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Hugs Chrissy and ditto to SKJ... I was thinking the same thing - fluid is not generally cancer... Do thanks a heap sherry for clearing that up... Still fx and prayers that it goes the best way possible!
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Thank you, Sherry. I keep telling her it's not cancer it's probably just a cyst. Her ob is retiring and I think she just doesn't want to mess with it.


What happened was she got some pretty bad pain in her pelvic area behind her belly button that radiated to the sides but mostly to the left. It lasted for a few days and her doc said it could be anything but scheduled her for a scan in 2 weeks. She was feeling fine but I made her go as it's unusual for her to have any pain there. The u/s showed the right was swollen so that's why the ob sent her for the MRI. Ob sounds a bit worried so I feel it's more of a safe then sorry situation.


Mom did say she looked it up and a symptom is back pain and she's been having that but said she chalks it up to old age (she's 63).


Thanks a ton for letting me get this off my chest here. I know it's not IF related but I so appreciate it.


Edit to add: Haven't been told size. I could probably have her call and find out.

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Chrissy - I'll be praying for your mom too!
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Chrissy - I'm sending lots of healthy "it's nothing serious" vibes to your mom. So sorry you are going through this.

Jpack - Can't wait to hear how your monitoring appointment went today!

Indie - How are all the shots treating you? Any side effects? Excitedly waiting to hear how your scan went today too!

TF - What's new in your world? Can't wait for your FET.

Sila - Glad you got a few "good" days. I started feeling a lot better around 10 weeks, and then things got really bad. Things are starting to get a little better. I'm ready for the second trimester energy boost!

AFM - Sorry I've been such a slacker lately with this thread. I've been reading along every day, just not doing a good job of posting. I had my last RE appointment today! Baby measure 11w3d - spot on. HR was 163. The nurse told me to start weaning off the prometrium. I'm to take it every other day for a week and then stop. I'm waiting to hear what my P4 is before deciding to wean. If it's nice and high, I'll stop, otherwise, it can't hurt to keep taking it. I'm not sure about the estrogen patches. Will know this afternoon. I have my first OB appointment on Friday. I'm waiting for the MaterniT21 results. I should find out sometime between this Friday and next. If the results are negative, I'll be telling DD. The plan is to have her tell her grandparents smile.gif
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SKJ - love the pic!! Congratulations on the amazing progress and the graduation!!! smile.gif very cool!

Chrissy, I'm so sorry about the stress for your mom, but so great for Sherry's perspective.

Afm, I was supposed to be monitored tomorrow, originally, but then I asked for either Tuesday or Thursday since Wednesday I don't have childcare. But this morning, I had another appointment at 10 (monitoring at 9:15). I was a little late thanks to super crazy hectic stressful traffic, and then the front desk lady was on the phone.... Anyway, when I went to sign in, there looked like about four women ahead of me for ultrasound and I just got really frustrated (I've waited for over an hour before). I totally just left. I was just sure if i stayed i was going to miss my 10 o'clock. So the nurse was fine with me just switching back to tomorrow, but somehow I had this feeling like my intuition was telling me I was really screwing myself up by leaving. Like somehow waiting for tomorrow was going to be a big mistake. I have no idea why, but the feeling was just really strong. Oh, and major ewcm (way early for me)... Anyway, I'll know more tomorrow! And, bruising from the follistim, but I'm definitely getting better at it, and Sila, my belly. Bad choice? Ok, that's it for the moment!
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SKJ - love your babies profile! Such a beautifully shaped head! Congrats on the graduation! That is soo exciting, fx all is normal with the materni21 test... But for some reason I don't feel worried at all for you... Baby feels like a keeper 😃
Jpack - wow that is so rude they overbook like that! I'm a little concerned about your intuition though - it sounds very strong! Are you allowed to naturally bd this cycle? If so I'd be tempted to get some in tonight in case...
How is everyone else traveling?
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Thanks, Chuord- yeah, I know I sound a little crazy, so concerned with my intuition, but I often regret not listening to my gut! Yeah, we'll def bd tonight - no rule against that wink1.gif (no monitoring, no rules) oh, and -opk so that's good at least!
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Chrissy - Praying for your mom! For what it's worth, my sister just went through a breast cancer scare, so I know how nerve wracking it is!


SKJ - OMG it's like a real little person in there!!! I'm excited for you to be done with the RE! Stalking your weaning process since mine is coming up. I was going to ask you how that week 10 worst morning sickness went ;) I'm really looking forward to no more meds. I think the excess hormones in my system is really just making things so much worse. Week 9 was rough rough rough.


Jpack - You're only on what? Day 4 or stimming? And this was to be your fist monitoring appt right? All they would see right now would be a whole bunch of tiny follicles :) But don't miss any appts later this week/neck week! I had a lot of EWCM on injectables too. And early. I'm not sure why you are bruising. Hmm I only gave myself one little bruise and I stimmed for I think 11 or 12 days before triggering. I did all of the injections in my belly. Maybe you are just sensitive? 


Indie - Yes, updates? Just copy and post if you are posting in the IVF thread :)


Hi everyone else! I read along...


AFM - 10wks tomorrow. I'm getting my P4 done this weekend and then the plan is to start weaning off in a week. 2 weeks until we try to hear the heart beat. I'm not complaining one bit, but this really kicking my butt big time. I'm sorry I'm unable to be very active.


I gave myself a giant lump in my butt from the PIO. So so painful. It's doing better now a few days later. It's all worth it!!!

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AF started around 8 last night. 9 day LP is pretty sh*tty but I'm so happy to be starting our FET cycle! I'll be going in CD 10 for u/s & b/w to check hormones & follicle size , basically they monitor until ovulation is confirmed then 5 days later put my embryos back. I'll start Crinone 2dpo but that's my only medication. I think someone asked what a natural FET was, so that's it. Normal cycle, just adding fertilized embryos. I think it's better with endometriosis because I don't need strong estrogen supplements that are used when they shut your natural hormones down. Also I've had no endo symptom since the miscarriage. Trying to be cautiously excited.
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TF - I asked. It's as simple as it sounds ha! That protocol totally makes sense to me with your endo history. Best of luck! Really rooting for you guys and your embies!

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So... I had two ten-ish and bunch of smaller ones on the right, an eight and a ten and a couple smaller on the left, e2 of 81, lh at 1.2. That's my update! Next news Friday am! I guess it's all good!
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Sorry double post, but thanks Sila- way less bruising - I think I have a record of my improvement. Oh and today will be my 6th day of follistim.
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Jpack - See, I knew that is what you would see in there :) I'm thinking those 10's should keep growing and you should get at least 3 good follicles with 1 or 2 on each side. Hopefully just 5 or so more days of injections! 

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It's getting exciting on here again! TF so glad you are back to this point, you've been so patient. Fx for a perfect fet cycle!
Jpack, from what sila says you will be in with a good chance this month! Fx for you too!
Also indie, how's it going for you?
So all you other lovely ladies how is this month for you?
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SKJ - So happy to hear that you're graduating to an ob. And look at your baby. Is that a hand I see by his head? Adorable!!


Jpack - Yay! Grow follies grow!


TF - I so want this for you! Hugs and fingers crossed for the best FET ever.


Sila - Wow! 10w is awesome!


Indie, Chuord, Sherry, Bebe, Shell, Ms. D, and any ladies I'm missing - Updates! Post! Let us know what's going on and how you are.


AFM - I'm on cd6 or so and wondering when I should call a halt to all this madness. Got an unofficial diagnosis for ds. His therapist has him as pdd-nos and impulstivity disorder. Now to wait for an appointment for a "professional" assessment. Ugh.

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Where do I start!! I have to say that the past few weeks have been such a roller coaster I feel like an utter train wreck! This morning (13dpo) I poas of course it was negative...it always is! I got back into bed and started crying, praying, texting my mom and looking at quotes to make me feel better. I was putting off going to work...just didn't want to face the day. Well when I finally drug myself out of bed I decided to look at that stupid internet strip one more time and I SAW A FAINT LINE! I couldn't believe it so I flipped on the light and and freaked my husband out to see if he could see it too! He said he did for sure. I had another brand of test and decided to take that too...same thing...a second line. I also took another one later in the afternoon and another faint line! I am freaking out right now. After over 4 1/2 years could this finally be our bfp?!? I went in for a blood test this afternoon but probably wont hear back until tomorrow. Is any line usually a bfp? Never even seen close to this before so I am over the moon right now. Hugs to you all!!
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Adiejan - Yes! Any second line is a positive! False positives are very very rare - especially on 2 tests in a row ha! 13dpo is still early! Keep doubling hcg!

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Wow!! Congrats!!
We have
a set of twins
A baby girl coming soon
2 sticky beans headed for 2nd trimester
A NEW BFP!!!!!
An FET soooo close
.......on and on!

Hey Chrissy. Hang in there. I have one ADHD with impulse control one add and I am add and dyslexic. It sounds worse in the "labeling" phase of things.

TF I a..mmmmmmmm so excited!! You could be momma'd by mothers day??????? Please promise us you have some anxiety relief plans in place. The first week will be hard...I remember last time...I think MY hair turned gray thinking of it.

I am CD 29....my best guess is an O on cd18-19...with a usual 12 day lp...but I have been super PMS symptom....if AF isn't here by Friday... maybe Saturday then our plan for the month is out....feeling kind of blue about that. It is very difficult for dh to get a week off and changing it now is impossible....ho him. I am tempted to poas in the am....
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Adiejan, how's it looking today? Fingers crossed that this is your sticky, take-home baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry, keep us posted and thanks for highlighting the success!
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