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hug2.gif sorry you feel so awful nettlesoup!

I'm so thankful nausea has passed but I still loathe pregnancy, so I'm with you on that!

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All I can say is I'm never going through this again!!!

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2 kids is totally normal! thumb.gif  I know I'd feel the same way if my nausea had persisted beyond 6 weeks....

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We only ever planned on having two, and right now that decision is a huge relief!

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Aww, nettlesoup, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time. I love babies but do not in any way enjoy pregnancy. The first time around, I was nervous and excited because it was all new -- this time, I can't wait for my LO to just get here already. I want my body back!
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cmu; I know exactly what you mean! The minute I've had this baby I'm going back to Paleo and I want to be more active and fit. At the moment I'm mostly Primal with the odd sweet or fizzy drink, but I want to be a lot healthier. And of course to not feel ill any more!

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I'm sorry you are still so sick Nettlesoup greensad.gif that is seriously awful.
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nettlesoup, sorry you feel so bad. I don't know how I'll ever convince myself to go through this again either. It has been really hard. BUT I want two kids and this is the first one. Oh well, guess I'll deal with that problem later.

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nettlesoup, sorry you're having such a tough time. hug2.gif

AFM: just want to vent a bit. I developed this crazy rash, it started Thursday with two small patches but suddenly exploded all over my body yesterday. Went to urgent care this morning, turns out I have Group A strep now (aka strep throat) and when you get it with a rash it's called scarlet fever... More antibiotics prescribed for the next ten days. Ugh. At least I got to hear the HB on the doppler and it was nice and strong, I'd been wondering if that little soul was still in there.
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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

Sorry in advance, but I'm going to be all doom and gloom here. I am really miserable and not enjoying this pregnancy one bit. Every day just consists of hoping it passes fast for OH coming home, and I dread getting up every morning. I feel like I have nothing to enjoy or look forward to because the morning sickness and hip pain is just making every day a struggle.

I know that if I took my supplements I'd probably be feeling happier and more positive, but I can't swallow them because of the nausea. I'm 18 weeks and beginning to think I'll have nausea until September.

And of course the crap, cold, snowy weather is doing nothing for me mood.

Oh nettlesoup - sorry to hear you're in such misery. What are you trying these days to quell the morning sickness? I was looking at the bottle on my prenatal vitamins the other day and noticed it said that you can open the capsules and pour the contents into liquid (to drink if you're having a hard time swallowing), it made me think of you and others who've said they're having trouble swallowing... Are any of your supplements in capsule form? You may have already thought of this, but mentioning just in case... Really hope you you feel better soon so you can enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy:) 

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dakipode - that rash sounds awful! But it sounds like you're focusing on the positive (hearing the heartbeat, etc.), nice to have something good to keep your mind off of the bad:) Hope it clears up soon!


I've been feeling pretty good but still more tired than usual, have occasional lower back pain and headaches come and go (think they're stress related from tightness in my shoulders/neck). And, I just don't seem to have the stamina I used to have, hope I am able to get it back... 

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dakipode - Scarlet fever is no cakewalk - I hope it passes quickly for you with no lasting effects!


nettlesoup - I completely understand the feelings of the bleh of the pregnancy confirming your decision to only have two.  Before this pregnancy, I wanted an even number of kids, but while my other pregnancies had hiccups, they were mostly positive.  I am excited for this BABY but not this PREGNANCY, you know?  This time, nausea hits me worse, heartburn is MUCH worse, my skin looks like a 14 year old boy with all of my acne, and I am so tired, my midwife told me to start taking liquid B-12 and if that doesn't improve the sleepies, she is going to prescribe B-12 shots next.  My problems are rough, but I don't know what I'd do with nausea throughout the whole pregnancy.  You're a strong woman!

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Sorry your feeling bad nettle, I know what you mean about not liking pregnancy. This is my first and I'm not liking it at all, maybe my last too.

I'm getting lots of stabbing pains really low down in my pelvic area, starting to get uncomfortable now.
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I'm came here today to complain because I've hit a wall. I was going to start a new thread but found this one with a few other equally miserable mamas!! I'm holding back tears now because I'm 17 weeks and still feel awful. It's never lasted this long for me. I spent 3 hours napping on and off on the couch while my 3 kids looked after themselves. This was not how I imagined Easter Sunday would be! At least the kids had lots of chocolate to occupy them. Nettlesoup, I feel your pain so much!! We're too far along to still feel this way. I usually love being pregnant, but it's really holding me back this time.
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Aoifesmiles; I'm sorry you're going through the same, it's really depressing when it ends up lasting way longer than it should. Maybe we'll both be better by 20 weeks.
Dakipode; that does not sound nice at all! I hope you recover from it quickly.

Suziesmiles; my prenatals are gel capsules, but they also have fish oil in them so I imagine the contents are liable to taste pretty nasty! Otherwise I'd definitely do that!

Thanks everyone for the reassuring words, as depressing as it is, it's also nice to know that I'm not alone in it. I don't know what I'd do without having you lot to share experiences with!

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Oh man ladies-- those of you who are still sick every day is breaking my heart!!!

I've heard the unisome + b12 work as well as that RX for nausea in pregnancy. I'm guessing you've all been down that road and are currently doing it. What about b12 shots? They really helped me but I was actually barfing or anything.

I'm still grossed out by most foods. My hips/back hurt most of the time and I'm super tired. But it's getting better, slowly. I'm less nauseated at night now which helps with sleep. Now my left boob is bothering me! Super tender and my 3yo jumps on it and wants to nurse and I cannot stand it!

I hate to say-- I hate being pregnant too. We are only having 2 as well and this preg. is so much more annoying then with DD. I hate being controlled by hormones! It pisses me off that my clothes don't fit and I have to wear too-big maternity clothing that is just making me look dumpy! My face is a nightmare. Zits everywhere! Even my chest! Gah.

We got out of seeing my hubs family for Easter and I'm secretly so RELIEVED!!! My MIL is a nasty person. She's bordering mental illness if you ask me. We announced my pregnancy at my bday dinner last month and she told DH while I "wasn't paying attention" that I'm so overweight and will get gestational diabetes! I was SO hurt by this. My sister confirmed she said that too of course and it just made me feel worse. How could I see this woman for even one second after the nasty things she says/does to me? This is sadly not the first time she's said hurtful things and the number one reason DD doesn't have a close relationship with her only grandma. I sure don't. *sigh*

Atleast I was feeling well enough to get my daughter an Easter basket. Ugh. Extra virtual hugs from me ladies!!!
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Tillymonster; I'm sorry to hear about your MIL, she does sound all that nice, getting out of meeting up must have been quite a relief! But I know how you feel because my mum is the same; my sister ended up with an eating disorder in her teenage years because mum kept telling her she was fat when she was already very slim. She does the same to me, either telling me I'm too fat or too thin.


I had a slightly scary experience last night when I got up to pee. My hips were hurting more than usual because I had walked over two miles yesterday. After going to the loo and washing my hands I turned round and I'm not sure what I did to me hip but I could no longer put any weight on my right leg. It couldn't hold me at all. I thought I was going to have to crawl back to bed, but I found that if I bent my knee, I could put a little weight on it. It's fine now, but at the time I was worried I wouldn't be able to walk in the morning.

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Nettlesoup, have you seen anyone about your hips? I would definitely get it seen to, that is not just a normal part of pregnancy. My friend who just had a baby was struggling so badly with her hips at the same time, she saw a physical therapist who specialises in pregnancy and got full relief from it. It never came back again.

Tilymonster, she sounds awful!! Why are people so rude?! I'm happy to hear you didn't have to endure her yesterday! And nettlesoup, I can't believe your mom is like that. Imagine saying things like that to your dd! I feel I'm on a mission against a crazy body image society to teach my girls to feel confident in their bodies, I couldn't fathom adding to their hangups in years to come!
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My midwife gave me information on hip issues during pregnancy. I'm not worried about them yet; I've been walking a lot more than usual because the snow finally stopped, so I think it's just a result of that. But I have contact details for a physiotherapist if it does get worse.

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Let's hope it doesn't! I just think that these ailments can often be fobbed off by doctors and midwives, which really isn't fair.
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