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possible RSV...need shared experience

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Reed was tested for RSV today in peds office. he is quite ill, but she sent us home vs to hospital to wait for the results overnight--of course if anything in his health changes we would go directly to hospital. however, we are VERY err on the side of non intervention and do not want to find ourselves in a situation where we are just blindly following doctors orders and having unecessary meds and procedures for him. We are not at all against life saving medical care in the event it is NEEDED.
So, in anticipation of a possible hospitalization for Reed in the next 24 hours for RSV--what can we expect to happen? Do you have experience with an infant with RSV? What was your experience?

please no dead baby stories unless it is YOUR story.

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First of all, big hugs and hope that he gets through it ok on his own!!


I do not have personal experience with a baby with RSV, just as a nurse and NP student.  First-line treatment would generally be supportive care to be sure his airway is open, so giving steroids to reduce inflammation caused by the virus, and also aerosolized breathing treatments as necessary, like albuterol, to open the airway.  They would also just monitor him closely to be sure that his oxygen level is good.  All-in-all, unless it gets very severe, in which case they would sometimes put the baby on a ventilator (if baby cannot maintain oxygenation on his own), the treatment is not very invasive and generally very much worth it!  If he seems to be worsening, or struggling, I wouldn't personally hesitate to get help (and I am incredibly non-interventionist myself and hate giving/taking medications, etc., even though I am a nurse!).  



I hope that helps allay any fears about what to expect!  I hope you all sail through this just fine -- sending healing thoughts your way. 

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Not a personal experience; my sister had a premie with RSV. I do know she ended up with steroids and a ventilator and much to dad's disappointment, antibiotics (viral infection, he felt there was no need). She fought those, but eventually gave in to prevent other infections. :( My niece does have some junky sounding breathing, but is on the whole healthy and happy. Hope this helps!
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Thinking of you, MamaHarrison, and hoping that Reed is doing better!!!  Update us when you can?  

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