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Well, I had my follie check this morning (CD12) and things aren't horrible enough to cancel my IUI, but they aren't the best either. I have one 25mm follie. There's also another that was harder to measure that was almost 10mm. The rest were little guys. My docs didn't say anything about the larger one being too big, just that the almost 10mm one isnt going to be big enough to do anything. They gave me praise for my plump lining and the thumbs up for a trigger tonight and a Friday morning IUI.

My DD2 was a single follie, so I hope I get lucky this time around, too. But.... Dr. Google says my fat follie is probably too fat and is likely overripe. There is a sprinkling of giant follie success stories though, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. My RE is well regarded in his field and is actively involved in IF research, and I definitely trust his expertise. Why, oh why do I google? hammer.gif
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Oh dear mama blue, google that BFF/enemy if us all 😝
Fx that your one fat follie is good to go! Keep us posted xx
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Oh dear mama blue, google that BFF/enemy if us all 😝
Fx that your one fat follie is good to go! Keep us posted xx
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PrimalJoy: Am so so sorry for your loss. Be strengthened in knowing that all of us have gone through that experience and know how you feel. Hugs mama!


Daurelia: I know, right? Its good to know you are in tune with your Doc, fingers tightly crossed that you will soon be carrying your take home baby. Decisions decisions decisions. All I can say is just take one day at a time.


Jpack: Yeah, speaking up for ourselves is one thing women in this part of the world have gradually learned to do. Here's hoping that you get a surprise BFP.


SKJ: I think I agree with Jpack concerning your body gradually taking over production of progesterone. I am thinking that your Doc(forgive the expression, its just so much easier for me) knows this and believes that number is just right. Maybe he would have been alarmed if it was lower? Can you run it by your nice RE who helped you get to this point? Well, I just know that your LO is here for keeps and will arrive here in November (Is that correct?) hale and hearty!


Sila: How are you doing Lady? Keeping yourself occupied is the surest way of reducing the stress!


Chuord: how are you doing? anything in the offing?


Chrissy: How is your mother and son, hope they are better now?


TF: How are you?


Mamablue: My fingers are tightly crossed that your one Big Fat follicle will result in a Big Fat positive soon mama!

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MamaBlue - I think your follicle might be perfect. You were on Femara right? I know it works similarly to Clomid and on all my Clomid cycles my RE liked to see my lead follicle around 25mm to trigger. However we did not conceive any of those cycles. High five great lining and good luck with the trigger and IUI! Come on good swimmers!


Lucille - Doing pretty well today. No more Googling. I've got another busy day. That helps a lot! When is your next appt?


Chuord - How many more days until AF should be due? Any plans to change anything the next cycle?


SKJ - I think you are right. We are both fine. I just don't like the idea of my P4 going below 20. Especially since I haven't had the u/s yet. I'm glad the placenta looks good! Let us know what the other Dr. says! From my research about 50% of Dr's seems to test to the levels and the other half doesn't. I requested that my midwife do it and she agreed.


What is everyone else doing?


5 more days...

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Sila and SKJ, I am furrowing my brow over here at your low progesterone, am worried along with you and hoping that all is OK. Sila, just a few more days until ultrasound and SKJ, glad you are seeking out a different OB.


Jpack, you have no coverage until July?!?!? That's just crazy!! So sad to hear that. I hate it when life throws extra curveballs at us that make the fertility process even harder, as if it wasn't hard enough for us.


TF, hello! what's up with you?


Chuord-- what's your plan for next cycle?


Adiejan-- what's going on with you- any new information post ER visit? Thinking of you. blowkiss.gif


PrimalJoy, so sorry to hear about your loss. I'm glad that you wanted to share with us, many of us have experienced that (me too) and it's the worst. We all have to support each other.


Chrissy, any updates about your mom?


Who am I forgetting? update, friends :)


My interview last week was amazing and I'm a finalist. It's kinda my dream job. My final interview isn't for another 2 weeks though because the CEO wants to do it after her vacation... ugh. Adding ANOTHER "two week wait" to my life!!! It's amazing what two weeks will do to a woman's brain...


So it turns out my doctor does not think a hysteroscopy/lap is what I need. She wants to try some luteal phase hormone stuff similar to what she did with SKJ. I won't be doing a trigger-- yet-- we are trying an estradiol patch 3 days after I ovulate combined with a double dose of progesterone. I got the go-ahead from my doctor for us to try this month and it's ovulation time. So in two weeks I will know if I'm pregnant or if I get that job. I'll settle for one, but maybe I'll get both?!  If I don't get either I will be devastated. Again.

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Daurelia, we are on the same page my dear!! I should be finding out about my big job opportunity here in about two weeks or thereabouts. (Long-term job- not my teaching next month).

Oooh, and I am teaching!!! They are going forward with the class even with the current enrollment!!!! It's not for nothing!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

I've decided that I'll count it a good thing that I get no coverage until I get back. 1st, I really won't need it, and 2nd, my veins need a break!

So, yay about my class, fingers crossed that both of us get dream job news, and lets get this wait overwith!!

Sila and SKJ, pro-progesterone vibes still...
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Sorry Ive been aam lately. My inlaws are staying with us and I can't get to a computer. I have a friend who is a pharmacist and professor at a prestigious medical school in Chicago. I mentioned my situation and she had this to say:

Two things - first, the lab can definitely have variability. It is common for inter-lab - and even inter-day results to vary from place to place.
Second point, the uterus is supposed to take over progesterone production by 10-12 weeks...so it is more of a "local" effect. I don't know for sure if you see the same systemic levels in the blood...So that may be a very simple reason for the change...

Made me feel a little better smile.gif
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Lucille - hugs mama! You didn't update us on you... How is that little miracle doing?

Sila - I swear I'm finding waiting for your u/s as bad as waiting for Christmas as a kid lol... Can't wait to see the pics... (Broken record I know 😝)

Jpack - I'm so glad your teaching gig is going ahead! So what's your potential dream job all about? Still have my fx that this month works for you

Daurelia - likewise daurelia, fx that these slight tweaks to your cycle make a world of difference... After all sila and SKJ are walking proof that a few tweaks can be the solution! So dream job - spill and tell us about it 😄 do fx for you on that too!

SKJ - lol you always seem to have the right contacts to find stuff out! I agree it sounds much more reassuring, and ties into what someone on here said about fluctuations in levels as well (sorry forgot who)

Afm - af in 2 days? unless o was delayed. I'm not doing anything medically different next cycle... But I'm going to try and majorly change up the way dh and I 'function' together to spice things up. Wish me luck ladies, I think testing etc would actually stress him out more and make performance less likely. Oh and I've also been applying for a few jobs, only ones that appeal to me - project officer (a step down the scale, but then I've been out of work 5 years so..?) one with a hospital group and one with the council... So we will see if I even get an interview lol.

Hugs all around, thinking of each of you as so many are on different meds, paths and experiences this cycle - fx to you all
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Hi all.
Just a quick stop by.

Adiejan I hope your OK! My thoughts are with you. Its such a hard experience. I hope your tube is well.

Chourd- I'm glad your looking forward but I hope AF stays away and you get that bfp...

Sila- I agree..am waiting for your u/s results!!

Hi Chrissy. You have disappeared!?!


Mama I hope you big follow does the job. You only need one.

Group hopes for good blood levels and jobs!

AFM hoping to o soon. Enjoying dh. Hiking. graduation tomorrow...etc.
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Hi all, I've been reading daily but just don't have it in me to post and reply. So sorry about the AAM but I know you're asking and I don't want to ignore. My transfer is scheduled for Tuesday. So far everything looks and feels good. 


grouphug.gif group hug!

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TF sending you all the love and hugs for next Tuesday so that you feel completely wrapped in a blanket of hope and love. Just keep telling yourself you are awesome and deserve this so much xxxx
Sherry- fx on the o and bd! It's so sweet you are enjoying time with dh soo much - makes the process so much sweeter! Thanks for the positive mojo, fx you are right.

Chrissy - pattimomma on the moon thread just mentioned that she has special needs kids (2) and uses the IEP binder 'system' to ensure her kids get appropriate care... The gist of it is you take every assessment, test etc. that they've had done and file it in a ring binder - take it to school meetings etc... So they see that and realize that you have a ready made file for a lawyer to prosecute them with if they breach the 'American statute for disability care' (lol the wording is all wrong though) she says she always gets appropriate care as a result and there is a group of them that do it.. I'm not sure of your sons age, but I know in Aus the smallest disability counts for that sort of legislation... Hope that's of some use to you.
SKJ, sila - have things settled down with you ladies and progesterone worries?
Indie - huge hugs with whatever's going on mama!
Adiejan - are you out if hospital? Huge hugs to you too. Sorry for your loss xxx
Daurelia - how are you holding up?
Anyone I missed - hugs and love
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Looks like Tuesday could be building up to be an exciting day around here! I sure hope so...

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I'm so sorry I've been missing. Will catch up tonight. At docs with Mom. Her "mass"is 4x6 centimeters big. Waiting to see doc.
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I need to catch up too, but with the inlaws, I have no computer time greensad.gif

Chrissy- hope all goes well with your mom today. Thinking of you.

Sila and TF- can't wait for Tuesday

Mama blue- hope that follicles is your next baby!!

Daurelia- fingers crossed that estrogen is your ticket to a baby AND you get the job.

Afm- I found an AMAZING OB. He practices by himself so he's the only doc I'd talk to. I sent the office an email about my situation/needs. The doc himself called me back!!! He answered every one of my questions and told me to call the office on Monday to schedule an appointment for this week. I emailed him my RPL records and this is what he wrote back:

"In the meantime, please let me know if you need anything. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person."

Very happy smile.gif
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Surgery. He can't say until he gets in there if we need to worry. Full hysterectomy and a 2 day hospital stay.
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Chrissy, so sorry that it's going to be such a big procedure, but very hopeful for you that it'll very successful with nothing more to worry about. Sending you lots of strength. I know what it's like to have your mom terrified in the hospital for surgery - I hope your mom recovers quickly and completely!


SKJ - that's fantastic! Looking forward to hearing about how your appointment with him goes and hearing some of those answers he gave you! So happy you're feeling good about it!

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Chrissy - I hope that all goes as planned and it's nothing serious too... Big hugs to you and your mum, praying its just a big scare with no substance.

SKJ - now he sounds like a good fit! It may take a few bad ones (docs) but you perseverance and honesty with yourself is awesome - and you keep finding the right people for you as a result. Hope he's as good in person!!!
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Chrissy - hope its nothing serious. I'm sorry you and your mom are going thru this.

So, the doc told me that the prometrium won't do anything at this point and that the only use of progesterone in the second trimester is to prevent preterm labor, which I'm not experiencing. He said there aren't many studies abt progesterone after the first trimester. I just felt comfortable with what he told me so I stopped the prometrium. He also said the spotting is common in the first and second trimester and that if my exam was normal, I shouldn't be worried. He reminded me that all my losses were first trimester and that we are at a "good point" now. He thinks I should be on the lovenox, but to stop the metformin. The only use that I found for metformin past the first tri is for gestational diabetes. I don't have any risk factors, so going off the met seems like a fine idea. I just really liked how he answered my questions. Hoping my appointment with him goes well.
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Chrissy - Hang in there.


SKJ - Awesome! Glad the discussion went so well. I think if all is well on the u/s and after my midwife is back in the country and we can more easily discuss it, I'm ready to be done with the progesterone.

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