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TF - I think it was you that commented that the 'dremel' multi purpose was similar to what they use in dentistry? Lol I was reminded when I looked at your profile and saw you were a hygenist smile.gif My DH, was a dentist, then did medicine, and after a 5 year stint in emergency, actually got around to doing his OMFS surgery training. The dentures in question were made by my mil's father like 30-40 years ago (even more eeew) DH made her some new ones 8 or so years ago - which she never wore... Lol he is always so excited (not) to 'treat' them as it involves imaginative thinking as she will not go into a surgery, will only wear a partial, and now has 2 teeth on the top to hold it in greensad.gif - lol eating with them is never fun! Hence the dremel - although he was a bit miffed that it cost $200 with all the required bits compared to the $20k it will cost when he has to buy a real one.

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TF, Bebe, Gtree - Hope you're all holding up okay.


JPack  and TF - Hope you're unburied from all that snow


Chuord - yay for af! (Odd to be saying that. lol)


Indie - Thinking of you. I've read about using rrl even though I've never tried it. I am trying Vitex for the heck of it.


Sila - Amazing what you do. Enjoy your sleep!


AFM - Just waiting for af. She's due from Thursday on out til Saturday. Want to test but know there's no chance in hell. Enjoyed the very nice weather today. Was almost 65 so DS and I had lunch outside.

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Sila, yes I have started looking for doulas! I can imagine doing this without one!! :) Whoa, a 10-lb unmedicated birth!!


Indie, thanks for reassuring me :) I'm sure everything is fine too, but I can't believe how complicated this has become. As for you . . . I've never taken red raspberry leaf capsules (just tea). I'm so hopeful for you this cycle! I love how well researched you always are. You're going to get there girl.


Chuord, thanks so much :) I think everything is fine, too. I just hate that stupid test and don't know why I took it. If I had known it's reputation for false positives, especially in older mamas, I really wouldn't have done it! Overall, I'm really not stressing too much. She's kicking and moving, and no matter what, all is well. I love that you are just enjoying DH and allowing yourself fun together! 


Chrissy, hi!! So glad you had a nice warm day. That's warmer than San Diego was today!!


My advice to everyone: wait until 12 weeks to do Harmony/MaterniT21 and skip the 1st/2nd trimester quad screens. That way, you don't risk getting a false positive on the quads, but don't have to risk wondering if you took the Harmony/MaterniT21 too early!! Save yourself any stress :)

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thinking of you today, tooth fairy! so hopeful that you get released to your midwife!! 


sila - thanks for that link! tomorrow is follicle scan/check my lining and E2 day... have always wanted to try a castor oil pack... will see if i can get past the store today. otherwise, hoping these RRL capsules are doing some sort of magic.


bebe - thanks for sharing your advice... i know i will be hitting you up with lots of questions when the time comes :)


chrissy - has AF shown yet? what's your personally designed protocol this next cycle? :)


EOE - peace.gif what's up with everyone?

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A drop in to say I'm thinking of you, Tf. Can't wait for your news.
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DH is late for our u/s. As if I needed this to be more stressful.

Thanks for all the love :-*
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hang in there my friend. so much prayer and love going out to you and baby toothfairy right now!
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Hope dh showed up
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He made it, our U/S tech is great. Baby is now measuring 7w4d so only 4 days small. Gestational sac hasn't grown so thats frustrating... Heart rate was 168. So now we play the waiting game, again. I have to make a midwife appt & hopefully they will do another u/s to check soon.
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TF, thinking of you and hoping for a wonderful update.

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TF, we cross-posted! This is GREAT news! Trust me, nothing goes textbook but it seems like more times than not everything works out. Hang in there, and keep sending all your positive energy and love to baby!

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oh, there's our baby!!!!!!!!!! what a beautiful sight! i agree with bebe... nothing is textbook. grow, baby, grow!!!!!! glad dh made it and that you had a great u/s tech!

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Oh my gosh! Such a gorgeous baby!
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Grow baby grow! Great HR!

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Gorgeous pic! Yay for a good hr! I agree with bebe and indie - my friend when she had her first baby the doc was telling them about the baby having way to short femurs and freaked them out... Baby was fine - both mum and dad have slightly smaller femurs lol... Just genetic, same happened with no 2 but they knew what it was then... I know it's early on but who's to say you both weren't petite babies! Lol Asian babies are meant to be 1/2 kg lighter at birth - generally - I'm hoping that's true, less pain! 😜😝😜
Seriously though baby looks amazing xxxx
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Sila - yay for valentines day... Don't you start your meds today? (Ok in a few hours you time lol) hope it goes well!
Hugs to everyone, and hope you get a romantic treat today, albeit just a heart felt hug xxx
Afm instead of being stressed my dh is not working, and has no 'firm' work ahead... I'm just loving the time together - so sad everyday is like a weekend, sleeping in and snuggling.
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Chuord - Nope, they are supposed to arrive today! I mean tomorrow. It's still Wednesday here lol. I start them Tuesday. So fun that you guys are having so much time together! I'm jealous! Dh was supposed to be out of town today thru Friday so he gave me orange tulips (favorite flower and color!) and a nice card. Then he ended up staying home. I have a nice gift I'm excited for that is actually for our whole family. It will be ready for me to pick up tomorrow!

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Google tells me a small gestational sac is pretty grim. Looking at my past 3 ultrasounds I don't see any difference in sac size, just in baby size. Then I made the mistake of googling 8 week ultrasounds to see just how small my sac really is. My poor little octopus is going to outgrow his sac. Grow sac grow... 


indie- YAY for your first check tomorrow! How are you doing with the shots? I took RRL for a while a few years ago, hope it helps!


Sila- Your tulips sound beautiful! Enjoy your special delivery of meds and your family present tomorrow.


chourd- Sleeping in and snuggling sound heavenly. Hope he gets a job opportunity soon.


bebe- So much stress in this process, it really doesn't ever end does it! I will take your advice on the testing. We haven't even gotten to that part of the research process yet. I'm sure everything is fine with baby girl!


chrissy- Do you have a plan to try something this next cycle? Did you try this cycle, is it possible AF won't show?

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TF - Praying for baby's sack! I know that a sac that is too big is indicative of chromosomal abnormalities and isn't good either. I don't much about it being too small. Praying it ends up just right

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I'm really hoping all is well with little bean's sac, Toothfairy. Sending you all the good vibes I can muster.

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