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2nd Trimester Chat thread

Poll Results: Do you know the sex of the baby?

  • 28% (4)
  • 21% (3)
  • 14% (2)
    Don't know yet
  • 35% (5)
    Don't plan on finding out
  • 0% (0)
    more than one/combination
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Hello all,

  I think we are all in the second trimester now, and it's so good to be here.  I thought I would start a new chat thread because the last one has gotten so big.  How is everyone doing?  Any news to share?  I added a fun poll too.


AFM- I am doing well, feeling a lot better.  I sometimes still feel really tired or kind of sick, but not too often.  I am starting to poke out a little and needing to wear some new clothes.  I have the big scan at the end of the month and am planning on waiting until then to find out the sex of the baby.

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Yeay! I was overwhelmed with the last one and wasn't sure how to start a new one - so this is awesome. Thanks! :)


Found out we're having a girl...DH and I have done a bit of shopping at some clearance sales (I love a great deal and am way too practical to spend full price on anything!) This girl is the first in the family in decades - super exciting for everyone.


Not as sick as I was weeks ago at all, but don't feel 100%, either. I still can't work out like I was hoping to, which probably attributes a lot to feeling a little crummier than I wish I were. I'll be starting prenatal yoga this weekend, though - looking forward to seeing what that's all about.


Can't find maternity clothes that I like. Again, too cheap to spend full price and thrift shops aren't turning much up for me right now. I'm rotating the same two pairs of pants and three tops. Oh well....first world problem there. :)


I made hot and sour soup today, thanks to the last thread - and it was DELICIOUS! Except that much tofu is creating a bit of tummy upset. Oops! It was sooooooo worth it, though. ;)

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Pokey - any suspicions on gender?

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We just found out today that we are also having a girl! Yay! We are so excited.  There was no downside to either sex, but it's so cool to think that DS will have a little sister! It's still so unreal to me though.  Now we get to think about names a little more seriously...we have a front runner that DH and I agree on, but it's so weird to me to have a name this early on.  We had a short list with DS until he was born.  My only reservation with the name is that it's one that I know is flying up the charts in terms of popularity...but it was on my list when I was pregnant with DS, and I just haven't been able to shake it.  Plus it's very similar to my grandmother's name, so she would consider us naming the baby after her, which is really cool...but it's not so similar that my other grandmother would pick up on it (she has been harping on my Dad for naming me after my great grandmother instead of her, and the only way to "make it up to her" would be if me or one of my brothers names a daughter after her).  Hmmm, maybe I will start a name chat on this board.......


I also immediately went to the store and bought a little "girl" outfit....Sooo cute! I didn't buy much for DS because he is 10 months younger than my nephew and we got all of the hand me downs from him.  I am going to need to reign myself in and not spend a ton of money on girly things now....which is out of character because I don't usually go shopping much...


Okay I know I am sooo rambling! Lol.

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I'm hoping for a girl.  I know a lot of people who are having boys soon, one is having triplets!  One of us has to have a girl, right?  According to the Chinese gender predictor calendar, it's a girl.  A couple people have told me they are getting girl vibe.  They might all be wrong.  My wife really wants to do an ultrasound sooner to find out because she's impatient.  She thinks it's a boy.  I don't know.  I'm happy knowing the baby is healthy and growing normally.  I can think about sex later.  It will make it easier to start collecting things though.  I have lots of hand me downs coming my way.

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I have my US tomorrow am. I hope its a boy, I have a 9yo girl and 4 yo boy now. The girl drama is killing me. But I feel like I will have a girl.


I am feeling good today. Still get exhausted  easily. Must have lots of breaks on the couch to make it through the day. So I will get back tomorrow afternoon.

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Just got back and we are having  BOY!!!    The little bugger didn't want to move around, he was facing my back. But clear as day he is a boy.  Since his back was facing us, they couldn't get good images of the heart. They want to reschedule in 2-3 weeks and try again. Kinda want to do it, kinda don't. I don't want to expose him to to much, but I would love to see his face. What do you gals think?  


Is there anyway I can change my vote? I will try to play around with it. 

Have a good day, it's time for my nap.

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So exciting to see people knowing the gender of their baby!  I have an ultrasound scheduled Jan 25th.  The only reason I agrred to it is to locate the placenta since I've had previous c-sections.  But since we're looking, I imagine we'll find out the gender.  We have 2 boys and 2 girls and we'll be happy with either.

Feeling better but tired.  I think Ive let my iron slip again, and my diet was less healhy over the holidays.  So I'm looking forward to cleaning that up and feeling better!

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I'm okay with ultrasounds, as far as baby's exposure. That's just my personal opinion, though. I don't, however, love ultrasounds at the end of pregnancy that are used to scare a mom into an induction by saying baby is too big/small/ect. I have seen them be grossly inaccurate, creating more issues than had they been left alone.


Our baby wouldn't turn for a face shot, either - she was pressed into the placenta the whole time, but gave a great potty shot also. We're going back in a couple of weeks to try again also. :)

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