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Food and mood help

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I am a big fan of natural health and eating, I can talk the talk but for some reason I cant walk the walk. I have a lot of anxiety, irritability, emotional food binges often. I excercise a few times a week, but my diet honestly stinks. I have read a lot about grains, gluten, sugars associated with crazy moods. Anyhow have any experience or advice? Thank you :)

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Hello kikimezz, I am a practioner of a low-carb paleo diet. I've posted a lot about it on this forum, if you review my posting history you may be able to gain some useful information.


There is no easy way to quit sugar and carbs. It takes time and commitment. I felt perfectly sick at times during my transition. I used to eat a lot of sugar, even when I was eating "healthy:" I drank a lot of milk, ate natural honey and molasses, ate a lot of fruit and made smoothies and fresh juices... It took me a full year to adapt to a low-carb diet. Sugar and to some extent carbohydrates are physically addictive and you will have withdrawal. For more support during this process, you can look up "induction flu" - that is the popular term for carbohydrate withdrawal, and low-carb forums will be a good place to get information and help.


It seemed impossible to me that this withdrawal was normal and that I would be healthier and feel well in time, but I trusted the support I got from other low-carb-ers and they were right. I have never had such a sense of well-being free from mood fluctuations as I do now. This is something that people who successfully low-carb mention frequently.


You are looking for a better life and asking the same questions that I did when I started.


Good luck and I hope you realize the changes you are seeking!



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Thank you a bunch!!
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