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I find that symptoms vary from day to day. There was a day for me where there was almost no breast soreness, but then it came back stronger the next day.

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My symptoms r different everyday, today exhaustion, nausea and a little back pain. Who knows what tomorrow lol
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My symptoms r different everyday, today exhaustion, nausea and a little back pain. Who knows what tomorrow lol
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I feel awful! The nausea and exhaustion is so bad. I feel on the verge of throwing up all day so I'm constantly burping and swallowing to keep it down. This is so awful... Remind me again why we have children greensad.gif
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Lol we spend the 2ww searching and hoping for symptoms then spend 9 months complaining about them, crazy 😂😂😂
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So true! Although, compared to everyone else, I really can't complain as I'm getting pretty easy. I feel bad for those of you who are really suffering.

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I'm much better today and I was better yesterday. It freaks me out a bit, actually. When I feel awful, I get frustrated because I hate feeling sick. When I feel better, I freak out because I'm afraid I'm losing the baby. Gah!!!
Maybe my strategies for dealing with nausea are working? I don't know. I feel like I'm on some kind of weird roller coaster. Also, I'm weepy. Everything makes me cry.

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I'll only be 4 weeks tomorrow. It seems like such a big difference when some of you are already heading toward 7 weeks! Symptoms so far- hunger but no appetite, every time I eat within minutes I have heartburn- luckily it goes away quickly. Emotional (cried during anne hathaways acceptance speech last night) but not angry or sad, just unexpectedly crying. Still a little crampy. I'm not looking forward to nausea  but it has come for a few seconds. My boobs and nipples were unbelievably sore after the trigger shot but in the last 2 days my nipples are nearly normal again and my breast tenderness comes and goes in its intensity. The gassiness has gotten much better too. This is a crazy roller coaster. 

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I have heard that your allergies get worse during pregnancy, but i thought it happened like, later. I'm 6w4d and I cannot breathe through my nose and I have sneezed about 100 times today. My throat is sore from the post-nasal drip. I really, really do not want to believe I am sick, and it really seems like allergies since I'm sneezing so much, but this is insane. I normally have seasonal allergies, but generally not this severely! Any of the more expert pregnant people have any advice or info? It seems like (in my limited google research) the powers that be recommend you don't take any allergy medications in the first trimester. Blech. 

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I'm only 4 weeks but so far I have been exhausted and unmotivated, thirsty, HUNGRY to boot, tender boobs, and I actually feel my uterus twitching/fluttering a bunch. Almost like when baby first starts kicking (obviously can't be that though). Has anyone else noticed felt that? Nausea hasn't set in yet, but it didn't until around 6 weeks in my last pregnancy. Deja mentioned feeling cold.. I have been freezing! I want to stay curled up in a warm bed all day haha.


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Hi. I just joined. Got my BFP (surprise at age 42!) yesterday.

I just really get annoyed at how bad pregnancy makes women feel. I felt terrible with my first, and I'm just feeling kind of in a fighting mood about the symptoms. I want to fight them and prevent them and do everything I can to avoid them. I am not ok about feeling like crap for 9 months, in various, alternating and progressively negative ways. I ended up with POTS and pre-e with my DD, so I was really unwell by the end. Plus I had nausea for 12 weeks straight and I'm just terrified of puking.

I'm only 4.5 weeks now and already mildly nauseas and hungry all the time.

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Lol we spend the 2ww searching and hoping for symptoms then spend 9 months complaining about them, crazy 😂😂😂
Your so right! I am really in a pickle and am starting to consider seeing a doc for medications. I've been a truly useless mother for 2 weeks now, luckily my mom also lives with us and is retired so she has beef doing all the cooking while my DF has been doing all the cleaning And most of the playing and bedtime!!! I am truly blessed!! But I don't think I can take 5+ more weeks of this( I'm 7wks, 4days)
Any ideas what else I can try?
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Yeah, that's what I thought Swiss Miss. I dry heaved 4 times in a 2 hour period, so I need to find out what to do. Walgreens called but didn't leave a message even though I told them they could. I'll have to call tomorrow and find out if they had any success with the fast-acting form of Zofran. Otherwise, I have to call the nurse and see what we can do.

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There are safe allergy meds. Just ask your doctor. I think Claritin is okay.

I'm nauseous today. No good.
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I found that taking my daughter sledging took my mind of the nausea completely, which was nice! Now I need a nap.

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I have an ultrasound today, so I will ask the doc about meds for allergies. I am so congested, I can't smell anything. Which has turned out to be great - I'm significantly less nauseous if I don't blow my nose! 

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5.5 weeks today...super emotional. Had a nice cry earlier. Killer headache too, have had that all week but might be due to sinusitis
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7 weeks today.  Very sleepy.  Sore nipples and bigger boobs (same symptoms for weeks now).  Nausea has really kicked in this past week, but it doesn't usually last all day.  More queasiness than anything.   


I've been pretty emotional.  To be honest, I've been freaking out about having a baby, as this was unplanned.  Feeling pulled in different directions by other people's opinions on whether or not I should keep it.  Today is the first day since I found out the day after Christmas that I feel good about it.  Let's hope this lasts!

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My first trimester bloat is ridiculous. In the morning I have no belly and by dinner I look 3 months pregnant.
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i got permission to take claritin! here's hoping it helps... even a little help would be great.

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