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Mama Ana - do you need to commit to one or the other at this point? Or can you play it be ear and just see how things go?
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sneezes = pee squirt


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same here... I carry extra undies because panty liners give me infections.

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I'm in that camp as well.
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Do you want to know the fun part?


It gets worse after a vaginal birth.

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Originally Posted by devilish View Post

Do you want to know the fun part?

It gets worse after a vaginal birth.
Yup. Sucks.
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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

sneezes = pee squirt


UGH!  It's evil!  I can't do pantyliners either.  They make me itch like a freak. I have cotton ones, too, but they get all bunchy.  If I go out, I take extra panties.  Dreaded sneezes! 

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Originally Posted by Mama Ana View Post

I'm feeling unsure of myself at this point. 

I was so sure that I wanted to be in the hospital, which is AMAZING, but now I'm looking at a homebirth and.....it sounds nice. Like the mental list I'm making has more pros for homebirth than the hospital. 

I told my doula I feel like a Picasso painting or something. Before I was so sure and now my mind feels disorganized and unsure of what to do. 

i dont know...i dont know...i wish i could be given a sign that says GO HERE or STAY HOME

SAME HERE! I'm thinking home birth is better. But we'd be going into more debt to pay for it. I'm so so upset my DH isn't working yet. If he was this homebirth idea wouldn't be so hard.

Is this your first birth? I understand the trepidation if so. I'd like to recommend getting a doula either way you go!
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Yup. Sucks.

Same here. Mine went away mostly after DD#1. I'm not very hopeful it will this time around. I'm real worried about that. Is there anything I can do to help it?
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My first natural birth was ten years ago so I've almost forgotten what it was like not to have mommy bladder issues.  :)

But for me, while my bladder is weaker and I can't hold big amounts anymore since having kids, and once or twice I've gotten two steps away from the toilet and not been able to get there in time, the whole sneeze= pee squirt is a pregnancy related symptom.  I don't need to have a full bladder for it to happen; in fact I never have a full bladder because I can hold so little before the urge to go to the bathroom is deafening, so I'm there like every half hour and there's never so much there unless I chugged a liter of water at once recently.  But the pressure of my uterus makes it thus that a big sneeze equals a little squirt, regardless.  Gee, thanks. :)

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Yeah - if I don't have time to think about hitting that good KEGEL - it's a WRAP! ROTFLMAO.gif


I tired the cotton ones too Cutie - and still... infection nation - but only during pregnancy. My boxes and boxes of liners will just have to wait until post baby.

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Originally Posted by MamaMash View Post

I'm in that camp as well.


same here as of last night :( . DF made me laugh so hard i literally lost it. and then i laughed so hard i started to cry, and cried over nothing. see my last post on overemotionality....


anyone else notice a change in their appetite? i can't eat as much anymore as before, i'm full sooner.. sort of like pre-preg. this morning the thought of food made me nauseous again.. i've heard some people get their nausea back in the 3rd trimester, hope i'm not in that camp!! well, it's still a good ways to go until then. maybe there's just not enough space for my stomach anymore? i've read the baby is 11 inches long at this point (22wks), i keep thinking it's a lot smaller still.. so that might explain it.?

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Wow the last 1-2 weeks (I'm 26 weeks today) I've really feeling pregnant.  Swelling stopped after those few days (phew!), but I just feel big and awkward.  Getting out of bed or out of the car is so much more of an effort than I'm used to.  It feels like doing anything for 5 minutes will tire me out and I need to sit down.  I'm pretty sure I waddle when I walk, and sometimes when I walk the muscles around my groin really ache.  Fun!

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Yes Kali - I'm certainly starting to FEEL preggers these days.. I'm big and awkward feeling

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I'm feeling a little down because I am not as active as I'd like to be (or certainly planned or hoped to be during pregnancy). I really want to feel better and exercise more, especially do more yoga but after I am up for a while, whether it be standing doing dishes, other chores or going for a simple walk, my lower uterus really aches and I need to rest to feel better. All the stretching/pulling is really getting to me and I am very disappointed with myself. It seems to be a viscous cycle, I know that exercise, especially yoga will help to alleviate this achy feeling but I can't seem to muster the strength to do it regularly enough to make a difference:( I'm very concerned because I really want to step up my endurance for labor/birth and I know this is the time to do it as things are sure to get worse in the 3rd trimester. DH is so sweet and says that I need to listen to myself and only do what I can but at the same time I know he agrees that I need to step it up a notch. Ugh, I'm just really mad at myself these days. angry.gif


So, I finally bought a belly band yesterday thinking that if I had some support it would help. I tried it last night while making dinner but it didn't really seem to help:(

I think I messed up and maybe got the wrong type... I bought a Be Maternity BeBand from Target and the packaging just mentions the benefits of keeping maternity pants from falling down or using it over pants that no longer fit and are unbuttoned, etc... It doesn't really seem like much support at all, basically like wearing pantyhose without the legs... I've looked at a few different types on Amazon and saw one that looked good for the 3rd trimester... Anyone have specific support bands they've used with success around this point in pregnancy (I'm 24 weeks)? crap.gif


I hate to complain and be a downer, I want to embrace pregnancy all of it, the good and the bad. I'm frustrated that I am struggling with this achy thing. I'm probably just being overly dramatic and need to suck it up and be strong. I feel like I've said that before and probably have...nut.gif

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Oh, SuzieSmiles, stop beating yourself up!  That's how I felt in my first pregnancy, my body (lower uterus achy or shooting pains feeling down under) would tell me when I was being too active and needed to rest to feel better, and I just wanted to go go go.  I was running 5 miles a day until the second trimester and it felt so lazy to be lounging and reading books in the second half of pregnancy, but I really should have listened to my body.  In the end all the BH contractions that active lifestyle caused ended up causing my baby to be born 6 weeks early and I realize I should always listen to my body during my pregnancies (my second pregnancy showed signs of preterm labor after week 20 and I had to go on bedrest for 3 months to keep him in but it worked).  

It turns out all my pregnancies feel the same way in terms of it just not being fun to be up and active on my feet for very long at a time--my hips must really disengage a lot and early and I lose all feeling of any support in my core, and the uterus feels so heavy and pinching awful down low....  so I don't exercise during pregnancy and taking it easy makes me feel the best.  Yoga wouldn't fix the pregnancy discomfort, the only cure for how you are feeling is natural birth, and you'll soon feel your body pull itself back together and all the achy feelings go away.  Taking it slow during pregnancy if you are normally a fit person doesn't affect AT ALL how strong you'll be in labor, in my experience.  I've had very short and powerful births both times-- despite only getting up to go to the bathroom during third trimester last time!  Just be easy on yourself, take it slow because that's what your body is telling you that you need to do, and only do exercise that you feel physically good while doing and stop as soon as it doesn't feel good.


I know it sucks to find out that pregnancy isn't what you were expecting, with all these aches and pains and stabbing nonsense striking you under the baby and you feeling like you would have hoped to be up and active and fabulous all the way until your due date but instead you just can't do much and need to put your feet up.  Just let it go and realize you are taking one for the team right now and this might be the NORMAL way your body carries a baby.  Sucky but the end results will be worth it, I swear, and it will seem like such a short moment in time, in hindsight.

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

Taking it slow during pregnancy if you are normally a fit person doesn't affect AT ALL how strong you'll be in labor, in my experience.


what if you're normally NOT a fit person? 


SuzieSmiles, i feel the same way.. i'm feeling like i SHOULD be FINALLY starting SOME kind of exercise, i'm feeling relatively great right now and am already dreading what discomforts may come to me in the third trimester. (i'm 22wks now.) i guess it's good to keep in mind what Serafina says, that you can also overdo it or do the exact wrong thing by being "too" active.. 

but i still can't help but feel like i'm "wasting my precious preparation time" or something, i dread labor, i have no idea how to prepare for it.. a friend of mine said once you're IN labor, everything you know about it goes out the window anyway, so maybe it's best to trust our bodies to handle it..


btw, about the belly band question -- i have the same one you have, BeBand from Target. honestly i found it helpful during the first trimester, but now i've just switched over to maternity pants cause even if i do wear it over my normal pants, at this point they are completely unbuttoned / unzipped and the buttons / zippers are pressing against my belly. 

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Serafina - you are so sweet, thanks so much, I almost started crying while reading your post. It is nice to have some reassurance that my non-activity during pregnancy will not necessarily rule out my having endurance during labor/birth. I wouldn't say I was a super active person pre-pregnancy... wasn't overweight (I'm 5'8 and was 123lbs pre-pregnancy), would have times where I'd average 3-4 gym work-outs per week and others where I'd only go once or twice, so not real consistent but still fairly active. But, I felt good, healthy and strong, ate well, etc... My midwives have said that my stomach muscles were really strong (I remember this from my first appointments where they'd be feeling around...), so maybe that's a good thing? And, how you described losing the feeling of support in your core and the uterus feeling heavy is exactly how I've been feeling! It is still so strange to me to have this protruding belly and it's just going to get bigger! I really do appreciate your kind words and confidence, truly helped get me out of the dumps.


I just got back from a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood, wearing my belly band with yoga pants and I feel alright. I am sitting down, resting now and didn't overdo it, so I'm happy about that. I will definitely listen to my body better and try not to be so down on myself if I'm not up to doing things I'd like to be doing. Thanks again:)


vc2013 - it's good to know I'm not a freak, not the only one in this boat! But, sorry you're here as well... And, your comment about "wasting precious preparation time" is exactly how I've been feeling!! I'm not so much dreading labor as I'm worried about wimping out and not being able to have the stamina for my ideal natural home water birth and having to transfer to a hospital or something. I'm sure I'll get my conviction back about the whole thing as times goes on and I start reading successful accounts of home birth from books I've got my eye on. It's hard to know how best to really prepare for birth, like your friend said, "everything you know about it goes out the window anyway". We're all so different and each birth is so different, even one woman's experience can vary so much with each of their births. I just need to get myself in that trusting space and believe that my body will kick in and do what it's designed to do. Have you started to read any birth stories yet? I think this will help both of us.


And, about the belly band - I'm sure it's good for what it appears to be designed to do (keep unbuttoned pants up, etc.) but as far as general support, it's kind of a joke, for me at this point in pregnancy anyway. My maternity pants aren't really helping the support issue. Would love to hear opinions about any supports you mamas use or have used that help... 

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Originally Posted by SuzieSmiles View Post

vc2013 - Have you started to read any birth stories yet? I think this will help both of us.


i have not. since i'm afraid of labor, i have avoided reading anything about the actual birthing process so far. also, i've been so busy with everything else.. we just moved, now my ferret is sick, etc, that i'm feeling super unprepared for the whole thing. i see people discuss different parenting styles here or breastfeeding questions, what kind of car seat to get and we don't even have a registry yet. we have 5 books on baby stuff: 1 on names, 2 on pregnancy and 1 on pregnancy for the expectant father. i just ordered "The Birth Book" so that should help a bit as soon as i can retrieve it from our moving boxes!


as far as strength / stamina goes.. i am pretty pain sensitive, i always get anaesthesia at the dentist etc. i had a scary interview with a midwife and as a result switched from homebirth-leaning towards giving birth at a hospital. i can endure an uncomfortable situation for a while.. that is something i could see myself doing. but i generally don't have any strength, i don't work out.. hmm i'm starting to sound like i should hire a doula or some sort of prenatal coach to get me into the right mindset!


stupid question, but where would you look for birth stories? online? how would you pick which ones to read? the only two births i know about, that friends have told me about, were pretty horrible -- no inspiration there.

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vc2013- the books I would recommend would be Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer, and Having a Baby, Naturally by Peggy O'Mara. I highly recommend taking a childbirth class geared towards natural birth if that's what you are planning on. I found Hypnobabies to be an excellent fit for me but know there are many different ones.

I honestly don't think you can read too much or be too prepared for birth as long as you know that it is a natural process that you are not fully in control of and can have many different outcomes. I would also recommend a doula. I am a doula working towards my ceertification through DONA and know you can find doulas on their website if you don't have any recommendations. You can even contact a doula trainer and possibly get one in training ( like me) for much less but would still have that support.
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thanks vegrunr! i'm looking into getting a doula right now.. is there any way to search for trainees directly that you'd know of? 

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