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Seriously?! Made it to Cali before Chicago! Did daurelia get hers? Maybe you have a crummy postman.
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Here's mine. I got some little silver beads to put between them.
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Love it, TF. I had some clasps that I used to close mine. I have it hanging off my headboard by my table about eye sight so while reading I can glance over and see them.

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They look so good all strung up! Seems there was quite a few altogether!
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Ha I put mine in a real similar pattern! I was surprised how many there ended up being! I love the idea of hanging them up somewhere where you can see them!

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I did not get beads yet!! Indeed Chi post is notoriously awful.


Very excited for SKJ's little girl :) girls are the BEST!!!!


Sila, when is your US???


Chuord, you and DH doing better???


Yay Lucille, pregnancy!


TF-- good luck with this FET cycle.


Indie, I'm really sorry this cycle didn't work out. It's the worst feeling.


Hi Jpack, Chrissy, Sherry, and everyone else I missed! Hugs to everyone.



OK. Things aren't so good over here. Because of my weird cycle, I had a saline U/S yesterday, which revealed that there is still a problem with my uterine lining. They don't really know what it is. It was what we identified as my problem 6 months ago, and then we thought we got rid of it with birth control but I guess we didn't (or it grew back).  They want us to stop TTC immediately and come in for an appointment with the doctor on Monday. 


I will need to schedule a hysteroscopy to remove whatever is in there. Ladies, I am scared out of my mind. I have an irrational fear of surgery, I've never been "put under" before and I'm just so afraid of that much the way some people are afraid of flying. Many of you have had hysteroscopies-- can you tell me what it was like for you? What was recovery like too?


To add to the drama, yesterday afternoon I got a call for a job interview for a job I really really want!! It was like the universe heard me and wanted to do something nice! My phone interview is this afternoon! So I'm excited, but I'm also having a swirl of crazy anxious thoughts right now. (scheduling the hysteroscopy if I get the new job, TTC and a new job, etc)


Aside from my excitement about an interview, I am really completely distraught about all this. Here I was foolishly thinking I'd be able to get pregnant and have a baby soon... how wrong I was. Now I'm looking at several more months before I can even try. This is devastating.

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Daurelia- I'm so sorry for all the craziness, and I totally get that- when it rains, it pours! If it's just a hysteroscopy, they are just inserting a tiny camera into your uterus, and if it was like mine- there's no sedation or anything- it's just like an iui. There's a little cramping maybe, but the you get to be distracted by seeing "the sperms' eye view of your uterus" on the tv monitor. Maybe it's not what you're undergoing... We're here for you regardless!
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thanks jpack-- I will know more on Monday... I do know that they need to sedate me for it, and they will be doing some snipping and scraping when they are in there. The sperm's eye view sounds FASCINATING, though, and I hope they show me the pictures....! Thanks for being there for me... I feel so loved and supported.

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Daurelia - I had a hysteroscopy in conjunction with a laparoscopy several years back. It was under general anesthesia (due to the lap), and the recovery was not difficult. The procedure was done in the morning and my husband drove me home. I slept part of the day from the effects of the anesthesia, and I had minimal cramping (more like bloaty soreness) and some light bleeding that resolved quickly. Honestly, I think most of my discomfort was due to the lap. I was cleared to start injectables the following cycle.

Thanks for the welcome ladies. You seem like a tight knit, supportive and informed bunch. I hope your journeys to become mamas are successful. I tend to be a bit if a lurker, but I'll try to improve that. innocent.gif

AFM - CD7, my last day of Letrozole. Yay! Symptom-wise this drug has been a million times better than Clomid. I feel completely normal, except for maybe a little impatient. (That may be due to me feeling somewhat stressed about TTC though. Imagine that.) My CD3 labs were available online this morning. They are: e2 53 and FSH 5.7. My TSH was 1.68 and Prolactin was 6.4. Is my e2 kinda high? If course i worry about DOR, but my antral follicle count was great, so that may not be where my problem is. During natural cycles, I've been getting a smiley OPKs starting on day 11, so maybe that has something to do with it. I've been wondering lately if my body is revving up to soon and releasing eggs that haven't had a chance to ripen enough. Too much google for me. disappointed.gif

The plan I have with my RE is to come in on CD12 for a follie check and to discuss triggers and plan our IUI. I'm also supposed to take my CBE OPK's every morning starting on CD10 and call them asap if I get a smiley before my CD12 appt. I'm so curious to see how this goes.
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aaaaand some nosy jerkface at work just asked me if I was pregnant. I hate everyone. 

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Everyone - U/s will be the 21st, I missed the call so I left another message about setting up a time.


Daurelia - I saw one of those e-card things online the other day and it said "The only appropriate time to ask a woman if she is pregnant is when the baby is crowning". I mean really people?! I also had my hysteroscopy done at the same time as my lap. I was out. I as on CD3 or 4 so I was still bleeding and a little crampy at the time but it had tappered off, after the procedure I had one more day of heavier bleeding. Even with them taking biopsies and scraping around in there, the whole thing should only take about 30 min. I guess you will find out at your pre op. I got to have copies of the pictures! 

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Sila - woohoo we have a date... So excited for you (and us) to meet your baby/ies ... Still 10 days though... I'm impatient already lol...

Daurelia - hugs! I haven't had a hysteroscopy, (I think lol) but I did have abnormal cervix cells removed - with the camera and tv screen... Which I found interesting until I got to see the procedure. Because I had insurance I got to request iv sedation instead of a general anesthetic, I've had it before (never a full anesthetic - as my fears as like yours) it's really good, they say how sedated do you want - 1 bottle of wine or two lol... Recovery is really good and fast because you don't go as far under... Hope that helps give you options 😀
Mama blue - yay for the end of letrozol! Re numbers I'm leaving that to the experts!

Afm - feeling a little strange, maybe it's something I ate last night... Collecting the inlaws from the airport today and taking them home...
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In the ER...looks ectopic- CRUSHED!
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Ohh adie I'm so sorry. We're you having pain? Why the ER? Praying for you & DH.
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crap. adie, i'm so, so sorry.
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Adie- I'm so sorry. Sending good thoughts your way.
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I'm so sorry adie.
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Adie - This makes me sad. Much love to you and your husband.
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Adie - hugs and love... Am guessing you are waiting for an ultrasound? Keep us posted. Fx it's not so
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Well...I'm currently in the hospital (of course in the womens center with lots of babies and pregger people). I am on morphine so excuse my rambling. They found a mass it appears in my right tube. They cannot find anything else in my uterus right now. They are not totally sure so I'm staying here tonight. Tomorrow I will have another ultrasound and likely surgery. I really hope they can save the tube as that is the only ovary that has produced good follies. My hubby travels for work Thurs through mon so he isn't here which is awful! Luckily I have amazing family. He is heartbroken too. Anyhoo sorry to be a downer. Love to you all! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Just.keep.moving. Right?
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