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Deja- in cold in the day but burning up at night to the point of sweating.
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Originally Posted by dejagerw View Post

Anyone else feeling cold all the time? With my other two I never remember feeling cold. I thought you were supposed to feel hot during pregnancy.



I tend to be really cold during the day and then hot when I'm trying to sleep.

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I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I had a crazy dream the other night too. "Moving into a futuristic giant mansion with my parents, sister and brother in law, nephews, some random people I didn't know. The house had escalators, a giant play room for the kids. and tons of other weird things. We were just moving in and we couldn't find our room."
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I dreamed that I was at work assisting in a surgery... The dog fell off the table and landed on me... And his gas mask fell perfectly onto my face so I was inhaling the anesthetic. Haha. That was probably because we had a surgery that night and they wouldn't let me near the dog because of the risk of me inhaling it and harming the baby, haha.

I'm hot all the time. I was warm blooded before though, so I don't think much of it.
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Wow, CDsMom. That's definitely your subconscious talking to you. AFM- So freaking gassy, it's ridiculous.

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I can't remember last night's dreams, but I was suffering from restless legs, so I had a bit of trouble falling asleep. It seems to be something I get when pregnant. Today I'm not feeling all that great. Sorry for the TMI, but I'm still having diarrhoea and I just feel a bit nauseous and generally blah. I wonder how long until morning sickness properly kicks in!

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I also get bad restless legs when pregnant! I notice it is worse when I haven't exercised that day or if I have overshot on staying up and get overtired. It drives me crazy at night. I've been taking a warm bath and that helps when it hits me.
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I'm super constipated. I was going to take some colace, but just looking at the pill made me want to hurl.

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Take a fiber supplement.
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In now getting emotional and crying a lot. Which is annoying, any little thing my DP says sets me off lol. The cramps r easing off and my nipples r getting more sore.
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CDsMom- Fiber can actually make constipation worse. It's better to take it to keep regular once you get regular (per my nurse). I ate an avocado and that did the trick, but then some of the avocado came up. It was a rough morning, but I'm feeling a bit better now.

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I second you ladies on the constipation!! What seems to help me is a warm drink on an empty stomach. Something about the warm liquid just gets everything going smile.gif
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I'm soooo tired and nauseous greensad.gif I basically spent the weekend in bed while my fiancé and mom watched the kids. I slept almost the entire day Saturday and then also slept the entire night. My fiancé was really surprised that I was able to keep sleeping like 20 hr in total!!! I could have slept more orngtongue.gif

Sunday was true nausea. I was hungry but could not eat, churning stomach, on the verge of throwing up. greensad.gif

So far I've been a bit better today. Crossing my fingers! I'm 6wks and 4 days today.
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My nausea is starting to get worse but it's still manageable. I'm really tired as well and needing plenty of naps!

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I'm getting a bit more nauseous, and tired, but hard to sleep at night😣 really hungry too
I'm a bit scared this week as this is the time I m/c last time. If I can get this week over quick then I'll feel better. Oh and my poor boobs hurt like hell lol
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Seem to have had a reaction to my PIO shots yesterday, so hopefully switching to suppositories by tomorrow. This on top of a day of horrible nausea that started off with constipation made yesterday no fun. So far today is much better. I did discover a trick that helps me keep food down. Make something substantial (with both protein and carbs) and eat it over a 2 hour period. I will also try the warm drink thing for constipation. Also, I forgot to do this myself, but Chai is a good way to quell nausea and it comes in decaf. I actually found a Rooibos chai so it tones my uterus at the same time. http://babyfit.sparkpeople.com/ask-the-experts-answers.asp?inID=78


That link doesn't talk about toning the uterus but I've seen it somewhere Keeping iron levels high is important too and Rooibos does htat.

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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

I use Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil, but I'm taking half does as my prenatals also have fish oil.


My friend recommended this too!  I've been taking it occasionally (a few times a week when I help milk on her farm), but I'm about to order some.  I'm making a nettle infusion tonight too. :)

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Originally Posted by dejagerw View Post

Anyone else feeling cold all the time? With my other two I never remember feeling cold. I thought you were supposed to feel hot during pregnancy.


Yes!  I've been noticing that too!


I'm 6 weeks, first pregnancy.  No bad symptoms yet besides being tired, thirsty, and sore nipples (and being cold).  I feel huge but I think it's just Christmas weight (and now that I'm pregnant I can't diet).  Emotionally I'm up and down, sometimes excited and sometimes very anxious and negative.  I have a cold/fever/flu, so I've been feeling a little queasy the last few days (just for a moment here and there), but I don't know if it's morning sickness or because I'm sick. 


I'm glad to find this forum because I don't think I've really accepted that I'm pregnant yet and what it all means and how my life will change.  I found out on 12/26 and it still feels surreal.  

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letniaLynne, I'm right there with you. I'm so tired and nauseous, I just want to lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing but nap. Yesterday I forced myself to get outside for a bit. We walked around the neighborhood and got some ice cream. I was craving the mac and cheese at a great little restaurant close to our apartment and we decided to have dinner there. It was delicious, but then I spent the entire evening feeling nauseated and stuffed. This morning I woke up feeling especially bad. Absolutely nothing appeals to me and I can hardly get up. DH went in to work late and won't be home until midnight or later. My poor DD has watched so much TV, I'm feeling like a horrible mom. The thought of another six-ish weeks of feeling nauseous makes me tired. I want to sleep just so I won't feel the queasiness. 

Deborah, I switched to a vanilla rooibos tea. I'm a huge fan of Mate tea and Chai, but I'm paranoid because of the caffeine and other stuff in the Mate and some of the spices in the Chai. Once I get to the second trimester I'll drink rooibos chai and Mate again in moderation. I didn't know about rooibos being a uterine toner. That's really interesting.

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I had an awful night last night symptom wise. This pregnancy has given me the joy of an angry stomach which is resulting in diarrhoea. The worst thing about this is the frequent cramping in my bowels. Last night the cramping was non stop throughout the night so I have not slept well. Pregnancy is so flattering!

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