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Help me troubleshoot my FCC! (woven)

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Does anybody else get upper back pain with FCC? I'm feeling it after just a few minutes. I try spreading the fabric out over my shoulders but it doesn't help much, and I don't have any luck with getting the cross on my back centered lower. I can't figure out if I'm doing it wrong/need to tweak my technique, or if it's just not the right carry for a 4 m/o. My guess is that it's the former--any hints for balancing the weight better? Or is there a similar carry/variation of FCC you'd suggest to help with this?

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All baby carriers give me back-aches. I wish I had an answer for you.

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How is your abdominal strength since having little one?  Hard to trouble shoot without seeing you- maybe upload a pic?  Otherwise I think abdominal strengthening exercises would be great.  Have your midwives given you any suggestions for strengthening that area after birth?  Sometimes our back makes up for what we lack in core strength and gets out of whack and painful.

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Sorry, what does FCC stand for?  a bit of a bay-wearing noob here. I agree that some core strengthening exercises would probably help quite a bit. 

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Have you tried strand by strand tightening? I find that this really helps to get a more comfortable carry.  If you "youtube" strand by strand tightening, you should find a few videos to show the technique.  I really like the one with the German lady using the pink and purple Didy wrap.  Also, I try to make sure that after I tie my loose knot, I pull out and down on the crosses in front to make sure that all of the slack is out of the back passes.  Keep trying, I hated this carry at first, but now that I've done those two things, we use it every day.

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Hm, I love FCC but I don't have picky shoulders.  It's not the type of carry where you can easily move it up and down though - I find that trying to position FCC lower down than is natural just results in a loose, uncomfortable carry.


How does FWCC feel for you?  I think the weight is distributed somewhat lower down with FWCC than with FCC, which really does wrap the weight right across the shoulders for me.


Anyway, I suggest you take a picture of your carry and post in the Choosing and Using Wraps forum of thebabywearer.  You'll probably get much more helpful advice there.

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I would second using a fwcc, I find this much more comfortable than a FCC - the main thing to aim for us for baby to be high and the wrap to be tight, baby shouldn't be any lower than your belly button. Spreading the passes over baby's back should also offer more support to your back.
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Very interesting feedback--thanks! We've been doing more back carries than anything these days so it's less of an issue, but FWCC is indeed more comfortable for me, always has been.. and this is also confirming that I need to go ahead and start doing that beginner Pilates DVD workout again. ;) I've been marveling at the baby's core strength lately- probably not a good sign!

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Originally Posted by rainbownurse View Post

Sorry, what does FCC stand for?  a bit of a bay-wearing noob here. I agree that some core strengthening exercises would probably help quite a bit. 


I have no idea. A baby carrier of some kind.


I looked up abbreviations here - http://www.mothering.com/community/a/abbreviations-and-acronyms but found only this beginning with f:



FAM: Fertility Awareness Method
FB: Fuzzi Bunz (brand of cloth diapers)
FFS: Free For Shipping
FMBG: Full Moon Baby Gear (brand of cloth diaper)
FP: Family Practitioner
FS: for sale
FSBC: Free standing birth center
FSOT: For Sale or Trade
FTE: Full Time Employment
FTR: For The Record
FWIW: For what it's worth
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FCC = front cross carry


FWCC = front wrap cross carry


They are different ways to wear a woven wrap.

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Thanks. I appreciate that.

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