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Looking for good tasting smoothie recipes using frozen spinach

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I've searched for recipes and read smoothies taste best with fresh greens.  However, I have a lot of frozen spinach and would like to use it in smoothies.


Any suggestions?


I have the following in the freezer also, so if some of these items can be part of the recipe it would be great:





dark cherries



collard greens


So far, we haven't liked the smoothie once we add spinach.  Maybe we are adding too much or not pairing with the right items.  (or maybe we just do not like spinach!)


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Funny you should ask, for breakfast, my husband and I split our first spinach smoothie. I made it with about:

1 c uncooked oats
3/4 c frozen blueberries
3/4 c packed fresh spinach
Maybe 1 c milk??
1 quick squeeze of agave
2 tbs of chia seeds

I used a hand blender after the addition of each ingredient (with the exception of the chia) and just kept adding milk until the consistency was right. We both agreed that we couldn't taste the spinach at all. I'd bet that frozen spinach could be subbed with no problem, but if it seems to be precooked maybe halve the amount?
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Thank you for the recipe.  I would have never thought of that combination.

I am DF, GF so I will try substituting coconut, rice or almond milk.   We typically do not eat oats but will try it.




eta...My children eat dairy and gluten so all recipes are appreciated.

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I made your recipe and we all liked it.

I also made our favorite smoothie (which is usually made as a treat or dessert) and added spinach and we liked it too.


This is a new brand of frozen spinach for us.  Maybe it was just the old brand of spinach we didn't like.  I have an entire case of this one...so I am glad we liked it.



In case anyone is interested, this is what we put in our favorite dessert smoothie (well, one of our favorites):

coconut milk yogurt - plain

dark cherries


cocao powder

rice or coconut milk

and now...spinach

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That sounds wonderful, I'll have to try it. When I saw your ingredient list, your cherries caught my eye. Cherries and almonds are so good together, I'll bet an almond milk-cherry-(greens)-oat smoothie would taste like a pie or crisp.

Crazy how the spinach just disappears into the other flavors and textures, isn't it?
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We've made smoothies with cherries and chocolate almond milk - very good.

The spinach seems to take away some of the cherry taste, so next time I will add more cherries.  (My kids love cherries!)



I am going to try something with blackberries next.  We picked and froze so many...cannot seem to use them up.  They are very overpowering in smoothies so might be a good 'cover' for greens.

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Ive got some great recipes on my blog http://homemomsandhealth.blogspot.com/ and I update it regularly. The key is 40% veggies to 60% fruit :)

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I use frozen spinach quite often for smoothies.  I've never purchased it pre-frozen though.  I purchase it as fresh spinach and then toss it in the freezer after a few days of salads.


Here's my recipe (if you can call it that--I never measure) for a single smoothie...


2 large handfuls spinach--frozen or fresh

1/2 -1 frozen banana

1 small handful of other frozen fruit (usually berries, but cherries and peaches are good too)

1 small spoonful almond butter

1 small spoonful ground flaxseed

1/3 - 1/2 scoop of Warrior Blend protein powder

Dash of cinnamon

Coconut milk to reach desired consistency

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