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I have officially gotten over morning sickness. It's been days since I've felt any really nausea, and my appetite seems to have gone back to normal... ish.

In fact, I've been feeling so good that I worked myself into a fit of anxiety thinking I'd lost the baby. I finally broke down and called my MW this morning to see if I could stop by sometime soon for a heartbeat check. She said she was doing a home visit in my neighborhood so she stopped by, not a half hour after we talked! So awesome! Everything sounded good, I'm relieved. Looking forward to feeling movement so I can have some connection to what's going on in there.
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OMG Jenny I'm so happy to hear the MS is gone! It is mostly for me over here and when I have good days (today) I really don't feel pregnant at all. Then start crying over a commercial with a young child on it getting an MRI for cancer. Yeah, I'm pregnant. Normally I don't react so emotionally over that kind of thing. Ha! Glad to hear your midwife is on it! Awesome.
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Double posted. Dumb iPhone!
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Tilly, I catch myself being so sappy and weepy sometimes- it's pathetic! Just the other day someone asked me about an exchange student we had stay with us last summer and I felt my eyes fill up with tears remembering saying goodbye. I'm sure that might sound sweet in some circumstances, but trust me- in this situation it was really dumb!

And the pregnant brain fog has been the worst ever for me this time. You're right- there are signs that point to "definitely pregnant" smile.gif
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Oh the brain fog!!! I know it was much harder to be at work full time while pregnant. I'm still doing mostly part time as a freelancer because I'm so spaced out I can't focus on anything. It's really terrible. I'm yawning at 5pm even though I slept in and got like 10 hours of sleep!!! My DD must be growing because she's sleeping so good. But we still cosleep. Prolly will forever-- she's so snugly!
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So happy to hear so many are coming out of that morning sickness stage. It really is such a relief when it ends. Jenny, I get that panic too! So nice that your midwife was able to visit you.

The last two nights we spent at my favourite hotel in the country, it was our anniversary bit dh felt we'd miss the kids too much so brought them along. Normally that would be fine, but I felt awful pretty much the entire time. All the food is organic and delicious there, but none of it sat well with. On the first night I couldn't fall asleep until after 5am, and the next day I woke (2 hours later) with a terrible pain in my knee, but only when I would move it. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and what I described to her is exactly what her flare up symptoms are like. I'm only 32 and I'm now so afraid I have it already. It was the same the following day, and slightly better now this morning. I have a check up on Thursday so I can talk to them about it then. The irony is that I think the morning sickness is improving, but everything else seems to have gotten so bad that it barely noticeable. I normally adore pregnancy, once the first trimester is over that is, but I have been really struggling with this one. I'm sorry to be such a downer. I'm still remaining hopeful and optimistic that things will improve.
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Suziesmiles; if my hips do get worse I'll look into getting it seen to. At the moment it's just annoying, but it's not affecting sleep or anything so far which is good.

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aoifesmiles, I'm sorry you felt so awful during your mini vacation greensad.gif I hope the knee improves. I've had some weird aches and pains during pregnancy that resolve themselves as mysteriously as they appeared- hope this was just one of those for you!
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I've been feeling so great.  


Went for a walk with one of my best friends today in the sunshine, then made dinner together and talked about wedding dresses.  joy.gif  Kids are at their dad's and fiance is rehearsing with his band this weekend so I would have been alone but she came over for a sleepover.  :)  

I just wanted to gush.

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Good to hear, Serafina. :)


19 weeks today. :)  I've been feeling OK, I suppose.  Went shopping at thrift stores for more maternity clothes today, which went fine except I feel like I look closer to 29 weeks than 19.  I've normally been feeling pretty emotionally fine compared to the first tri, but yesterday I was pretty moody all day.  It's not too bad, just whiny and bitchy.  Luckily DH understands and thinks it's cute LOL.  Our convo today:


Me:  I don't wanna have this babyyyyyy

DH:  Why not?

Me:  because we're too duuuumb.

DH:  Well I think in the grand scheme of things we're smarter than a lot of parents out there.

Me: And anyways I'm too fat to have a babyyyyyy

DH: *laughter*



Physically it's been been interesting.  I've definitely been more hungry the last 2 weeks or so.  One day it became a hunger EMERGENCY.  Not like I was going to faint, but like I was a lioness about to kill someone for food...I could NOT think of anything else but that I need to eat NOW.  We were driving and I told DH something along the lines of "Just shut the bleep up and drive until you get me some bleeping food." He did. Poor guy.  redface.gif  


Other than that just kind of achy.  I've been using a pillow between my knees at night to ease the aches in my lower back and hips.  In the beginning of the pregnancy I thought I 'should' do yoga.  Now I have to or I feel like crap.  My legs and especially joints (all of them, especially ankles, knees, and hips) feel tight and a bit achy, so I feel like I'm always trying to stretch or pop the joints, which works but than an hour later it's back to being tight and achy.  My stomach just feels HEAVY a lot of the time, like there's a brick in there.  Sometimes just getting out of the car is like UGH.  I'm also getting that round ligament pain sometimes when I stand up or change position.  Often it just feels like a lot of pressure in there, I don't know if it's gas or what.  Even after this I still haven't felt any definite baby movements.  


Still, walking and doing this and that is not bad at all, and I've been generally happy and calm even with a lot of financial and "where are we going to live when the lease is up a month before DS arrives?" I feel like there is a lot to do and I'm not doing it...like making a registry.  Also I have all these pregnancy books and it just feels like a task to read them all.  Then the one is talking about that I need to make birth art and I'm like "Who the hell has time/energy for that?!" 


Still adjusting to the idea of having a boy.  I actually prefer a boy I think, b/c I didn't care either way and DH wants a boy, plus my dad will have a grandson now after his twin granddaughters from my stepbrother, but I guess I just assumed it was a girl and was picturing that.  And in general I'm a little scared to have kids...I know I have no concept of how it'll change my life and I have no idea what I'm getting into.  Eeeek!


Oh, and I have to pee a lot.  thumb.gif  

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I've been feeling surprisingly good lately, maybe the morning sickness is almost gone! I went out yesterday for my sister's hen night which was great, and I didn't feel ill at all! We also went on a paranormal tour under the Edinburgh Vaults which was cool, although in one room there is apparently a ghost who doesn't like pregnant women! I stayed away from that corner.

I hope I continue to feel better, that would be great.

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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

I hope I continue to feel better, that would be great.

Good luck!  I really hope you continue to experience relief from all your discomfort.

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Great news, nettlesoup!! Delighted for you.

Great post, Keli! I think you've summed up pregnancy perfectly!! I think the apprehension you describe is normal for us all. This is our 4th and I still worry if I can do it. Anyhow, I'm sure you'll be a fantastic mom!
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Nettlesoup, did you find a dress for the hen? I have a wedding in June when I'll be 29 weeks, I saw a really cute dress on the new look website, a lacy cream dress. It's sleeveless and knee length. I think I'll get it but I'm a little worried I'll have puffy ankles by then. The wedding will be in a hot climate too, every pregnant woman's nightmare!! Haha.
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Nettlesoup, did you find a dress for the hen? I have a wedding in June when I'll be 29 weeks, I saw a really cute dress on the new look website, a lacy cream dress. It's sleeveless and knee length. I think I'll get it but I'm a little worried I'll have puffy ankles by then. The wedding will be in a hot climate too, every pregnant woman's nightmare!! Haha.

I'm on a similar boat - I have a wedding to attend in Mexico at the end of June. No idea how I'll find a dress for that - specially since it's supposed to be a somewhat dressy occasion.

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I'm a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding on June 29...
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I found a tunic type top that I already have which actually still fitted me and made the bump look really good at the same time, so that was a bonus!

My morning sickness is still coming and going, but it's also very mild, and seems to ease off by afternoon. Other days I don't feel ill at all which is nice.

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nettlesoup, glad to hear you're starting to feel better. I hope it keeps improving for you.


I'm ready to rejoin the land of the living. My rash is slowly but surely clearing up, still somewhat itchy but tons better than it was. I was shocked to find out I gained 2 lbs in just a matter of days and I think part of that is retaining water from all the antibiotics and antihistamines I've been taking. Then I remembered that I've also been sitting on the couch doing nothing and eating chocolate... Definitely want to get back into my workouts now that the rash is going away and I can show myself in public again. I've been sleeping on the couch too and it's been so comfortable, just something about the way it props me up and supports my body that I can't achieve in our bed.

Anyway, looking forward to resuming my normal life!

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Dakipode; I'm glad the rash is finally going away for you smile.gif

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re: morning sickness. i don't have the all-day nausea i had until week 15, but i occasionally, kind of randomly projectile vomit violently. like, yesterday, for example. is that just a normal part of pregnancy? if so, i call bullshit.


everything else is pretty great. i flew from Philadelphia to Seattle yesterday (6 hour flight) and it was one of the more miserable experiences of my life. I have sworn off air travel while pregnant.

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