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Originally Posted by splath View Post

I was in heaven with my C cup in the 3rd trimester last time! I'm normally barely an A.

me too!!!!! it was awesome to have breasts for awhile...lol...AND they are coming back (i'm at a B again).

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Anyone else having heartburn already? Not much sickness still but heartburn CONSTANTLY.
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Originally Posted by OtherSoul View Post

Anyone else having heartburn already? Not much sickness still but heartburn CONSTANTLY.

I had it from the beginning until last week. It's better now.
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Originally Posted by MamaMash View Post

My 18 month old dd has been giving me lots of issues at bedtime. She has always been so easy at bedtime and has slept through the night since she was brand new. This is all so foreign to me. Not to mention extremely challenging. We switched her to a toddler bed to see if that would help but it hasn't. I'm at a loss. I hope it gets better and she can go back to laying down awake and falling asleep on her own.

My breast and nipple tenderness changes daily. As well as the way they look. Some days my breasts actually hurt, not just tender but actual pain. And other days I have hardly any tenderness. I wouldn't worry too much about that toothfairy. Easier said than done I know. And, count yourself lucky you aren't too sick! Hang in there, I'm sure your little bean is just fine.

It sounds like the 18 mos sleep regression. We are just finally getting over it here. HUGS

You can also google it to read about it. Dds lasted about a month or a little more, but we finally have our great sleeper back.
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I felt terrible yesterday, throwing up, nausea, head ache, over heating and tired. Today I feel great, but I did remember to take my vitamins last night but forgot the 2 days before, I'm thinking its the B6 making me feel better.
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I haven't been able to sleep on my back since getting pregnant. I started getting a lot of lower back and hip pain whenever I tried.

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My gums r really sore and swollen today.
I don't have a problem with what position I sleep in, just trouble sleeping lol
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Cutie patottie- I have read a little on the 18 month sleep regression, and just read that link and another she linked on her page. Thank you! Is it weird that she has never coslept, it's just not for our family, but this started with her refusing to lay in her bed. Screaming crying bloody murder, but the second we go in her room she is better. She will sleep on her floor all night long if we lay next to her or she'll sleep in our bed no problem. I am scared we're making bad sleep habits and that she will never go back to sleeping on her own. Last night was the worst night so far. She didn't sleep at all until 1 am when I laid on the ground with her out of pure exhaustion on my part. Then I snuck away but she woke up 2 hours later and I just gave in and brought her in our bed. I'm at a loss. I know it's normal, but I feel like this is worse than all the stuff I've read. Your own situation is always worse than anyone else's, right wink1.gif
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I had heartburn bad for a few days right at 5 weeks but just a little here & there since then.

Really hungry the last 2 days.
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Every day is an exercise in: what could I possible stand the thought of eating and also won't make my stomach upset later? Last night I had two servings of instant mashed potatoes for dinner because it sounded like the only thing that would settle down my stomach. I'm used to being an easy going eater but now it's like I've got the world's most delicate digestive system.
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My son is still waking 8 times a night to nurse. greensad.gif We cosleep but I'm just a total zombie and getting anxious about what I will do when the new baby comes. I want to night wean but that might be intense and noisy and I live in a community. So I'm anxious that he would wake everyone by night weaning because he would throw a fit about it. I'm just so exhausted though.
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Othersole, I'm there with you. Not every night is 8 times but the least amount is 4. I'm trying to get food allergies figured out before I night wean. But I'm also worried about crying waking up the other kids.
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Double post, my stupid phone
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It's so hard. I've been so tired from waking up with him all night plus waking up to pee that I've started trancing out during the day...where I'm "awake" but feeling a million miles away, out of my body. I stay at home with my son alone so I need to be present for him. Something needs to change...
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My gums are a MESS too! Thanks for the kind words mamas. I'm so sad. My husband is a wreak too-- he loved his job. ;(

I realize I can get medical from Anthem Blue Cross HMO. My fear is delivery without a doula in a hospital I hate. I wanted to have a natural birth in a birthing center. I'd love a midwife too! So sad how this all happened. Last time I was pregnant with my first my hubs lost his job! Crazy that this is happening again.
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I've learned the my nausea is relative to my level of exhaustion. Keeping food in my belly helps, but if I'm tired... I feel like crap all day. I take at least one nap a day.
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Hmm. I've reached a point where no food seems appetizing. All food gives me heartburn. I definitely didn't have heartburn this early with my first.
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I got a cold of some sort Tuesday night and it totally wiped me out yesterday. Thankfully DH could take off and I slept most of the day. Then, I had a hard time falling asleep last night! Man, I'm so exhausted. Thankfully, the worst is over and I am just WIPED out.  It's amazing how a mild illness can totally throw you when your reserves are already low being pregnant.

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Hey ladies, I've felt awful the last few days. Fatigue, nausea, indigestion, just all around crummy. No vomiting yet but I am not even 7 weeks so there Is time. One thing I've found that helps with the nausea is fruit/citrus popsicles, and lemon water. I'm also on 35mg of b6 but that hasn't seemed to help tremendously! Just wanted to pass on the tips in case they help anyone else.
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I'm remembering how much I dislike that "fine line" of eating.  If I eat too much(which is no where near what I ate before I was preg), I get sick...If I don't eat enough, I get sick. 

I haven't figured out the "just right" yet.  It's amazing that after 4 babies, I still forget all this until it happens again. 

3am...feels like a hole in my stomach.  Eat a banana and a yogurt or my body will not let me go back to sleep. 

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