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TF - I have such a good feeling about things for you. I wish time would just fly by already. The waiting is the worst part.

I just remembered one other thing that i thought I'd add. The doc explained to me why clomid can screw up your lining. As we know, clomid tells your brain that you don't have enough estrogen, so it creates more and causes your follicle to grow. The half life of clomid is 5 days, so it's still very much in your system after you stop taking it. During that time, your lining doesn't grow b/c the brain is saying there is no estrogen. So, I think if you O late enough on clomid, then your lining is probably ok, b/c the effects of clomid on the lining will have faded. Since I O'ed early, my lining never had a chance to grow. At least that was my understanding. I should also mention that the doc is at a teaching hospital, so she's a professor too. I actually met with a med student and resident before meeting with the doctor.
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skj - you totally should have called me! she sounds fantastic... i loved it when toothfairy was seeing the napro doc because he seemed so wholistic and knowledgeable but this one sounds even better because she's not against IVF should you need it. i loved what chuord said about the relief of knowing you don't have to do this all by yourself... that you have someone who is as invested in getting you pregnant as you are... that's worth its weight in gold. this is why this group is invaluable... your appointment helped me (and anyone else with low amh)... i'm so thankful we live in a time where it is so easy to share information like this! 


toothfairy - you know... i assumed my insurance didn't cover infertility meds because it doesn't cover infertility procedures... but the prescription plan is with a different company and now i'm wondering if i shouldn't make that assumption... they covered my letrozole and progesterone and now i wonder if i had told freedom pharmacy to run my insurance if it would have come back covered... i need to check on that, i might be pleasantly surprised! pricks and dull cramping sounds like a baby implanting to me! it has to be such a weird feeling knowing you have life inside of you right from the get-go... you need to have a twitter account where you can live tweet from your uterus. ha!


chuord - it sure would be nice if this were easier, huh? let us know how the appt with your gp goes...

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wow mdc is funky today. sorry! took the second post out.
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So, so excited for you SKJ your doc sounds unbelievably awesome! That is sooo cool, I loves the blow by blow! It is such wonderful information that is so helpful, like Indie said. I'm just really excited- and thanks so much for sharing the bit on luteinization -- anything that helps me feel less crazy about that! I have a friend iRL who I've mentioned who would really love a dr that started with just monitoring- that's exactly what she wants. It's such a great, powerful approach. I can't remember, are you still doing tcm? I know my acupuncturist would have felt really good about a whole cycle just to work on "fertilizing that soil." Maybe you can do some of that "work" to help? Or even just focus on that idea? Maybe it'll help the to ego faster...

indie when do you find out the fsh? Great to hear about SKJ's doc, eh?

TF my experience has been just that sporadic bits of a pinch or fullness/twinge and I think it's great that you're experiencing that!

chrissy that's too bad about your road blocks on seeking intervention. I hope your next bun makes it into the oven in 2013, my dear.

shell thanks again for your encouragement... What's going on in your world?

msD good luck on that wait, how's it going?

Afm, had a great day at Ikea fully distracted by a great friend. She and I started trying for #2 about the same time, her daughter is now 6mos old (and she even had a m/c first) but she's a great source of support for me! So here's the update

I obviously don't have a ton of confidence that this is it, but I do feel pretty confident now that it's not the trigger. I'm gonna do the last frer tomorrow, I just had to try a digital. Anyway, I'm trying to keep everything in check til Monday but also take my own advice about giving it the celebration it deserves and know I can always mourn later. Thanks again ladies for your positive thoughts!
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Btw, my pic looks way worse after I post it- the wondfos are all a lot darker than they look in the pic.
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SKJ - I also love your doc!! So glad she made you feel more positive. Even your post just glowed!!


JPack - I hope hope hope this is it for you!


TF - Maybe there's a party going on in there? Either way.. YAY!!!!


Indie - Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your upbeat attitude?

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jpack!!! i am so excited for you!! that is definitely not trigger by this point! let us know when you are ready to celebrate with some dancing ladies!

chrissy - thanks for that. i do feel really good these days and that's partly because i know i can count on you guys when i'm feeling shitty smile.gif
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Jpack - They are definitely getting darker now!

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Thanks all!! I'm really looking forward to Mondays beta and I'll report back as soon as I know!
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Just a quick one to let you know I'm keeping up reading just not prolific posting at present... I'm enjoying your journeys and always sending good vibes 😃... I'm almost out of my misery from the cat and AF... Lol and am hoping to start temping soon cd3 at present...
Hugs all round to you wonderful ladies who give me hope xxx ps I can so smell the bfp's around your corner
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thinking of you, toothfairy! testing tomorrow, right???

jpack - can't wait for your beta!
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Hi, I'd like to join this thread. I think it's where I need to be, but then there is also the IF thread?... I'm trying for #3, but I've had some IF issues (had IUI and Clomid for #1, and #2 was a complete surprise as I had begun to take suppression drugs for an IVF cycle when I got the bfp) -- and on top of that I'm now dealing with concerns about egg quality now because of my age. I'm not sure which route we will be taking at this point, but my RE is suggesting Clomid/IUI again. I haven't had time yet to read all the posts, but there are some exciting things happening on here right now and lots of good information! (Yay jpack! Good luck for tomorrow, TF!)

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Tenzin- welcome! I remember your name from when you were surprised with #2. We ave a great group here & I hope you find all the support you need!

Jpack- sending all good thoughts for Monday! This is the sticky one!

Chourd- you also are so supportive & upbeat. I hope we provide the same inspiration to you as you do us.

Indie- it is almost that time. I feel anxiety creeping in. I need meditation & sleep.

AFM- tomorrow is at home test day. I'm terrified it will e negative especially sinc I've had dull chy cramps and lower back pain on andoff this afternoon. So th is the weird thing. The cramping or whatever it is, is noticable & unmistakable when I'm feelng it. Myworr is, like right now, Injust feel nothibg. Is that normal, to hav good moments & bad moments? I just want to be able to peek into my uterus to see what is going on. I hate the idea of POAS tomorrow. It is like te years of negative tests have me conditioned to expect the worst. I cant even tell you last time I tested... Ugh, what if what if what if. I need a hug.
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TF, I can just imagine how hard it must be... I've been following you on the IVF thread, and I'm rooting for you so much-- it's intense. ((HUG)) And... Thanks for the welcome!

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Welcome Tenzin!

Major hugs, tf.
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TF - sending you a huge HUG!!!
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Hugs hugs and more hugs. I'll be dreaming of two pink lines for you tomorrow.
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TF - I am so excited for tomorrow morning!! Hope you are able to sleep.

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Thanks TF 😃... It's nice to be loved lol!
Be strong - big hugs - I know it's going to go well tomorrow... I agree with the others - let yourself enjoy the moment... You have really earnt it...
Welcome tenzin - lol I'm new too (couple of weeks) the girls here are all wonderful!
Jpack - let us know when you do lol... Living vicariously!
SKJ and indie - hugs for you and the others for just being you!
Afm I purchased online this morning 25 opk, 25 hpt, 3 digital hpt, and a basal thermometer lol all for $73 so I'm really happy... Oh and express postage... Last month I spent $40 on 4 tests - can't keep that up long term!
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sending so much love, prayers, good wishes, two pink line visualizations your way right now, tf. anxiously waiting like it's my stick i peed on!
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