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toothfariy - hug2.gif every step of this process is so hard... you know you should celebrate having healthy embryos that make it to day 5 but at the same time have to grieve your hopes for twins... it's all just so so hard! but i am so happy to hear your embies are strong enough to go to day 5... i know that means you have such a better chance of getting that take home baby! you are soooo close!!


everyone else - hi!! happy friday! will be back later for personals.

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Oh tf! Sorry about no twins, but I agree with indie. Sounds like you have nice strong embabies ready to become your take home baby ! And, isn't the chance of one splitting to two higher with ivf? Maybe you'll get identical twins!!
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Oh Tfairy I'm sorry you have to wait and I'm sorry no twins. Hang in there. Hugs. Also, I think Crinone has a reputation for irritating the cervix and that could be the cause of the spotting.

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Tf - hugs sweetie.
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TF, big big hugs!! Can't wait for your next update!!
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TF sending heaps of good vibes and love to your embabies
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Fingers and toes crossed for you, Toothfairy! Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between 3-day and 5-day transfers and why can't they transfer 2 embies? What if you want twins?

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ok, let's see if i can remember everything!


shell - yes, i'm doing an IUI... new RE talked me into doing it (this time with injectables) at least one more time before IVF. Said I responded beautifully to the IUI with clomid, though my lining was a little thin (so doing femara instead of clomid this time). So I'm obeying and giving it a shot. It sure would be nice if it worked...


gtree - i would love to go to disney with our little brats! that would be the greatest! tell us about your new job! that must be exhausting starting a new place at this point in your pregnancy!


chrissy - i have had issues with white lines on frers... now i don't let myself watch them "develop" because i swear i see a line every time and then it disappears. gawd, we've all used way too many frers, haven't we?


bebe - still waiting for that belly pic and your 15!! how exciting that you are showing! also can't wait to hear about how your boss reacted to the news!


sila - you are going to have to give me that same trigger talk here soon. i didn't test it out the one time i used it but i might find myself tempted this time...


jpack - SO jealous of you iphone 5! we had 4S's but then both of ours crapped out just over a year (and past warranty) so luckily we still had out 4's laying around and we're using them again (but they are soooo slow). we may upgrade to the 5 around may or we may stick it out and wait for the 5s. fingers crossed for you! i would love to see that second line!! it's been nearly 2 1/2 years! wow that made me really sad when i typed that just now. 


toothfairy - i'm sure this waiting is excruciating. so sunday is the big day now, right?


afm - first week of january is a doozy and i see clients all day tomorrow. it has been raining all day here which is out of the ordinary. FL is usually hit it and quit it with rain. 12dpo and no spotting. that's nice. i guess i will take the prometrium through 14dpo and then i'm guaranteed to be in town for my baselines. getting nervous about having to see numbers again. what if they are worse? what if my fsh has jumped? i will need lots of internet hand holding next week, i can feel it. 

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shell - i forgot to add that i hope your back is better soon! still holding out hope for a post-IVF bfp for you!

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Lida- i'm only 27 so they won't transfer more than one blastocyst. Due to the inherent risks to mother and baby you can't get 2 just because you 'want' twins. Puts too much risk on the facility if they allowed that. Massachusetts seems to be a luttle funny with IVF because insurance cover it. They don't push as hard because it isn't costing the patients o much. They tend to be more cautious (at least in my experience) therefore, less OHSS (dont need a ton of eggs when you can try again), fewer twins. So one baby will be good enough(even though I would have loved twins).

Indie- sorry about the rain! I never had an iphone 4 but got the 5 for christmas. I love it! Trigger advice... Did it once, i broke my heart that the test went white & never came back. If it stayed positive or got positive again it would be a different story. Just not my experience.

Sila- thanks for the crinone info. It seemed like it was from the uterus because it was red. I took an extra dose last night (they said jst 1x a day but i know with my old cycles i always had to double up the first few days or id bleed. I hope this is a quick cycle so you can get going on a medicated round.

Afm- just hanging out waiting for sunday. I'll tell ya, I don't know if it was growing so many eggs, that my uterus is huge or the crinone but if I didnt know that I couldnt be pregnant Id swear I have symptoms. Bladder pain, gas pain, constipation, sore uterus, bloating, tired. So to elaborate on the 5 day thing, it goes back to my need for control & having/sticking to a plan. I havent slept well in days and knowing we only had 4 embryos I was quite certain we would have a 3 day. I was prepared for a 3 day, for th chance that at least one of the two could stick. To get the call that we were moved with no expanation (they couldnt give me embryo quality, just that all 4 are still growing) I was shocked. I've adjusted my expectations now, especially after some research on success rates. I feel more confident that one will work and this is better for us (also, less days to worry & be stuck on the couch!). So I'm taking it easy & preparing for Sunday. Here we go again!
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Ok, thanks for explaining, that makes sense...actually Quebec, the province next to mine, covers IVF, and I believe they try to keep their twin rate down too...I agree twins would be nice, especially after how long you've waited, but on the flip side you will be able to give a lot more one on one time to a singleton. And one baby is cheaper than two, and you're more likely to have an uncomplicated birth (or a home birth, which I think you wanted, IIR?), not that twins don't bring their own unique joys...I would love to have twins now and be done, but that's unlikely in my case...I guess I can always try soy isoflavones wink1.gif
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Sila - thank you for the new thread.


TF - excited to hear how Sunday goes. Good luck!


Indie - when is your IUI planned for? We are doing 2 tries this round, tomorrow (CD12) and Monday (CD14). I am anxious, but trying to keep positive.


gtree - my glucose test was way easier than I thought it would be, hope it goes smoothly for you.


Glad to see everyone is making it over to our 2013 thread.

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You are correct, just another reminder of the plus side of a singleton! Reingiting my hopes for an uncomplicated, unmedicated birth at home.
So you're in Canada? We visited Quebec last year, beautiful. They only do single embryo transfers. There are clinicsin MA that do 2 blastocysts but not at my clinicif you are under 35.
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Yup, we live in Ottawa smile.gif what part of Quebec did you visit? I used to live in Montreal, but it wasn't my thing. I do LOVE going to MA. I've been to Boston/Farmingham twice; such a nice part of the US, I think.
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Indie - Will do. Don't worry about next week. We'll get you through.


Tfairy -  Wow, we are so alike. I don't do well when what I had planned or expected changes. I'm also frustrated you didn't get an explanation but happy to hear you have adjusted and are feeling confident. I hope your "symptoms" hang around a good while :) Gah I'm SO excited for your home birth!!!


Dolphin - My clinic also routinely does 2 IUI's and we did 2 on 2 out of our 3 IUI cycles. How many follicles did you get on the follistim? I'm curious because I'm on to injectables after this cycle.


Hello everyone else and happy Friday!


AFM - Man, sometimes that first day of heavy AF can just kick your ass.

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TF - I'm glad for the day 5 transfer! I think it gives you more time to recover (I remember day 3 after ER being the toughest for me) and you'll get the strongest embie put back! And now you can plan.  You know exactly when this is going to happen.  Are you going to do the PGD testing?  Keep drinking gatorade! I can't say it enough and rest, you have an important job on Sunday.



more later! I am exhausted.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Lidamama: Ontario does cover IVF but only 3 times during a woman's lifetime and only if both tubes are blocked. Otherwise you're paying out of pocket. And they'll only single embryo transfers as well. They've changed their goal from getting you pregnant to getting you pregnant with a singleton.

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Oh, yes I do remember hearing that about IVF in Ontario. But, like you said, only if both tubes are blocked...which isn't very helpful to other women who can't get pregnant on their own...I remember my BIL and his ex had a hard time getting pregnant and they were thinking of doing IVF, except it wouldn't have been covered.  Lately, there seems to have been a lot of bad publicity in the media about multiple pregnancies being a "drain" on the health-care system shrug.gif

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Lidamama84: It is winter time and cold with no hockey to watch. What the hell else are we Canadians supposed to do?  There's gong to be another mini baby boom in 2013 with a big spike in September because of the Mayan 'end of the world'.

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tf - yes, your awesome homebirth is just 9ish months away!

msd - my iui will be in two weeks or so. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you if you keep yours crossed for me smile.gif

sila - ugh to the 1st day of AF. wait are you doing injectables cycle this coming cycle or next? if it's this one then we'd be pretty much cycle buddies.

afm - so i found someone online who had a successful pregnancy on her 2nd iui with clomid and follistim. she is 40 and has the same amh as me (.16) and an fsh of 13 (mine is 10.8 and hopefully hasn't risen since july). seeing someone with numbers so close to mine with a success gives me a renewed sense of hope. it also is making me wishy washy about ivf again... should i just be spending our money on iuis and injectables? i will never respond as well as toothfairy in an ivf with my low amh and extra 10 years. remind me what other benefits there are to ivf? i know icsi is one...
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