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Sila - big hugs and happy energy to you! I think you should think of something fun to do (with or without the family) and organize it... You sound like you need a happy day!

SKJ - you said you have lots of wonderful things going on? Im glad - it gets me down to think I've had 2 very early losses... You girls that keep on going have so much courage and are such an inspiration to me 😃 - thankyou all! At the same time I'm a great believer in making your own fun - there are times you just need to do something out of the ordinary to have fun and get your mojo back! Good luck with the results!

Jpack - I no nothing about beta's but compared to your m/c numbers that was heaps higher.. I'd agree with SKJ - keep faith in your body - I just did some quick energy and the embaby is absorbing it well at present. (I should probably explain that alive things I feel energy moving, passed away things I don't - lol that's as accurate as I can get)

Chrissy - I understand that you want to wait to see doc, but I'm with indie that maybe you should get checked out? Otherwise try and stay relaxed - it was a huge positive hcg to me! Btw how did you post a pic from your phone? I'm usually on mine - and maybe one day I'll have a pic to post 😃

Tenzin - thank you - you give me hope! It's sounding promising for you this month too - good luck with the results!

Indie- lol thank you! Glad you are joining the 'band wagon', so are you getting close to O? I know you're trying a different combination of injectables this month - you seem so upbeat and alive, I have a good feeling about this.

Afm absolutely nothing to tell lol cd5 AF has left the building, my opk tests and basal thermometer should arrive today - so tomorrow I'm temping... Then I'll at least have info to take to GP if not successful this time. We are getting over the cat passing, and I'm enjoying a clean house! (she was pretty much in palliative care lol) kinesiology appt today - going to try and work on my ovaries lol to ensure the 'good eggs' come out to play! Lol it sounds so crazy hehehe - hugs to all xxxx
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Wow Chrissy! I want a test like that! I hope the spotting has gone away for good and this is the baby that stays around. I agree if the pain continues to have things checked out!


SKJ- Take the time you need. I will be sending out all good thoughts for tomorrow's results. That whatever they find is treatable and that you get peace of mind from your doctor. You are in good hands and there is a good egg in there waiting to become your second child here on Earth. Sending love!


Sila- You have been quiet, it doesn't go unnoticed. Still hoping this cycle goes much faster than the last so you can get started on your path. Are you seeing your RE again this month while you wait for CD1. 


indie- good job on the shot! Do you have the Gonal-F pen? How many units are you doing? I'm so excited for your IUi and hopeful for you. When does your monitoring start? Did you end up calling to see if they oculd run your insurance? Sorry so many questions!


jpack- I don't know much about betas but the 68 definitely sounds better than 13. Please stick little jpack!


chourd- So interesting how the healing works. Did the woman you saw for treatment train you? Enjoy all your goodies, that is a great price for everything you ordered.


tenzin- Hopefully # 3 is a happy surprise. Why is it that clomid doesnt work for women over 40? Any better luck with Letrazole or injectables? Hope you get some info at your appointment.


AFM- My test looks identical to yesterday which freaked me out a little bit. I feel slightly worse today so if that is the only consolation I get, I'll take it. Headache, cramps, food aversion. I wish there was just a way to know if this was going to work for good or not. We've never made it this far. It is much scarier than I expected. The excitement was so short lived and while I'm trying to keep a positive attitude it is so hard not to wonder what if. 

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Sila - I have noticed your mini-break smile.gif I hope you are doing ok and that you O much earlier this month. I'm sending lots of love your way.

chuord - good luck with the temping! I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the info it provides, but I hate that it can make me more obsessed. Thanks for all your good wishes and positive vibes. It really, really helps smile.gif

TF - Thanks friend. Don't the early days after a BFP just suck! I wish I could just fast forward to 4 months pregnant. I forgot that when I saw the doc on Friday, she said something about how I must have mixed feelings about getting pregnant again b/c it's so scary. I was so thankful that she got it. I hate that b/c you've been trying for a while, you've been subjected to all the scary things that can happen. I wish you could just be blissfully ignorant. As for the tests not being darker, I think that it really doesn't mean anything. I remember that SheSaidBoom had tests that didn't seem to be getting any darker and her beta was really strong.

AFM - So, I spoke with the nurse at the new doc's office. She was so nice! Turns out, I only need to go in around cd 9 or 10 to start the evaluation. I just need to be monitored a little before I O. So, I'm going in next Tuesday for b/w, u/s and an HSG. She actually prescribed valium for the HSG! How awesome is that? The nurse did mention that my chart said, "luteal phase evaluation for 2 cycles". I hope that doesn't mean that I'm supposed to take next month off too. In any event, I'm trying to not think ahead too far. But, if I don't need to go in for baselines next month, the timing of everything should be ok.

I also googled a bunch of stuff today and I'm convinced that my issue is that my LH surge is causing me to ovulate when my egg is a little over ripe. I think that would explain my low progesterone and LPD. So, I'm feeling good about the game plan to add a trigger to my natural cycle. I also was reading about the second trigger during the LP and how HCG works with progesterone in a feedback loop, so more HCG causes the body to produce more progesterone.
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Jpack - Sorry. I don't have a wondfo or I'd post it. I'm positive yours will get darker and darker.


Sila - I noticed you not posting much. I do that too when there's nothing really going on.


Chuord - Sorry about your kitty. We lost one of our dogs a few days back. It really sucks. Re posting pic from phone, I clicked on "insert image" and it gave me the option to upload from phone or if I had URL.


TF - It's so easy to be freaked out when those tests don't cooperate with what we want them to do. I thought it'd be nice to poas and have it have "Yay. It's a keeper" or "Sorry" so we'd know one way for certain. Hang in there sweetie. The first trimester is the worst!


SKJ - Glad you called and got the answers you wanted.


AFM - Someone asked about getting progesterone checked? Anyway, when I have had it checked it never had been an issue so I wouldn't think it would be now? But, then again, I am getting older so anything is possible. From what I've been reading what I have is red bleeding although it hardly comes out, if you know what I mean. It's just comes and goes and is usually on just the tp. I know if it's a loss it's a loss and nothing can be done about it. I do still have symptoms. Slightly tender ta-tas, having to go every 5 seconds to wee, hungry as a bear, and tired. So I'm still hopeful as long as I have symptoms. When they go I know I'm in trouble. Just feeling a tad heart sick as we really did not try this month and hardly dtd around o time. It was a surprise that the test was positive and that it continued to get darker. I just thought it was another chemical. But this is it. This is the end of a huge chapter of my life. I dunno how I'm going to cope knowing that it's not a year or so I'm taking off but the rest of my life. Where do I go from here?


Okay, enough rambling. Hugs ladies!

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TF - keeping up the positive thoughts. Excited for you to keep posting good news.

SKJ - sorry about AF bad timitng. Good luck tomorrow.

Chrissy - looks like strong positive to me too. Yay!

T's mama- good luck with RE.

jpack - good luck Wednesday.

Indie - exciting you started your shots, hope it goes will. Where are you taking them? I had mine in my stomach. They told me to alternate sides, but I found it didn't hurt as much on my left side. When I asked, they said it was fine to do it all on one side, if I prefered.


AFM - 2WW is sooooo long. I am trying to stay zen and wait it out. DH said i am looking "busty" I hope he's right and I am going to get that BFP.

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I'm so tired - awful sleep last night... Kept waking up with mild asthma - that's fresh air for you lol!
Apologies no personals, hugs and happy juice all around, good night ladies I will see you in my am 💤💤💤
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i'm on my phone so i'm going to do my best to respond without being able to look back thru everyone's posts. please forgive me if i miss something!

toothfairy - i agree with everything skj said... if only we could fast forward to being 4mos pregnant (and i like chrissy's idea about the fortune telling hpts! ha!) just remember that with all the loss you've seen from being in the IF world that doesn't mean that you will have to go through that as well. it does suck that the innocence of pregnancy has been stripped from us all... just try your best to let go and celebrate the sh*t out of this smile.gif yes, i'm doing the pen. only 75iu on day 5 and 7 in addition to low dose femara. monitoring on thurs a.m., iui likely on saturday.

msd - busty is a good sign! so hopeful for you! i'm doing my shots on the left side as well... seems easier for a righty smile.gif

jpack - i now love the term beta hater. haha. looking forward to a comforting 2nd beta. enjoy your meetup with tf!

chrissy - i'm focused my half-assed energy healing on you this morning. i want you to have that 2nd baby... i'm so happy you have symptoms!

sila - how did the birth go?

skj - i would have loved a valium for my hsg!! i was a complete wreck. had a fight with dh before my appt and was sure that the test would give me more bad news. i cried all the way thru it. it was one of the worst days ever. will be refreshing this thread all day looking for your test results.

tenzin - you also give me hope... will be rooting you on for number 3!

chuord - sleep well!

afm - have to run hope i caught everyone... last gonal-f shot and femara pill tonite. haven't heard back about blood test results. not in a hurry to get them. sometimes ignorance is bliss smile.gif
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Indie - Wow - that was fast! Already done with shots and femara tonight?!?!? I'm excited to hear about your monitoring results later this week. I just have such a good feeling about this for you.

Chrissy - I hope this chapter ends b/c you have your new baby all snuggled up with you. They always say, it happens when you aren't trying smile.gif Glad you are having symptoms and I hope they continue to get worse.

MsD - Are you planning to test at home or just wait to go to the doc? Busty sounds like a good sign!!

chuord - hope you get some rest!
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So, all the results are in and everything is 100 % normal. So, she said a few things could become "activated" when I become pregnant and to call the second I find out I'm pregnant. Then, she would have me come in once a week for the first trimester.depending on bloodwork, I could be on blood thinners or intralipids. If I have another loss, we'd do a d and c and test for chromosomal issues. I asked if the losses could be due to a hormonal imbalance and she said maybe the last two bc they were so early, but statistically, it's more likely a chromosomal issue. I disagree and so does the new doc. So, this doc said to just keep trying in our own. My plan is to send all the results to the new doc and keep on with the current plan of natural cycle evaluation.

I asked what we do if its a chromosomal issue and the doc today said ivf with embryo selection, but it won't likely work bc of my amh, which is "really bad" <- her words.

I don't like her at all. I always leave feeling doomed. Ugh.
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SKJ - that's both good news that things are normal, and a grumpy ass doctor who I would like to kick in the guts lol - and I'm not a violent person! I'm so glad you've got that new doc - I really wouldn't bother seeing that first one again unless you have to... I have to say some people don't have the right social skills to be doctors, they actually do interviews here now to get into med school - trying to make sure they have an appropriate disposition. I've had a doctor before (gp) that got so edgy about a problem he thought I had, that I had to calm him down! So wrong! Sorry - pet hate lol... I tell my dh if he loses the sensitive side I'll knock him around as that's what makes him a good surgeon. Ok so the just is please just laugh at that useless doc and feel happy you found a good one 😃, I'm so sorry she's been making you feel worse!

Indie - yay that you are so close - fingers crossed!
Everybody else (sorry its so hard on my phone) I also did some energy work last night on you all... I needed to ward off a virus so it helped me too. There seems to be so many of you that are sitting on potential real pregnancies - so very exciting!

Afm - have had awful sleep the last 2 nights, (tmi) my tonsils are mucosy and give me a tickly cough every half hour or so... Right now I'd volunteer to have them removed... It's been happening for months but never kept me up that much before - gp visit.
Yesterday's treatment was interesting... We did some work on my ovaries - the eggs were fine it was the hormones that needed balancing, so I'm all sorted and functioning lol... We checked dh and he needed some emotional clearances to do with his testicles lol... He'd made a mistake when young (pregnancy) and because the ensuing termination had caused distress all around, he'd sub consciously put a lock down on the goods, so as not to cause anyone pain again. So we fixed that! Apparently its common with men - even fathers telling sons not to get a girl pregnant can do it. I've learnt thru treatments that although you think that you've moved on from something there can be a memory in the sub conscious that causes the body to react... Kinergetics/kinesiology is like a defrag and reboot for the sub conscious - I would recommend it to anyone. She also confirmed my last 2 cycles I was pregnant, not in my head or phantom... That this month will not happen for us, because the soul that's waiting can't get there till next month lol - very weird I know... I only got into this stuff when normal medicine didn't work... I already know it will be a boy. So when it happens we will find out for sure how right she is. Btw you can do it remotely and your dh does not need to be there - mine knows this stuff works for me, but refuses to do it. Hehehe... My loop hole is i can get him 'done' when it directly is for my benefit! If you want more info google 'bayside kinesiology' Brisbane... Apologies if it sounds too weird or pushy, I just know what it's like to run out of options - and I'm the queen of looking for the next one.
Hugs and thanks for allowing my early morning phobe ramble!
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chuord - you are an endless source of new information for me! one day when I have extra time I am totally going back through your posts to google this stuff! hope you feel better soon and, hey, one more month isn't too long to wait! :)


skj - i am so glad you are with this new doc. i don't know how your loses could be anything other than hormonal imbalance given all of the data you've collected through your charts... i think this next cycle is going to tell you so much. how interesting about the second hcg shot... i just really think that this next cycle is going to give so much information and that it will be a few small tweaks before you are pregnant again with your take home baby. i really think you will be pregnant again within this first quarter of 2013. i can't wait for you next appt with the new doc. i love her.

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chuord very interesting stuff. The mind/body connection is very important and there are so many interesting healing modalities. I'm considering hypnotherapy- I had a great practitioner in New Mexico, she taught a hypnobirthing class and then I saw her to help me calm my nerves and focus for the bar exam. I passed with flying colors, so...

indie sounds good about the stims I'm very excited to watch this cycle of yours!

SKJ I'm glad for you that even if one of your doctors is lame and makes you feel bad, at least you have super-awesome-rock-star doctor. And you get that great extra info, too! And all the rpl info you get is super helpful for me because.... Drum roll please... It's looking like another loss over here! Oh, this is my AFM: temp way down, period cramps and a lighter test. I'm going tomorrow for the beta, but only so I don't have to tell the RE, kwim? So... I'm kinda accepting it - better now than later, right?! I'm so glad to have all you lovely ladies who get this... I was thinking about how crazy if I posted this on Facebook or something. Don't know how I get in this crazy mood every time though where I consider crazy stuff like that- I just say whatever's on my mind!
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Ah what is with my double posts?! Sorry
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oh jpack i hope this isn't what you think it is. sending major hugs.
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Jpack - Nooooooooo! I don't want to believe this at all. I hope you are wrong, but I also know how much false hope sucks too! Why, why, why?? This is just so incredibly unfair. I'm so mad at the world for all the heartbreak all of us are dealing with on this horrible journey. Not that it helps at all, but everything you wrote was EXACTLY how I felt after the last lost. I was just so over it. I was glad it was an early loss and I wanted to scream it from the rooftops. But, when I did mention it to people, they didn't know what to say, and it was awkward. Not that there is anything to say except I'm so incredibly sorry. I really hope all this is not necessary b/c you get a nice doubled beta tomorrow. Please, please, please let that be the case.
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Jpack - Hugs to you! I hope you get good news tomorrow.


Chuord - You post the most amazing things! I might have to look into the mind/body connection.


Indie - Holy crap, woman! Soon, very very soon you will have you bfp. Can.Not.Wait!


SKJ - Glad the testing came back good. I'm with Indie that soon you will have your take home baby.


AFM - yep. Think this is a loss. Spotting is coming more frequent and now starting to get slight cramps on and off on both sides. Still have symptoms oddly enough. Ah well. Time will tell.

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Chrissy - I hope the spotting is nothing, I really, really do. Man, I just wish the BFP was the beginning of a happy, stress free time, but instead isn't not and it just sucks. I'm so sorry you are in limbo. It's the worst. Did you have any spotting with DS? I had some with DD, a week of red spotting before my BFP and I have a friend who had decent bleeding her whole pregnancy. So, it can happen, but I know you know the drill. Ugh. Why, world, why??
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ughhh no, chrissy. no no no. are you going to the doctor? the symptoms are a good sign. many women have bleeding in early pregnancy, right? big, big, big hug.
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Oh Chrissy I'm so sorry. You've been through so much. Do you get all like crazy sarcastic? Apparently I do. I've noticed, it's my miscarriage symptom!

Thanks indie and SKJ btw.
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I just caught up and oh poo! Chrissy and Jpack - have sent you and the embabies energy and love... hoping that it isn't so. Hugs for tomorrow's beta jpack, Chrissy hugs for you too! hug2.gif


In fact hugs all around... here's hoping we are due a batch of positive luck! grouphug.gif (I've made it to the computer and the proper emoticons whistling.gif)


Indie, I don't understand the iui process very well, can you please let me know how long after your last injection you tend to ovulate... Or more importantly how much longer you have to wait to O lol... One day I'll edit but I figure my lack of english skills is an extra laugh!

Indie your photo is the only one I can see clearly on my phone (funky I love it) so its great to be able to see what your pics are... Skj you have a great smile orngbiggrin.gif you can tell how happy you are with your daughter.

Jpack and Chrissy - cute pics of your children!


AFM - thanks for listening to my earlier ramble, its very much appreciated! This morning I have been for a Bowen therapy session (like acupressure massage) and I am feeling fantastic, the knots in my shoulders are gone and my hips feel straight - oh dear I sound like a Therapy junkie Sheepish.gif but I don't go that often its a fluke they were close together. Then this afternoon I am going with my sister to check out her new townhouse and measure for fridges - good baby distraction, although the therapy must have worked cos right now I am not stressing about being old or infertile or even generally broken. Just looking forward to enjoying it when it happens and living vicariously through you girls.


I'm sending everyone happy, positive dust.gif and pos.gif

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