I'm trying to convince myself that it won't happen this time around. I think it's still too early for that though. There isn't even a due date club for December yet... hm, will you have a December due date? Mine is December 2nd and I think you're a couple days ahead of me? I was surprised that the nurse gave me a due date when she called with my beta.


Anyway. Nothing new to report. I'm useless at work though, IVF is all I've thought about for weeks. Last night I had to come down to the store at 4 am because somebody smashed a window and stole a coat. While we were boarding up the window a lady came walking up and actually had the audacity to tell me that she had the coat at her house and I could buy it back for $40. My work is on the edge of a pretty sketchy neighbourhood... this woman was wobbling all over the sidewalk talking to us. I wasn't about to follow a drug addict home (or pay for the coat, wtf?) I called the cops, but she took off. Good times.

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lilac - 18 eggs! awesome! so glad you had frozen sperm samples... fingers crossed for you and your future embabies!


tracyamber - I totally get feeling like a bummer and just wanting to be pregnant already... even though i'm getting ready to pull out the big guns, It's still going to be several months before I actually get to be pregnant (and that's assuming everything will work as it should!)... I'm just really... tired.


xerxella - I think you are going to have such a fantastic cycle now that you are doing a natural start! You have a pretty great AFC, right? 


sourie - I will start AF in the next few days and then dh and I start antibiotics and I will do EPP and ganirelix 10 days after my next lh surge. Then the following cycle I will start stims and do ER. If (God willing) I have a decent number of healthy embryos, I know I will be tempted to go ahead and do ET that cycle to see if it works... but I just have a strong feeling that I have implantation issues due to endo and I'm afraid of wasting embryos at my age (I'll never be any younger than i will be at ER!). My only concern with doing lupron (other than the horrible menopause symptoms!) is that it will take a while for my lining to build back up. I've never had great lining on any of my medicated IUI cycles so I'm afraid that's going to be an issue for me...


afm - forgot to mention that i had a hysteroscopy at the start of this current cycle and I have endometritis...on 10 days azithromycin to clear that up... I'm wondering if that could have had any impact on previous lining issues? Anyone have endometritis and noticed a difference in lining thickness after it was cleared up?

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laggie- we cross posted - holy cow! what a story! unbelievable. 

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Indie - welcome back. I used to stalk a donor egg/embryo forum, and CCRM is very popular with them. they always use the best, since they are paying even more money for donor eggs, so I bet you can't go wrong with using their protocol. Good for you for finding an RE who listens to you.


X - I am not sure what happens next. My next beta is on Monday, and I guess they will tell me then when my u/s is.


Lilac - that is great - 18 eggs. Sorry about the sperm. It was great that you had some frozen though.


Laggie - that story is unbelievable! I am not feeling anything. No bloating or morning sickness. I am trying to not worry much about it, but I can't help but worry. Monday (my next beta) can't come soon enough. I don't know my due date - they didn't give me one when they called. I did look at an online calculator for my due date and it said the end of Nov (I forgot the date exactly), but I was assuming it would be December too. I think our due dates would be within a few days of eachother. The DDC I was stalking was the November one, but I was not joining it - just curious.

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Sourire, no the plan is still to just ferilize 12-14 eggs and freeze the rest of the eggs if we need to use them later.

Laggie what a weird story about the lady with the coat. I am with you on maternity clothes. I think I am going to need some new undies because the style i wear sit uncomfortably across my pelvis right. Maybe it is just the overfilled ovaries but my lower belly is sensitive to touch.

rcr, the due date clubs look interesting. I may join one once get a positive hpt. I was calculating my due date based on egg retrieval day and it will be Dec. 18 if all goes well.

afm, feeling more like myself but definitely glad I am still laying down. Talked with a friend who had twins. Made me feel good to know that other people have had twins and flourished. Dh just got home from a donut run.
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rcr - I like your new sig!

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indie, i had endometritis discovered by biopsy, and once it was cleared up I did my first FET and got pregnant.  granted, there were a lot of factors all culminating in the perfect storm, but i do think that had we not cleared that up it wouldn't have worked.  good luck!

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wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  RCR!  I'm late to the party but wafreakinhoo! 







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sourire~ LUCKY!!!! you did your last shot!

indie~ will you be taking anything to help build your lining? i heard pomegrate juice helps.

rcr and laggie~ congrats againsmile.gif!!!how exciting

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Milk - thanks. I knew you would pop in here eventually. I was just about to PM you. I wish you were joining me in leaving IF :)


Lilac - I can't wait to hear about your fertilization report. Do you know when they are going to call?

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