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Indie - whenever I took the prometrium orally, I would go to bed at 9. I got a little sleepy on crinone, but not too bad.

AFM - After my appointment a few weeks ago, I had a few follow -up questions for the new RE. I decided to write them down and fax them so nothing got lost in translation. I sent the fax on Friday. Yesterday (sunday) morning, I got an email back from the RE"s PERSONAL email account answering ALL my questions. It was amazing. I asked about DHEA and she's going to check my levels b/c she said if it's too high, it can cause miscarriage. she's also going to check my vitamin D to make sure it's ok since my AMH dropped. She said the RPL doc didn't test us for genetic issues and something else, so she's going to do those test too. She also said that she "loves baby aspirin and 81 mg per day is perfect." I'm so in love. i feel so relaxed and optimistic about things. It sucks that I won't get a fall baby, but oh well. I just pray that one day I end up with a healthy pregnancy and baby and I think this doctor is the best way to reach my goal. I have to say, not being able to try this month is kind of freeing.
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SKJ, did she say anything more about the baby aspirin? Our clinic likes using it, too, but I'm not completely sure of when/how they recommend it other than the time we were told to use it, when we were starting IVF. And then I don't even know for how long we were supposed to take it, I just stopped when I got the surprise bfp. Did you happen to ask about CoQ10?


Thanks for all the info, everyone!

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Morning! Lol just a quick one as I'm on the phone (again) indie, this is completely irrelevant but for my last early loss I was sleepy from about that many days past O lol... Also the tastes were changing etc... But isn't that when the progesterone kicks in? I reckon you should think progesterone... Lol if you start symptom spotting now it will be a very long tww!
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Tenzin - I asked about CoQ10, Myoinositol and l-arginine. she said it's fine to take all of those. I've been on them for a few months now. I asked if it was ok to take baby aspirin b/c it could help in preventing miscarriages. she said that i should take 81mg (baby aspirin) once a day all cycle. To prevent miscarriage, I believe you continue taking it throughout the first trimester.
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Thanks, SKJ.


I just finished reading all the posts on this thread, so I feel like I know all of you a bit better. I'm sure I'm not going to keep everything straight though!  I love looking at the pictures of the POAS lines, and TF's little baby! What wealth of information, I'm sure that it's all going to help me as I get closer to being ready for my IUI injectible. You know, I'm just realizing, I didn't even ask my RE what the cost was, I was so excited to be able to use my Gonal F. Oh yeah... how exciting that some of you have actually been able to meet in person!

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Woah, I'm behind. Really behind.


I'm a mess guys. My hormones are out of control right now. I hope it's a sign that I'm going to ovulate soon. That or go crazy.


Once again I am doubting whether I really want to do the injectables and any more meds at all or just focus on healing my body.


Hi everyone. 

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Sila, I wish things weren't so complicated in this whole ttc'ing journey... Hopefully it is O coming. Have you done injectibles before?

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Sila- I hope it is a sign of impending ovulation. I'm sorry you're feeling down & hope the blues pass by you soon. Hormones suck greensad.gif

Tenzin- i'm impressed you read all through! Honestly even adter a year & a half together I still can't keep everyone straight s no worries there. I think typically you continue baby aspirin for the whole pregnancy. It reduces miscarriage caused by blood clots. It cant hurt for an IUI cycle either.

SKJ- that is awesome about getting an email back & that she is so on top of your testing! Enjoy your month of no strings attached, hopefully it is the last one til next year!

Indie- I think sleepiness & other pregnancy related symptoms are totally normal with progesterone. Symptom spotting is so hard not to do! Agh! Longest 2ww ever! Still praying hard that your baby is on its way!
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sila, i'm sorry for your hormone troubles greensad.gif i know too well that feeling of your body not behaving. it sucks. i hope O is on its way. if you want to weigh the pros and cons of medicated cycles vs focusing on getting your body healthy, we are here to listen smile.gif

tf and chuord - don't worry, no symptom spotting here... way too early for that! just trying to figure out this progesterone business.

skj - i love your doc as much as i love my own smile.gif i'm glad to hear her thoughts on baby aspirin, i realize now i never talked about that with my doc but i've been taking it for months now. also, i totally get the "freeing" feeling of not trying. if some ways it's nice to be told you have to take a break.
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SKJ and Indie - Your doctors sound so wonderful!!


I take baby aspirin and was able to take until week 30something when I was pg with DS. The ob at the time wanted it out of my system before I gave birth so I would bleed too much.


AFM - Hi everyone. Still hanging around even though I dunno why. Still bleeding and the cramping finally stopped yesterday which had me concerned but now it's all good. Called current ob and, no, there's nothing he'll do for me except send me to Shady Grove which is hours away 1 way and I honestly don't want to drag DS into our miscarriage issues. We did start going there when I got pg with DS. Anyway, DS asked me yesterday if I could buy him a sister and last week he saw a little boy on tv and told me "that's my brother, mommy".  I don't know if there's anything I can try on my own in case I have a progesterone issue. I've read the otc creams suck.


Ah well. Thinking of y'all!!!


TF and Jpack - Super high betas tomorrow!

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TF, I enjoyed reading through all the posts... I love all the support that everyone has for each other, it's really heartwarming.  So nice to have that, when it can be really hard irl to talk about many of these things.


Chrissy, ((HUGS)). The comments your DS... aw... Makes me emotional! 

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Waiting for my hsg. I already have an 18mm folicle and my lining is an 11. I'm only cd 9. Early ovulation is not a good thing greensad.gif
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Tenzin - I hope it is too. No, we have not done injectables. This would be the first, and likely only time.


TF - I'm so happy about your pregnancy symptoms! I know how terrible they are, but I'm just happy this is happening for you!


Chrissy - Hugs. I'm sorry you feel like you can't do anything and making the drive is our of the equation. That sucks.


SKJ - This is a natural cycle right? You may not ovulate early. If your follicle grows 1-2mm/day natural ovulation usually occurs around 23-25mm from what I understand. Everyone's body is different though. Good luck with the HSG! Is this your first time.


AFM - I came across this yesterday so I'm giving it a try. I was supposed to have a gyn appt today but I cancelled since the latest guidelines say I only need one every 3yrs and I remembered I had one last yr. Plus we had sex last night and I'm convinced I'm ovulating. Here I go all hopeful again...

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sila - ooh thanks! The u/s tech said my lining looked "luteal". tha'ts what had me concerned. But, I'm not getting tons of EWCM and my cervix isn't ready for O, so if it holds off a few days, that would be fantastic. I totally hear you on the dilemma b/t fixing your body and moving on to injectibles. That was exactly the crossroads I was at before meeting this new doc. I'm of the mindset that I want to know WHY things are happening the way they are so we can treat the underlying problem vs. just trying anything and everything to get me pregnant. I think this mindset is a direct result of having multiple losses. I'm scared that I'd get pregnant on injectibles and still lose it if we haven't figured out why I'm loosing them. And, that's a costly approach.

I hope you are Oing and that you won't need to decide on next steps.

AFM - I'm doped up on valium. The hsg was totally uneventful. It was slightly uncomfortable, but not bad at all. The person who did it said that on first glance, everything looks normal. I should hear from the doc tomorrow about her interpretation. Have a feeling that I'm not going to be getting much work done in this medicated state smile.gif
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Oh and good luck jpack and tf!!! Cant' wait to hear your #s.
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Spoke too soon. Cervix is ready to go and lots of EWCM. I did an OPK and it was totally negative, so either I'm Oing today, or I haven't surged yet. So confusing! I was wondering why I was really in the mood yesterday wink1.gif
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So mine's a gonner... My hcg is down to 175. So hoping this moves quickly and wishing I could get to the bottom of it... greensad.gif
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Oh jpack - I'm so, so sorry hon. I know how much it just f-ing sucks. I hate that we have such similar paths. Why does life have to be so hard. I'm sending you tons of hugs. I wish I could take the pain away.
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jpack, i'm so, so sorry. hug2.gif

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Im sorry Jpack... That's awful... ((hug))
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