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the twin thing is also on my mind.... i am just over 8 weeks & last night at a diner party one of my friends said, "oh look you already have a little belly"...

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I don't look pregnant just fat, people must b thinking I really let myself go! Lol
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I remember with my second pregnancy thinking I had twins too, which is the reason I suspect this one is only a singleton.  However, my morning sickness and tiredness has been off the charts with this pregnancy compared to the other two.  I am rationalizing it by assuming it's because this pregnancy might be a boy and my other two easier pregnancies were girls, but I always read that twin pregnancies have sicker/sleepier/bigger moms, so I honestly don't have a "feeling" one way or the other - just desperately trying to compare this pregnancy to the other two I've had.


I think twin moms are incredibly strong brave women, both for the childbirth experience and the parenting experience.  I am a devout homebirther and I feel overwhelmed on many days with my girls being 21 months apart.  I strongly suspect that if my hippie self was placed in an OR to deliver with a trial of vaginal labor or a C-section and subsequently balanced breastfeeding twins, that my poor head may explode.


That is not to say that your brave friends, family members, and MrsandMrs aren't doing it BEAUTIFULLY, but I know I would not possess nearly the grace and good humor that they are, so I hope that my ultrasound in a few weeks settles my mind and allows me to focus on frivolous things like names and first outfit.  :)

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MamaMash - You are too kind to say so, but I'll be the first to admit that if I had twins, I'd have a lot of peace-making to do.  I don't consider myself to be naturally adept at motherhood, and the idea of parenting two babies simultaneously is way over my head!  I'm going to go with bloating for mine too!  smile.gif

I couldn't have said it better myself. I also have to work really hard at mothering. It was definitely one of those cards I was dealt. I never planned on being a mom until I met DH.
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serena - i also look "just fat." i'm convinced i have seen my pals giving me the side eye. and i'm 11.5 weeks with twins! i think the earliness of the bump is a first pregnancy thing vs. a later pregnancy thing. 


aiden - thanks for the vote of confidence. i hope i have been pretty open about how freaked out i am about what the twins mean for both the pregnancy and the lifetime of parenting, but i am sure it will shake out. things have a way of doing that. fortunately, my wife is a superhero and a baby whisperer, so at least the babies have at least one totally awesome, competent parent! 


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I don't look pregnant just fat, people must b thinking I really let myself go! Lol

Same here. And much as I hate it, it does offer a convenient excuse for not drinking ("I'm trying to lose weight"), specially since all my friends already know I spent a year without touching alcohol just because I was on a diet.

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I had the worst nausea through the beginning of Feb.  I actually lost 12 lbs.  It's now somewhat better and I can eat more than salad, carrots, and peanut butter and bananas.  It just seems to hit now at the most inconvenient times, like driving down the highway at 120km/hr or in the middle of a wedding ceremony.  Thanks body.  I figure I must be needing EPA's, beta carotene, protein and K+ if that's all my body wants to eat, lol.  I started taking cod liver oil and that has been helping.  

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Ditto on the wedding ceremony nausea. I felt like crap the entire night and had to pretend I was fine. The wedding was fun but watching everyone drink did suck-- I'm a bit of a wine snob. Well, was! I had a sip of champagne and it made me queasy for gods sake.

I look huge too! How would I google a clinic where I can get an u/s? I might just do that for peace of mind. I was already big to begin with but held it well. A size 18 is hard to hide. But I did my best. Couldn't lose the weight no matter how I tried but that's another story! A girlfriend at the wedding said "you look great!" so I scoffed at her and just said right then and there that I was pregnant. I hate the niceties because I think I look pregnant but from someone elses' eyes I just look huge!

Nausea and super smelling is really becoming a problem, OMG! I can't cook without the potential gagging so we've been getting unhealthy food. All I want to eat is bread. And sandwiches, weirdly enough! Potato chips, bagels and cream cheese. Lots of fruit and fruit juice. Very health whole foods! Yeah right! Ha! I am falling off the traditional foods wagon in a big way! Hope to get back in track in a few weeks. Fennel tea is saving my life! The constipation and gas/bloat are gruesome!
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Aidenn and cdsmom- I too am not a natural mother, this is #1 for me. I never saw myself with kids but my DB is so natural with kids and wants loads that he swept me along with his enthusiasm lol
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I know how you feel Tillymonster! I fell very far from the Primal wagon and have been eating really badly. And now I'm craving Angel Delight.

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I'm so sick of being sick!!!! I've been battling severe all day nausea and extreme heartburn so bad it's been burning my throat and making my teeth hurt! I finally broke down this week when at my 12 wk MW appointment when I was telling her how I felt. She suggested since the heartburn is extremely bad and unrelenting that I might like to try Prevacid. I don't take any medications and have been eating like candy these natural antacids I found with little to no effect. I just could not take the pain anymore and stopped at the drug store to pick up the over the counter version. Now less than a week later the heartburn is almost gone completely!!!! I have suffered 2 pregnancies with this heartburn right up until delivery; I just can't believe it's gone! I do feel worried about using any medications while pregnant and at the same time I feel guilty for how much better I feel .
Now if the nausea would just go away I could get on with enjoying being pregnant!!!! Overall I feel better since the heartburn is not magnifying my nausea all that much. Can't wait to feel like myself again!!!
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I don't wanna jinx it, but I'm starting to feel a bit better. The nausea is still there just not as bad, I feel less hormonal too. I'm hoping this is the good bit of pregnancy as I'll b 11w tomorrow 😃
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serena76- I feel the same way.  Still a little wobbly in the AM, but not imminently nauseated as soon as I awaken!  I am 10.5 weeks currently, and I sincerely hope the worst is over!

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I felt really good on Thursday and Friday, but it was only temporary. I'm having a rubbish day today, but I'm hoping the good days are a sign that I'll start feeling better soon. I'll be 12 weks on Wednesday.

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I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time! It starts when I wake up, it ends when I go to bed. The whole day I have to balance eating with nausea, I can be queasy WHILE hungry, and the fatigue has transformed me into a couch potato. I have laundry lying around that I just can't seem to get done. My fiancé already does so much to help, I don't wanna ask him for even more!
And to top it all off I'm starting a new job tomorrow and have no idea how that's gonna go, with my symptoms and all. :S

Every few days, though, I'm getting a bit of energy back, so I try to make as much of those days as possible. Just counting down to the end of the first trimester and hoping it will get better then.
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LetniaLynne-have you tried papaya enzyme? I had wicked heartburn with my previous pregnancies and once I found those with my last pregnancy, it was like a miracle.
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Originally Posted by thefreckledmama View Post

LetniaLynne-have you tried papaya enzyme? I had wicked heartburn with my previous pregnancies and once I found those with my last pregnancy, it was like a miracle.
I have not tried that! I am assuming they are in capsule form. How much do you take daily?
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I have not tried that! I am assuming they are in capsule form. How much do you take daily?

It's actually a pressed chewable tablet. You take it as needed like an antacid, but I found as time went on, I'd need them less often, almost like they had a little of a cumulative effect. Make sure you find a good quality though, I once got some that were cheaper than average and they didn't work as well.
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Does anyone have a good remedy for gas besides fennel tea? It only works so well and I'm so bloated after my fast food attack tonight! Ugh.
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Peppermint! It works really well and tastes nice. Iced peppermint tea is really good as well.

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