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I had pink spotting this morning on my tp. Since then I've had a couple small clots. I've never spotted in pg before. When I have miscarried it started with period like bleeding. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into another miscarriage.
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Sending you sticky vibes 100%mom!

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sending sticky vibes as well!!!

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Thinking of you, 100%mom.
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Yes same here!
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Still very light spotting. I'll probably try to get into the dr early next week if it's still going on. We are under a blizzard warning until Monday afternoon though.
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Sending sticky vibes!
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This is dragging on. Still spotting. It was a little more this am, but It's slowed down again.
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Anyone else still spotting once in awhile? I just notices a little spotting mixed in my normal cervical mucus and I haven't had spotting since I was about 6 weeks a long. I have no idea why now. I haven't had intercourse in a few days. It was only a little and it wasn't brown . 

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I had spotting at 11 weeks, but the nurse practioner hasn't been too concerned. I had spotted a few times before that, often after/during a bowel movement. I think my cervix is just sensitive. How far along are you?
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I didn't spot at all this pregnancy until Monday night, when it was a mucusy red. There wasn't much but the color was alarming. My midwife ordered an ultrasound for the next day and I've stayed off my feet since then until we get the results. It was nice to see the baby moving around at the ultrasound. I am extra careful and a little worried because I did have a miscarriage last June at 14w5d. I really, really want this pregnancy to stick! Due September 24th.

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Sending positive sticky bebe vibes your way mama!!! I hope everything is ok, you are due just a few days before me. wink1.gif
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I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and haven't noticed any more spotting since that one time last Fri. I have an appointment today and can't wait to hear the heartbeat!
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