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Toothfairy and Jpack... I am so hopeful for you both today! Love Love Love to you both!


Sila - you know, when I was talking with my dh the other day about how we've been trying for roughly 2 1/2 years since the miscarriage with not a single pregnancy to show for it, his response was "well, we haven't really been trying that hard" REALLY??? ... so... yeah... i get it :) i'm sorry about your confusing symptoms. i hope there is some resolution for you (and all of us) soon.


Chuord - I love your profile pic! Where was that taken? I keep laughing to myself about your comment of making sure to orgasm... i imagine myself on the table getting the IUI and... yeah... maybe not the most appropriate place to implement that strategy! hahaaha.


Chrissy and SKJ - happy friday :)


AFM - IUI tomorrow morning. we went ahead and bd'd yesterday evening before i triggered. that might be cutting it close for the sperm sample but from what i understand dh's numbers are fine, it's his motility that's compromised, so i think we should be ok. i've booked a 90 mintue massage for this evening and am adding in QGM therapy which is some kind of sound therapy that is supposed to increase your Qi :wink1.gif i'm a sucker for stuff like that. we'll see. i'm trying to stay in a positive place without hanging that positivity on the results of this cycle. if i try to think things like "this is it! this is the cycle we will get our baby!" it doesn't feel good because then i think about all the reasons it won't work... so i'm trying to just keep my energy positive by being thankful for my doctor and her staff, being thankful that my goofy right ovary appears to be working, being thankful that the rest of my life besides this infertility stuff is pretty easy breezy, thankful for each and every one of you, thankful that i get to see skj again in february (woot!), thankful that i have more things to "try" when it comes to getting our baby... there's much to be thankful for even if this cycle is a big, fat, hairy, bust. you have my permission to remind me of all of this if i crash and burn over the 2ww :)

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indie that's a lot to be thankful for! I'm thankful for you, too! It's crazy the things our dhs come up with! I think a lot if times, at least for me, they just have such a hard time putting thoughts into words and sort of processing. My dh says things he doesn't really mean and I feel like I have to put it into that context and usually he kinda figures it out later! Super cool about your treatments! Good luck! Enjoy!

sila I'm so sorry it has been so tough for you, and sorry dh isn't helpful and supportive. I know what you mean about wanting it to work or be over it, I feel that way too a lot- I feel like if I just gave up and put that energy towards dd, I'd just be so much happier and feel better. But of course, I could regret that too, and we want it so bad... I wish there was some certainty!

Shell hi!

chrissy hope you're hanging in there! Sending a hug!

afm sorry on phone- little ability to get everybody but hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to a nice three-day-weekend!! (In the us...)

In the car to the RE, dd goes, "I hope you don't get any bad news today." I never thought she connected to dots. It's crazy. She is pretty emotionally mature, and I actually feel better that somehow she understands- I'm not mad at her or anything, just sometimes life gives you lemons. She still has no clue what the news is about, I think.

I'll let you all know how today's beta goes, I'm trying to get to the same mind frame I was on Wednesday when I was totally prepared for a falling beta. Letting the acceptance back in! Watched Modern Family last night and thought, you know, a big gap between dd and a sib might be just fine! And since that's my only real fear, I'm fine... For today!
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sila - No need for apologies! We are here for you always. This process is so hard in and of itself and stupid DH's just make it so much harder. It's like they don't see how painful this is for us. I guess my only thought is know that you aren't alone in terms of DH's not getting it. I also totally get what you are saying about being so healthy in every other aspect of your life, why can't you just fix this one too. It's just really sucky and hard to feel so helpless. I hate when temping causes more stress. I hope you get some answers and that you are ovulating early this month. I think that if you are temping an hour later, it makes sense that your temps are higher. And, I'm sure that you will see a temp shift when you O. I totally understand the feeling of trying this one thing and being done. It's just so hard to go through so much heartbreak. I'm sending you lots of love.

Chrissy - Hugs and love right back at you.

indie - I think you hit the positivity nail on the head. I think we wrap up so much of our feelings in the outcome (for good reason), but there are many things to be thankful for as we go through the process. I'm going to take what you said as inspiration. I'm going to try to write down 5 things I'm thankful for every morning. Focusing on the good things is such a nice way to start the day.

Good luck tomorrow. I'm totally LOL about orgasming while getting an IUI. Enjoy all your fun massage stuff today!

Jpack - wow. Your DD sounds amazing. It sucks that she has a sense of what is going on, but I can imagine that being a sense of support in a way too. I sometimes wish I could tell DD everything since I know (even at 2.5 yo) she'd get it more than DH smile.gif

As for the gap, I share your concerns. But, I'm in a place where I think a big gap is great for a few reasons. First, I'm 4.5 years older than my brother and I remember him being born and just LOVING everything about him. I did torture him a bit too wink1.gif We had a great relationship when we were little and still do. So, I think having an older DD would be so great b/c she'll be such an awesome helper with the baby. Then, I also love the idea of having so much time getting to know DD on her own without another baby. It would be so hard to juggle two close to the same age. Then, when #2 shows up, DD will be in school and you will have time to focus on the baby. A good friend of mine who has 2 that are 21 months apart feels like she missed out on her second's first year b/c she was just trying to manage the two of them. I really don't see any down sides. I'm sure there are some, but I'm choosing to ignore them smile.gif

So, whatever happens today, you will be ok and your family will be ok. We will be here to support you regardless of the outcome. hug2.gif
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So... Beta was today 189. Actually shorter doubling time than the last interval, but still not good: I'm down from 67hrs to 57 hrs. More torture, this time I don't go back til Tuesday. Progesterone was down from 14 to 12. I asked about the prometrium and they're gonna call me back. I'm feeling like I'm not in good hands, I mean, should I really have to ask? Shouldn't they care about this working? Oh, who knows... Anyway, we'll see how it goes I guess.
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My re said you need them to increase by 66% every 48 hours. It sucks so bad to be in limbo. But they are within range. And, progesterone fluctuates. Besides not having a clue about progesterone, did they say anything about the increase in hcg? Hoping you just have a lazy boy in there.
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Thanks SKJ! I just got off the phone with the nurse- she was nice, but no real answers. She was supposed to get an answer about prometrium and the answer was no, doc "doesn't recommend it" because "it's not shown to help in clomid cycles" but she's fine if I want to take it because it won't hurt. Not a particularly helpful answer and of course I'll be all over that research tonight about clomid... After I go ahead and use it!

The nurse was kinda hopeful, actually, so that was interesting... What to do until Tuesday?...
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Jpack - What does that even mean it doesn't help in clomid cycles?? Is an implanted embryo & pregnancy not the same regardless of method used to get there??? I'm so happy to hear your progress & really hope this is it.

I'm on my way put to dinner & promise I'll come back for personals tomorrow. My HCG was up to 164, doubling time 54 hours. Progesterone was 9.41 so it looks like we are still on the game. We go back Tuesday for hopefully my final beta.
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TF, that's great news!!!!!  I hope you have a peaceful weekend, knowing that things are going in the right direction.

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tf & jpack - Congrats to both of you. I think things are going to work out!! You both are well within the 48-72 hour range. And, based on TF's dream, we know she's having a boy, so I'm guessing you are too Jpack. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. can't wait for Tuesday's results.
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hallefrickinlujah!!! hooray tf and jpack!! i think skj is right... we have two lazy boys on our hands!!! ahhh best news i could get after rolling off the massage table!!
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Congratulations joy.gifjoy.gif Very happy for ou TF and Jpack!!! , Good Luck on the IUI tomorrow Indie thumb.gif

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Yay Jpack and TF!!!!!! bouncy.gifIndie, sending you good vibes for tomorrow!!blowkiss.gif

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Jpack and TF so glad to hear you're both still in the game!!!!!


(I'll try to come back later because I want to post more!)

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Hooray jpack and tf!!!!!
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Yay, jpack and TF! This is great news!!
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Jpack and TF - WooHooo! I have been tuning in and out and hoping like mad that everything kept moving... So excited right now!



Indie - Thanks! The pic is taken at a seaside suburb, lol the weather here is too hot for us during the day through summer (Nov-March) this day was cold and wet - very rare, so us two idiots got all geared up and went for a walk... surprise surprise we had it almost to ourselves!

ROFL re the orgasm in the doc's office.... Hmm you could be right on that one... Worse if you laugh while in there and have to explain why! (now I've suggested it you know you will lol).. Seriously though, great idea to do the relaxation treatments, and thinking of you heaps as the process gets fully under way! I love your attitude about this cycle - keep it up, and let things just happen!


Skj - you are such a wonderful support to the girls on here - I love it!


Sila, Chrissy, Tenzin's, Shell, and Indie and Skj - It looks like another two down, here's to there being at least another two of us this month, and the month after, etc. Happy baby dust and stickiness all around!

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Chuord - Thanks. Your're right. That's what we're here for! It's just so frustrating sometimes that guys deal with things so differently than we do. I also enjoy reading about your energy healing. I practice a lot of yoga and have begun to learn more about the chakras, nadis, and energy pathways. My DH doesn't like it either. 


Chrissy - Thanks. How are your feeling/doing?


Indie - What the heck men?!?!? Seriously? Mine said the exact same thing. Wtf. We never BD before an IUI but always did after. I hope you have nice high count and motility and that it goes well! Are you Qi deficient? According to my acupuncturist I am. I'm excited for you 2ww and think you have a great attitude! 


Indie/Chuord - Did you know that all other female mammals have to orgasm to conceive? Humans are the only ones that don't have to. But seeing as the rest of the animal kingdom does, it seems like it can only help. I learned that on a podcast I listened to once...


SKJ - Thanks lady. I've often thought the same about the age gap issue. That maybe DS just needed more time alone with me and that it will be the same for the next one since DS will be in school. I have a sister that is 5 yrs younger and we close growing up and we still are close even though we live far away from each other. It will all work out.


Jpack - Thanks. I really do try to stay as present with DS as I can, but wouldn't it be great if we just didn't have to think about this anymore? Does your DD go with you to your RE appts? It's crazy how much they figure out isn't it. Every time I tell DS I'm going to the Dr. he asks if I'm going to get a shot in my butt because one time I had to take him with me and that's what they did lol! I'm still so hopeful for you!


AFM - DH and I are still bickering ugh. I missed temping again because I was with a client all night.

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Sila - thanks for the female mammal orgasm info lol! between us we really are building up a case in favour of our own pleasure! Lol I guess compared to injectables iui and ivf its a relatively enjoyable option! blush.gif

I reread your profile, you have my extra sympathy... although I'm sure you love your job - its got to be hard when other peoples babies prevent you 'organizing' your own!

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Thinking of you tomorrow indie
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jpack, not sure how  I missed your post, but I had to go back and check after reading everyone elses. So glad to hear!!!!


Indie, good luck with tomorrow!!!!


Sila, yes we are all here for each other. Hmmm, something must be in the air... I've been super annoyed with DH, and we've been bickering a bit, too. Stupid stuff though. I'm just so tired, and so is he. The littlest things can set us off. I think there is something to be said for spacing kids out more-- there is 22 months difference between my 2 and some days I could use at least another 6 months additional spacing... But then I tell myself that it would have been a different sperm and egg and then we wouldn't have my daughter, it would have been a different baby girl or boy... so it does all work out somehow, doesn't it.


What is everybody up to for the weekend?

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