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anyone else spotting? :(

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I just started spotting very lightly a few hours ago. On one hand I know it can be completely normal, but on the other I'm terrified this pregnancy isn't meant to stay.
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Sending sticky vibes!!!! Spotting is pretty common. Hang in there, chances are it's just fine. Keep us updated. I know how disheartening it can be to see spotting. 

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I had some brown/light pink discharge this morning. Freaked me out! I talked with my midwife and she reassured me that it's not uncommon and to just take it easy. I haven't noticed anymore today. I would avoid intercourse or heavy work for a few days. If you are concerned still you can have your hormone levels checked.
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splath - Fingers crossed that it's a false alarm. Lots of pregnancies have spotting early or through the whole thing and still have happy healthy babies at the end. But, I know how hard it is not to worry, so we are all here to lean on!
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I had spotting with my first and my RE gave me progesterone as I was low.  It was scary as we had been TTC for almost 2 yrs and it was the first time I had managed to get Pg.  Have your Dr check your progesterone.  Spotting can be completely normal for some so try not to worry it isn't going to help you or the baby.

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Also sending sticky vibes! I hope everything stays put for you.

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I am too. I called the nurse midwives yesterday and they weren't concerned. It's a little unsettling :/
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I had brown discharge 2 days ago and now this morning I notice a very little amount of pink/red streaks in my discharge when I wiped. I'm trying not to worry but I really want this baby and am praying that everything is normal.
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Sticky vibes all around!  My spotting seems to have stopped (although when I thought that yesterday morning, it started again in the afternoon).  I did spot with my first pregnancy, but I was a week or so further along.

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How would everyone describe their spotting?

I just had darker discharge. Like a dark brownish red. This is so upsetting because I'm out of town until tomorrow and I have no where to go to get checked out here. I'll have to wait till Monday to have my hormones checked unless I wanted to go to the ER which I don't.
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The midwife I spoke with at Vanderbilt said that it's pretty common. She said something about the placenta forming and burrowing into the uterus causing a little bleeding, and also that the cervix is very vascular during pregnancy and any sort of irritation can cause bleeding (sex, yeast infection, etc). She said to keep an eye on it but you shouldn't be worried unless you have cramping or flow like a period.
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I spotted at the beginning of this pregnancy and all seems to be going well now.

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Have had pinkish brown discharge...not all the time but some. Freaking me out as well - didn't have any w #1
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I just went to the bathroom and had some fresh pink spotting. I'm not thinking this is a good sign greensad.gif
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Hopefully it's nothing to worry about! It could just be implantation bleeding maybe?

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There are so many normal reasons to spot. I was told some of them at my appointment: implantation, straining for a bm, coughing a lot, ultrasound, uterine stretching (I forget the others).

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How is everyone doing? My spotting is finally going away. At my examination on Tue the midwife said she could tell the spotting was coming from my cervix and not the baby which put my mind at ease.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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That's good to hear Swissmiss. It must be a relief to know exactly what's causing it.

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Mine has gone away. Every once in a while, I will get a light spot, but that's it. I had a lot of bleeding at the end of my last pregnancy everytime my daughter dropped, and after many many tests, my OB concluded that I have an extra-vascular cervix. Everything turned out fine.
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Mine has gone away for the most part, too. I have a tiny dab of brown/tan-ish cm every now and then, but I think it's due to a yeast infection coming on :/ too much sugar lately for me...
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