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rcr - thanks for the vote of confidence in using CCRM's protocol :) i feel like i've done all that i can do as far as research and now i just have to jump and see where i land. i wish they could put me in a medicated coma through egg retrieval :)


aura - thanks for giving me your experience with endometritis! i haven't had a chance to talk with my doc yet about the results but the message i got from the nurse was that they will not do a repeat biopsy after my course of antibiotics... i'm wondering if that is something i should push back on before my FET? how are the twins? :)


tracyamber - i'm taking l-arginine and vitamin E per my RE. i've heard about pomegranate juice helping with lining but haven't found any research yet that backs it up... please feel free to share any advice you have with me! i think the son you have now is through IVF? so you must be a pro :)

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I just got the call with the fertilization report. I was so scared that the sperm we had frozen wouldn't do the job of causing fertilization. Boy was I wrong!  Four eggs were either immature, broke, something about a zona pellucida, and another one had some other thing wrong with it. So they ICSI'd all 14 of the eggs and all 14 fertilized!  Tomorrow we will find out the quality of the fertilized eggs.  It has been an emotional morning.  DH is very happy and we both cried a little when we got the call. Transfer is tomorrow at 9 a.m.  This news has definitely made it a GOOD FRIDAY! Plus today my abdomen doesn't hurt any more like it did yesterday.  Today is a good day.

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yay, lilac!!! joy.gif

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Lilac, that is wonderful! so happy! I hope your transfer goes well today.
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Yay Lilac! Sorry if you explained this already, but how come you are doing a 2 day transfer? Is it bc you had to travel and stay in a hotel?  I only have 1 embryo and wanted a 2 day transfer but my clinic made me wait until day 3. Yay for an awesome report!



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I guess my office in Grand Rapids Michigan (Dodds and Young) makes everyone do a 2 day transfer. We stayed overnight before the egg retrieval because Dodds and Young's rooms for "sample collection" are less an ideal - on the main path from the lab drop off door to the checkout/pay location. We stayed in the hotel so my DH would have privacy to collect his fresh semen sample since we live 1.5 hours away from the clinic and the sample is supposed to be less than 1 hour old. Saturday March 30, we are just driving up in the morning for the embryo transfer procedure. We have to be there by 8:30 a.m. so we just need to leave here by 7 a.m. The transfer will be at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Is a 2 day transfer better than a 3 day transfer? I guess I don't really have a choice, but I guess every set of RE does their own thing based on their own opinion of current research.

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Tenzinsmama: Thanks for thinking of me.  Yes it's great that the old timers are all graduating, although I can't help feeling a little left behind but hopefully my time will come some day.


Laggie: Hi and congratulations again.


rcr: congratulations again and fingures crossed for twin.


Lilac: congrats on so many embies, hope your tranfer goes well.


Blue: hope things are going well with you.


Good luck to anyone else I've missed


AFM: Things are still going well with my bloke.  He's moved to live near me which is fantastic.  But he new job is treating him badly so it's providng quiet difficult for him.  I'm feeling very sorry for myself as I've been sick with a cold for two weeks.

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Lilac - that is a great fert report!!! WOO HOO! I have everything crossed, good luck tomorrow!

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Great news lilac!!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow. How many are you putting back in?


Silver - your time will come. I am glad things are going well with your new guy.

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lilac- great fert report! I'm curious how many you will put back as well!

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rcr, we are putting 2 embryos back tomorrow morning.

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