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I have read through MANY old threads regarding pinworms, but I have noticed that most of the moms were asking about toddler age children. My 9 month old DS has them and I think he got them from my 12 yo DS (he will not let me check him!), and I have been trying to treat them so far with diet. I have been giving DS2 (9months) shredded raw carrots, pumpkin seeds, a little coconut oil in the morning, squash and recently we have been eating chia/hemp seed cereal made with unsweetened coconut/almond milk and coconut manna stirred in. I also give him raw/vegan probiotics everyday. I saw that things like garlic and grapefruit seed extract can be helpful, but am not quite sure how I would go about giving him those things...since both do not test good. 


I am starting to notice more of them lately (first realized they were there on 12/24), and this morning they seemed to be coming out of the skin on his testicles as well. YUUUUUCKK!!!! grossedout.gif DH and I are being diligent with ourselves and hygiene to try and break the life cycle, and I have been trying to make sure my 12 yo is doing the same. You can imagine how well that is working! However, I was thinking of getting some paragone for him(DS1) today, and seeing if this makes a difference. My concern is that if he does have them that he will just keep passing them to my 9 month old. I don't feel that my 9 month old can be reinfecting himself, since he cannot reach or get to his anus to itch because of his diaper and clothes. 


So, if anyone has experience treating a 9 month old, I would greatly appreciate some suggestions! Thanks!