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Adie you are such a Trojan! Huge hugs and hoping you can rest tonight... Fx that tube stays safe... Your attitude right now is mind blowing - I am in awe at your feet!
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Adie, I'm so sorry. Let us know how it goes. Sending you lots of strength and peace. I'm so sorry.
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adie, i hope you are ok. thinking about you. update us when you feel up to it.
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Oh Adie. I am so sorry! The loss is hard enough without the pain, surgery, and stress of dh being away. Thoughts and prayers with you.
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Wishing you a happy mothers day. Whether your baby has fur or not. Whether they are walking beside you or living in your heart or in your dreams. To me, you are all moms.
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Chrissy- that post is awesome! It made me bawl! Happy Mothers day to you too!!
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Thank you all for your support, love, and prayers. I feel so thankful to have you all in my life. I know that no one understands better. Thank you ladies! Happy Mothers Day!
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Thats so sweet Chrissy. My pups will have to do this year. Happy Mothers Day to you all too.
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Happy Mothers day to you all!! I am hoping I have some awesome news to share soon... But I don't want to jinx anything!


Everyone have a fabulous day. blowkiss.gif

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Well said Chrissy. Thinking of all you ladies today.

I got my beads and they are just as amazing as all of you. I'm so grateful to have each one of you in my life.

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Ski the beads look fantastic! Hope you all enjoy you Mother's Day - dh and I had a fun time together, mainly being silly... Which is soo good for the soul!
Adie - is dh there with you now? Hoping that you are doing well... Hugs!
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Thank you all soooooooooo much for the beads- it was a rough day for me- perfect for the support! I saw a "big sister" tee shirt reveal on Facebook -- one that I've been dreading (there are only a few that really get to me, this was one... I could go on about why but suffice it to say it's a really hard one for me for many reasons). So it was really great to feel the love!

Adie, hope you're doing ok!

AFM, a quick question that I'd LOVE to get opinions on! So... I'm slated to leave on the 24th (for like 6 weeks). My beta is scheduled for the 23rd (14dpo). Of course, I feel like I'll know by then if it's negative, and of course that's what I'm expecting. But what if it's not? I couldn't even get a repeat! I was thinking of asking for the 21st, I'm going in anyway for an apt with the new doc, but I'll only be 12 dpo. There's pretty limited circumstances where getting a beta 12 and 14 would provide more info than a 14, and I'm flying 15dpo regardless. I have no idea what coverage I'd have in Oregon, and won't be paying for anything out of pocket, iykwim. Maybe I could go rogue like Sila wink1.gif and do no testing for those 6weeks- a grand experiment! But after so many losses... Love to hear advice! (Cross that bridge when you get to it is valid advice!!)
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Jpack- I had my first beta at 12/13 dpo.y second was at 15/16 dpo. I think I'd try to get a blood test at 12, just in case you need to change up your meds. Do you typically get early bfps? I have only gotten bfps at 11 dpo or later and my beta at 12/13 dpo was 78.
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Jpack I agree with SKJ! mentally and emotionally will it bug you if you don't try and get two tests before you leave? I mean project forward to how you would feel a week after leaving with no AF... Then do whatever will work for you... Will dh be traveling with you this time? If not even more reason to get two before you leave.
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jpack- Your health insurance will still be good in Oregon. I would just look up if they have quest diagnostics or labcorp (or similar) around where you will be. HCG can be drawn anywhere :) The idea of going rogue is inticing but you want realistic expectations as well. I'd think that serial betas at a minimum would put your mind at ease. I'm hopeful for the results this month!


Shell- waiting with baited breath for whatever you are thinking about sharing!

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To all the mothers here missing their lost children.
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Chrissy. Great sentiment. Happy mothers day! I hope your mom is feeling OK.

Shell....what!! Omg what.

Jpak. I'd do early...so you can get the 2nd.but if not yeah. What Tf said. Ask your doc here to write you a script for a draw. They should be able to honor it at a lab where you are and get the results to your ordering docs office.

Skj. Sisters are do sweet. Matching dresses and giggles....doing each others hair for dress up and prom and weddings...so happy for you.

Tf. Nice post.

Adie..hoping you are OK and getting lots of hugs.

Daurelia good luck at your appt. Tomorrow. Remember there are different options for anesthesia and you can and should meet with an anesthesiologist before your procedure that's the person to discuss your options and concerns with.

Chourd. I am glad you two had a fun day!! We have to remember to do that even when this TTC thing threatens to consume us.

Happy mothers day to us all

AFM. Took my last femara and feeling heavy bloated and I had some cramping and spotting. Now just waiting for morning to get dh at the airport. I had a great day but overindulged at lunch yuck. Eating out has become a rare treat here in the nowhere zone.

It sounds like everyone is as charmed by their beads as I am. I am looking at mine now.

Goodnight all.
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Ugh. Woke up to brown spotting. Called the ob on call and it happened to be my doc. He's not worried, but offered me an u/s since he knows my history. I'm waiting for it now. Trying not to freak
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Hugs SKJ. All is well.
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Awww...you Ladies are making me tear up with all those lovely beads, really wish I could have been part of it, but who knows when it would get to Africa when its taking such a long time to get to all of you who are close by? disappointed.gif


Daurellia: Ughh I know how you feel. Some people just dont get it. I remember that this happened to me last year when a client who met me earlier on actually believed I was pregnant, and even when I tried to tell him I wasnt, he wouldnt believe me. Later on in the year, he called to inquire about some things then proceeded to ask about my baby irked.gif. I simply changed the topic and hung up soon after, didnt know what else to do!


Adiejan: Sorry I misspelled your name earlier on. How are you feeling? Hope you are a lot better? hug2.gif


Sila: Hmmm...that US...more on that later.


Shell: Fingers tightly crossed Lady, I like to imagine a lot more miracles happening in this forum from now on!


TF: The furs do just fine right now TF, and I know you have been a wonderful mum to them all!


Jpack: Well I think you should just go with what gives you the most peaceful feeling dear!


Chuord: I like the relaxed vibe, I tell you it works. Fx for this cycle!


SKJ: No, that little sister must stay put until its time. Try not to get too anxious, and think good thoughts. Stay in there little sister...


Sherry: Nice to see you are back to your usual bubbly self, that's the spirit smile.gif


Indie: how are you doing dear? hug.gif


Chrissy: Those wishes really warmed my heart, thanks!


AFM: I had my first ultrasound scan today, and LO is doing very well. I could not upload a picture becos its not clear enough. I almost had a fit with the sono guy when after the scan he handed a slip with just my LO's measurement and due date written on it. First, I asked him to measure the rate of HB for me, which he argued was not necessary (and ended up not doing it argh!), then he did not give me a picture of the scan! I asked him why and he simply said it was not in their practice to do so and that my Dr would not need it (seriously? how about me?). I almost had a fit explaining to him that I needed it to show my DH who could not make it to the scan, and he just went on and on about how I should have told him in the first place that I needed a picture of the scan faint.gif


Well, I finally got him to do it, and I am never ever going back to that place again! And there was only one LO in there, even though DD has earnestly been praying for 2, to give her more playmates!


And just for the records, I want to state here that I found out I seemed to have two problems which gave me IF issues: First was my ovulation dates which seemed to confuse me a lot, and Second was my EWCM which seemed almost non-existent. The former I was able to pin down through follicular tracking and OPKs (never could use the BBT), and the second I corrected by taking a brand of Robitussin which we have over here, this one consists of honey and glycerin. I started taking it 5 days to my expected ovul date, and BOY, did I have EWCM!


I just thought to post this to help any one who might be going through the same issues. Interestingly, I learned about all these solutions in the MDC boards which I frequently surfed., and apparently they worked (not forgetting the miracle part of course!).

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