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Dropping in to see how everyone is today.
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Ok, I am guardedly and cautiously optimistic at the moment. I have no spotting as of yet, which I usually would have noticed before now, 11dpo. With the two m/cs, I have gotten a bfp hpt today (after a squinter the night before) and gotten a beta on 12dpo that was 20 or 13. So, with that in mind, here's my pic with this am's on the bottom, 5dpo (6 dp trigger) on the top.

The "cautious" part is that for all my dipping last night/ this morning, I'm not seeing much improvement.

The "optimistic" part is that the trigger seemed to dissipate earlier and really, I triggered 12 days ago.

The "guarded" part is that I get very anxious when it comes to this stage. Actually, not that anxious, more jaded. I'll believe it when I see it.

Anyway I would really love some feedback from you wonderful, wise, women- especially those who have tested out triggers before. I know I look super dumb and naiive posting Hpts from 11dpo, but please know, I'm NOT considering this a bfp and I'm just really curious to get some feedback. I feel like I'm waiting for that blaring positive and i know it takes its own sweet time. And I wish I could be super busy today. Should I do anything else? Btw, I'm hoping to hold out for my beta Monday, as I mentioned. Thanks, friends, it feels good just to type this out (also, didn't sleep much last night, so I'm out of it anyways...)
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jpack, honey, i think this is it. those hpts look like they got lighter and almost negative and then started to get darker again. i'm refraining from exclamation points and woohoos since i know you are feeling guarded but this looks REALLY promising to me! (ok, i couldn't help it... there's an exclamation point)... keep testing. keep posting.




chrissy - wave.gif how are YOU doing today?


toothfairy, skj, ms d.... updates?? are we going to have 4 bfps all within days of each other?? god, i hope so!


afm - had my appt. didn't see the doc, just an ultrasound tech. i asked if she was doing an AFC and she said no, just checking for cysts and lining thickness... but then she did start counting. i don't know how thorough she was but there were 5 on the left and 3 on the right. i'm hoping there were actually more but she didn't take the time to find them... but even if that's all (and that would be consistent with my amh) i'm glad there are 8... apparently that still gives me a 40% chance of live birth if I were doing IVF this cycle... so, nothing surprising there. won't get blood test results back for a day or two. my lining was fine. start femara tomorrow night. fsh should arrive tomorrow and i think i take it on day 5 and 7? the instructions with be with the meds. 


i realized when i was leaving the appt that i feel really good. like, really good. again, not like i'm all sure that i will get pregnant but just that i'm ok, life is good, things will be fine. i guess maybe i've made it past all the scary diagnosis stuff by now... i know what i'm dealing with and am not holding my breath waiting for the next shoe to drop. and if i'm not able to get pregnant again... well, maybe we will adopt babies from china and become a united colors of benetton advertisement :)


the weather in orlando is awesome right now clear skies, 75 degrees, and sunny. that's probably helping my mood.


ok, everyone. POST!

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Jpack - I never had a trigger to test out but those went from dark/light/dark. I can see why you're optimistic.

Indie - what wonderful sounding weather. Im glad you feel good about whatever life throws at you.

Afm - im okay.
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jpack - I would get a FRER. The wondfo's were always so ambiguous for me. I think it's positive, and definitely darker than a few days ago. It's such a hard waiting game, but I definitely think this could be it!!

AFM - I'm still spotting. Yesterday none ended up on my liner, but when I inserted the crinone at night, it came out streaked with blood. I felt my cervix and there was blood on the sides, but not at the opening, which was closed. This morning, I had dark red specks in my liner and more blood on the applicator. I'm thinking that it's irritation at my cervix, but it really has me down. I haven't had any more cramping really. I just have this feeling like if this isn't the month, it's not going to happen for us. I think it's b/c I'm scared what the recurrent loss specialist is going to have to say about my chances.

My sleep was disturbed last night, so I don't know what temp to use. At 530 it was 97.9 and at 715 it was 98.5. I got up at 530 and slept on the floor of DD's room. Anyways, here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SKJ2011

I'm 9 or 10 DPO. I am trying to wait until Saturday or Sunday to test...
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indie - we cross posted. I'm SOOOOO glad you are feeling ok about things! This makes me so happy! And, I think an AFC of 8 sounds pretty darn good. Mine is usually right around 10. I can't wait to hear how your cycle goes.
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Jpack- that definitely went from dark to light to dark again... If I were on my laptop Id post dancing veggies. I wanna be next, this could be so fun!!
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Thank you all sooooo much for the encouragement! I did take an frer and it is quite unmistakably positive, but I'm not gonna post it and unless I get a darker one for comparison. Back later but wanted to say thank you all so much!!!
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For all of you!


Just realized I may be the only one left when all is said and done. Sad :( But super excited for all of you!!!!

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Jpack - so glad you tested again... I agree the other one was getting darker. Are we cautiously celebrating now?
Indie - there is nothing like peace with yourself to create relaxed body 😉 fx
SKJ - thanks for sharing your chart (I have no idea really) but am still keeping fx for you
tF - any symptoms or anything? You sound very composed and upbeat I'm so impressed! How much longer till your appt? (gee I'm nosey!)
Msd - how long do you have to wait till AF?

Afm one day past AF due with mild spotting... Debating a test (although living in the land of no bad news is fun)
Hugs and happiness to you all
TF - I have such a good feeling about you!!!
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Ok I succumbed and tested bfn again... Guess I just have to ride it out and see if AF makes a show... I could be one of the few with low hcg levels - but not holding my breath lol
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Jpack - How many DPO are you? And days past trigger? Honestly, your positive looks like one I had at 13 days past trigger (12dpo) and it was the trigger (or possible chemical) because I ended up not pregnant. It can take up to 14 days for the trigger to clear your system. Go in for a beta at 14dpo. Because the trigger can last so long my clinic won't consider you pregnant unless your beta is unmistakably positive at 14dpo. I really hope it stays positive for you and you get a positive beta!

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Lol AF here... Poo! Onto next month....
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Just stopping bye to check on everyone.... I will come back later :-)  I just had to say a YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for Jpack !! how exciting!!!

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I'm pretty sure I'm out. There was a decent amount of bright red blood when wiping tonight. I'm only 9 dpo and on twice a day crinone - wtf? Feeling really down and so sick of this.
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SKJ, Chuord - Bummer ladies. So sorry.


Last night I dreamed I met all of you in person! We were at a really nice lake and were floating in boats that were actually giant organizing cubes/containers. I was camping with my family at the lake as an excuse to meet up with all of you :) You were all just as awesome dream life as you are here lol.

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ugh skj i wish i had something helpful to say. maybe your body is due for a funky cycle after the miscarriages? are you still taking herbs?

chourd - i'm sorry 'bout your bfn greensad.gif

sila - that sounds like a great future scenic route meet up!
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SKJ- sounds very strange so early in your LP. When do you meet to go over your results from the RPL testing? I hope she has answers & tips.

Chourd- sorry about AF for you too. Not great with energy healing on this end but will send prayers up for you. Hard to believe you're so strong & positive after all you've been through.

Sila- that sounds amazing. It would be nice if we could make that happen someday.

Indie- 8 sounds good to me! I don't think they did an AFC for me. I'm excited for this month. & I'm sending my best for good results!

AFM- still waiting on my cryo results. I'm still unsure WTF is going on. Did finally have some actual uterus pain tonight. Still slightly crampy but nothing to write home about. Everything I have can be explained by progesterone so it is hard to speculate. Keep praying for me please smile.gif
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Sila I have to say I love the dream too - so vivid and heartwarming!

Thanks for the sympathy ladies - I'm a bit bummed but at least I can take migraine pain relief now! So that's one up... I tend to be a way half full person, just want to make a good try next month... Think it's time to temp! As for what I've been thru - I think we're all pretty level lol... Here's to a magical next month...

SKJ (being positive) I'd like to agree with indie - maybe a big cleansing cycle to get you all ready like a spring clean? Hugs to you tho this month has been a bit cruel.
Indie - you are so cheerful for everyone else it's so adorable lol... I hope things are going ok with you on this new cycle?
TF - you are doing so well at being calm and relaxed, I'm soo impressed... Your embaby is still enjoying the happy energy too xxx

Sometime I will use the computer as I'm getting RSI on the phone!
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Originally Posted by chuord 

Msd - how long do you have to wait till AF?

10 more days, I am making myself a litle crazy wanting to know. However when I was PG with my son my first test (at the doctor's office) was a false negative, so I try to remind myself, there is no point in testing so early - I will probably get a BFN. I have a good feeling I will get my BFP and have been walking around with a grin on my face. I hope-hope-hope I do!


I am trying to be better about checking in daily to see you how ladies are doing. I am thinking of you all, 2013 will be our year.

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