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jpack - the early days are the worst. I have a good feeling about things for you. I hope you get a nice high beta tomorrow and a triple on Wednesday to ease your mind. It sucks to not be able to enjoy the bfp as much. I can't wait for you to be into your second trimester, so you can really enjoy your pregnancy.
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Sorry - double post.
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Hi Ya'll... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TF CONGRATSSSSSS super excited!! .... OMG so I have a long story to tell... and sat down and thought I had time ... and DH comes in and begs me to go with him to pick up dinner UGH So I will be back in a bit.... Oh BTW I am on my second day of AF and it SUCKS!! so i didn;t get that lucky after failed ivf pregnancy :-(

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Hi ladies.


Sorry I haven't been around as much as I was. But I'm always reading and keeping everyone in my thoughts.


So, I am 5w4d but I think I'm losing it. Yesterday (Saturday) I had some red spotting but no pain. Spotting went away after a few hours. I also noticed I had some pain hours before that felt like someone was pinching my left ovary area. Then today I had some more red spotting but it did come out on my undies and a smear on a pad. (TMI so sorry) Also had the pain today on my left side and when I pushed there some it hurt. Still no pain or anything. I tested with a cheapy last night and a frer this morning and they both are happily bfp's. I dunno what's going on or what to do. I didn't want to say anything until I knew it was a keeper and I wasn't going to see the doctor until about 13w. Anyhow, I thought to test tomorrow just to see. The bleeding/spotting has slowed down to almost a stop so I guess that's good.

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Oh Chrissy, I hope you are wrong. I'll be sending good thoughts your way for the spotting and pain to be totally nothing.
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Hi everyone,


I don't know a lot about what's going on with everyone, as I haven't gone through and read all the posts, but... I hope all is well with you Chrissy, and SKJ-- I hope things will work themselves out for you. And jpack, good luck with the beta tomorrow!


Hey Sila! I've been rooting for you since the beginning, following you when I could on the thread(s). I hope your time comes soon!


An AFM, I had a positive OPK today, so I'm really happy that it is lining up with all my ovulatory symptoms-- it shows my body is on track. I just have to hope that my eggs don't know how old they really are...It's interesting, I have had really strong (almost painful) mittleschmertz (sp?) happening on my left side since the afternoon-- I hope that means something good!  I see my RE on Wednesday to talk about next steps.  I had all the usual fertility tests done in late October, but didn't go back in person to talk about the results (I did get a phone call about my prolactin levels being high)-- I'm getting my prolactin levels re-tested tomorrow-- so everything will be discussed then. Is there anything I should ask, if she tells me again that I should consider Clomid/IUI? If everything looks good with all my tests, and I just have the age-thing to worry about, maybe it might be worth it, I just don't know. (What holds me back is that everything I read says that Clomid/IUI in women over a certain age isn't a good idea... but then, statistics aren't absolutes, are they...)

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Jpack, Chrissy - lots of healing to both of you and your babies. SKJ - sent you some yesterday..
Shell sorry youre back in the game... Will send you some later...
Tenzin - I'm not an expert so I'll send you luck and leave the info to the ladies that know!
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oh chrissy. i hope this baby stays around. i will be sending lots of love and grow baby grows to your uterus. my only concern is that if you continue to experience pain that you do go to get checked out. i know after experiencing so much loss you probably don't want to see the baby til you know he/she is going to stick around and the first thing they are going to want to do is an u/s... but it might be worth it to make sure you are safe. keep us posted. we are here for you.

tenzin - i think you will have a better idea what route to take when you get your test results. i'm guess they're also running the ovarian reseve panel... that will mean more than a physical age. btw, what is your age?

chuord - you are so wonderfully supportive. i have yet to read the link you posted on energy healing but i've started my own half-assed version (ha!) and have made a commitment to myself that i will spread it through the group. thanks for getting me started smile.gif

skj - results tomorrow! hoping you get some answers that will help things move along quickly!

afm - first gonal f shot last night. not bad at all.
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indie, I just turned 43 in December.  What are you doing with your ttc'ing, are you doing IVF, or superovulation with IUI?

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chuord - Thanks! I'm feeling better today. How are things with you? I hope AF is on her way out.

Indie - Glad the shot went well! I'm excited for you. I can't wait to hear how your monitoring appointment goes.

Tenzin - Welcome! I remember your from the nursing moms thread. I'm still TTC #2. I think I'm the last one from that thread to still have not conceived. Really depressing. Are you still nursing? How long have you been ttc this time? I really have no idea what to suggest. I only have my experience. I had stopped BFing before seeking IF treatments and my prolactin was low at that time. Also, from my experience, each doctor has his/her own way of doing things based on past experience. Right now, I'm seeing a doc who is doing a natural cycle evaluation to see what hormones need tweaking. Maybe that's a way to start?

TF - Happy monday preggo!

Jpack - How are you feeling today? Is your beta today?

Chrissy - Thinking good sticky thoughts for you.

AFM - Well, AF is playing games. I am using a menstrual cup and there was a bit of red blood yesterday afternoon, but not a thing since. So, I guess that would have been more like spotting. I'm thinking AF will really show today or tomorrow. Not sure if that hurts or helps my timing dilemma. I need to call the RPL doc to make sure all the tests results are in so I don't waste a trip. But, I'm excited to get things going.

I may need to take a bit of a break for a while. All the losses and disappointments are catching up with me and the timing isn't great with so many wonderful things happening here. I don't want to be a wet blanket and I really don't want to be feeling sorry for myself, so I'm thinking that a little break may be in order. Not sure yet.

ETA - all test results are in so I will find out my fate tomorrow.
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Skj - good luck tomorrow. A break is always helpful to put things in perspective.

Indie - glad the shot went well.

Afm - spotting sropped last night but had some this morning. Also tested and since i'm on phone I can't post pic but you should see how amazingly dark it is.Dh is off work come thursday so if I'm still spotting I'll call to see what they want to do. Will be 6w Wednesday.
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I figured out how to do it. Yay. I r smart.
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that is a beautiful, strong bfp, chrissy. so hopeful for you!
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Oh Chrissy, I'm so hopeful for you! Yes, that's one dark test! Mine sure as heck don't look like that!! You have a wondfo to show? I'd love to see a dark one of those, because I'm so mad at mine which haven't progressed in a couple days... Ug.
I'm really, really hoping this is it!! I was going to ask this earlier- straight curiosity not suggesting or anything but have you ever been on progesterone?
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I got my beta back: 64. Progesterone was 14. Ok, but they weren't thrilled- they thought it was a little low. I felt ok, since my last two first betas were 20 and 13 both on 12/13 dpo. I'm 15 dpo today (o ed I think late the 30/ early the 31st). Maybe I shouldn't be comparing with my miscarriages! Hmmm...
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Chrissy - That looks great! I hope the spotting is nothing and this is take home baby #2

Jpack - I hate, hate, hate betas. There is really nothing they can tell you for sure until you have a few of them. Do you go in again on Wednesday? I'm crossing everything for you that this is it. I truly hope you do not have to go through what I just went through. When I had a lowish starting beta, I just told myself that it was a boy b/c I read that boy babies tend to have lower hcg than girl babies. I hope you just have a lazy boy taking his sweet time to get things going. And, I've read countless stories of low starting betas that take off. Even twin pregnancies. I'm sending all my sticky baby vibes your way.
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Thank you so, so much SKJ that made me just feel so, so, so much better. I'm just gonna try to stay mellow. I sure do really want this to work. I hate betas too!!
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Jpack - i'm a total beta hater. Lol But I agree with Skj.
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Oh and yes going back Wednesday.
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Jpack - Another beta hater (and I've never even done them lol). But really, that doesn't sound that bad to me! It's so hard not to compare with the losses isn't it?


SKJ - Take all the break you need. If you haven't noticed, I've been taking a modified break ;)


Chrissy - It really does look good. I hope it was just "normal" pregnancy spotting...


TF - Can't wait for the beta and u/s!


AFM - I read but am not posting often. Things are just boring here so I don't feel like talking I guess.

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