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Sila- do you know anything about home birth if they end up sending me to a high-risk OB? It seems like it can lead to growth restriction which usually ends up at a high-risk office. I feel like on top of everything else my dreams of an intervention free birth are also flushing away. 


mamatara- thank you for the good vibes! We hope so too, only time will tell. 

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toothfairy - i confess, i've been googling on your behalf as well and i've come across several situations where the sac wasn't growing but then suddenly caught up. i guess it truly is a wait and see situation but not a situation that is doomed by any stretch. still praying nonstop.

sila - your tulips sound lovely! my dh is anti-valentines day and forced romanticism. i let him get away with it as long as he remembers to be romantic on other days... so far so good. but he hasn't gotten me flowers in a while... hmph!

chuord - enjoy this time with your dh! what a gift!

afm - trying not to freak out. i've been feeling ovulate-y this evening. i'm only cd 8 but i'm so paranoid that all these meds are gonna make me ovulate early. we went ahead and bd'd this afternoon and my ovaries were quite sore during and after the "activities" and i've even had a bit of spotting. i know i have a leftover cyst from last cycle so maybe that's the culprit? i will feel so much better once i get a peak inside tomorrow... sigh. there's always something to worry about...
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The gestation sac size in pregnancies resulting from in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer have been compared with those in spontaneous pregnancies. Small-for-dates gestational sac sizes were found in 36% of the IVF pregnancies. This proportion held for both singleton and multiple pregnancies. With increasing gestation beyond 8 weeks the gestation sac volume increasingly approached normal. In contrast to spontaneous conceptions, IVF pregnancies had a low rate of pregnancy loss once fetal heart movements were demonstrated, when the gestation sac size was small-for-dates. Small sac size in an IVF pregnancy may lead to the misdiagnosis of a failed pregnancy.

I'm going to take this study to heart & run with it so I can sleep. Also, I started getting nausea today. Lucky me.

Indie- that was always my biggest fear & inevitably every time, my follicles were small & totally not ready. Praying for you too lovely!
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Thanks sila and indie! We are enjoying it... Although I think the work will start soon (he's working with his old prof, who's 77? And almost ready to retire!)
Sila you'll have to let us know how tomorrows family present goes down... I agree the tulips sound perfect! I'll try and remember that next Tuesday is the start date - lol but since I don't know which meds are which 😝 I'll probably get confused lol!
Indie, we decided to go without the mass marketing this year... Dh is normally quite romantic and has done some wonderful things for me in the past... Being appreciated is awesome! Hoping and praying that your follies stay out until ripe and ready!
Hugs and hope to SKJ, msD, Chrissy and any I've missed...
TF - I love the latest bit you found, I agree hold onto that one - this baby is meant to stay put... And you had a fab heart beat! I did some energy work on both you and baby as I don't know who 'controls' the sack... Re birthing I know it can be important to you... Here's another story, I asked my friend what her birthing plan was, she replied 'to have a healthy baby' I said I know, but how do you plan to give birth... To which she replied 'we want a healthy baby and we will happily do whatever it takes to fulfil that' I know your journey has been long and hard, but I hope this helps you find peace if you don't get your birthing option xxx
Afm - almost finished AF... So then the 'business' can begin! Lol
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toothfairy - YES. that was exactly the article you needed to find! this is going to be ok!! hope you got amazing sleep last night!


chuord - it's business time wink1.gif (flight of the conchords)

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Indie - rofl!!!! Awesome!
Night all xxx
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one follicle. i'm crushed.
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One? How big is it?? Possible others will catch up? Hopefully the egg quality is fantastic & you only need the one!

To commiserate, I only had 1 with my injectable IUI, felt like a huge waste if you remember this time last year :( 

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Indie - Oh I'm devastated for you!!! No other hopefuls that might grow? 


TF - I'll have to come back to answer your other Q's.


You guys are freakin me out!!! Here I wait for my injectables to arrive....sometime between 8-4....

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Just had to come back and say IT CAME! Now I can't wait to start and I'm excited again!


Follistim, Follistim pen, trigger, sharps container, progesterone. I feel cool. It also looks like I've only had to pay $100 for all of that so far! I had them bill my insurance. Please God let it be true.

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sila - yay for your box of hope! :) and that's awesome if it only cost you $100 for all of that!!


cait - somehow it makes me feel better knowing you only got one follie on your injectible cycle... do you remember your protocol/dosage? i don't really know if my dosage was considerd a lot or a little or medium... i was on 112.5 units of gonal f from cycle days 4 through 8. my follie was 17 point something. which is smaller than my other two medicated IUI cycles... last time i was at 19.5 on cd 8 last cycle and my cycle over the summer i believe my follies were in the 20's on day of trigger... the ultrasound tech said i had "one good follicle" there was something else she was measuring but didn't tell me the measurments... but now that i think of it, i think it may have been the cyst that i started the cycle with. i'm thinking i will trigger tomorrow night... haven't gotten my call yet. i'm trying to remain hopeful. i know it's still possible... but i hate that i responded so poorly.

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I usually lurk on this thread, but I wanted to chime in...

Indie - 10 years ago, when I was doing injectable IUI, one month I only had one follie, we triggered it, and it resulted in my daughter. One follie is better then zero follies. (That's happened to me before. It sucks.) Thinking happy thoughts for you and your egg. smile.gif
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TF - I know it's hard not to worry. You would have to interview some midwives and see what they consider as risking out of home birth. Most midwives don't do any early u/s just a 20wk anatomy scan. If all is "normal" at that point with baby's growth you are probably fine. If you end up in the beginning being referred to a high risk OB but everything turn out fine and they release you as low-risk then you will be fine too :) Your dreams aren't flushing away, intervention free hospital birth happens all the time! But I know what you mean. Just be sure you hire the best doula available ;) I have already decided for myself that I will do the betas or at lest 1 to make sure my progesterone is ok since I still wonder if that was a part of my losses. If I only had 1 follicle and end up pg I will be refusing any early u/s, I have have multiple follicles I will consent to 1 early u/s but later (probably 8wks) to rule out multiples. 


Indie - My DH is so anti-Valentines and the whole commercial holiday thing too. I offered him the same deal. But, he tends not to be very romantic on other days either, so I got the flowers ;) I'm also interested to see how close you are to ovulating. I once had the same feeling around CD11 on Clomid and freaked out bc I didn't have a monitoring appt until next day and was convinced I was ovulating bc I was in so much pain! Well, I ended up ovulated my latest of all my Clomid cycles that cycle...


Love and virtual hugs and flowers to all of you this Valentine's Day! I truly love you all!

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oh, mamaBlue, thank you so much for de-lurking to tell me that! i needed to hear that. thank you thank you thank you. i scour the internet to find stories to keep my hope alive so this totally helped to save my day...


sila - i'm dying to get my phone call to find out about when to trigger... it's 4pm an no phone call yet. i'm worried that i'm going to slip through the cracks since my doctor is out of town this week...

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Indie - I'm sorry you're feeling down about the one follie... Here's hoping you follow mama blues and Silas lead - a late ovulating big fat egg that fertilizes and buries so well in your uterus you feel it happen! Hope you can visualize it 😊 sent you heaps of juice (energy) last night... And did your dh too... Praying for it to work!
Sila - yay for the box of magic! Lol you are next on the 'juice' list 😉 hope that the extra help (box of bits) gives you that confidence, and that it works like a charm!
TF - I gave both you and your baby a good dose of energy list night too (feel like I've said this already - but I have no idea who controls the 'sack') I'm sure this baby is meant to be there, and hope you get some calm - and enjoy that nausea lol, I've heard if no nausea you're more likely to miscarry...
Afm - hope this distracts and cheers... had a kinergetics treatment yesterday, I love that when she's 'tuned' into me my body has to be upfront and honest... I checked if I need any more supplements for pregnancy, and no I'm good on what I'm taking... We resolved an issue around breast feeding, and separated nutrient needs between me and 'potential' baby so that we both get what we need... Lol it feels like fine tuning, compared to earlier... A few months ago we resolved an issue for me and that's when Ranee met the 'character' that will be our baby - lol it came out to point out it wanted these things fixing in me before it showed as it was having none of my issues passed on lol... So cheeky and apparently full of energy like me. Until then I only wanted a girl, would have felt robbed with a boy... Now it's almost the reverse, I'm looking forward to finding out if this is all true, and am so totally in love with that potential baby...
Hugs to all you wonderful ladies - I agree with sila, I love you guys lol!
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Help? Is there a "yay" here or is the hcg still in my system? On cd29. Be back for personals later.





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Chrissy - I can't see anything on the wondfos, but it looks like a pink + on the frer! I have no idea though if it could be a hangover hcg level... Although I thought we saw that drop right off earlier in the month? I have a good feeling, but hope some of the others are still around to give you a real answer! Huge hugs and lots of hope xxx
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HI lovely ladies! I've missed you. I was traveling for work, but I was reading along. I'll do my best to get everyone...

Chrissy - The wondfos are definitely negative, but I agree with Chuord that the FRER has a line. Are you thinking this is a new pregnancy or still the hcg going away from the last one?

chuord - I love hearing about your sessions! I have a onsie that my MIL bought for our future baby. Ever since getting it, I feel like there is this baby boy presence around. I've had moments where I feel like he is saying, just give me a little time and I'll be there when I'm ready. I know that sounds totally nuts.

Sila - my DH is the exact same way. I asked him what we are doing for valentines day and he said, whatever you want dear. Ugh. such a cop out! I'm so excited for your meds and for you to get going on your cycle!! Lots and lots of love right back to you and to all the other ladies here.

Indie - I'm so sorry this cycle isn't producing more follies. I think what mamaBlue said was so very sweet and is really the truth. It only takes one. And, what TF said is true. Your follie is going to be great quality. I hope you doc gets back to you. I hate waiting around. Personally, I'd probably call b/c I would worry they would close before calling me.

TF - Yay for your latest u/s. I think what you found about sack size and IVF is really promising! Will you have another scan? Do you want one, or not? I always felt so torn about getting monitoring at the beginning b/c there is nothing that can be done, but I wanted to know what was going on at the same time, you know? Thinking good growing sack thoughts for you. it sucks so bad that this can't just go normally.

Jpack - What's new in your world? Are you trying this month? Thnking of you.

AFM - Ugh. I"m in a bit of a funk. I was traveling for work and didn't sleep much and am getting over a cold. I'm CD 12 and had a follicle scan this morning. There was one small follicle. My E2 was 90 and LH was 4, so not Oing any time soon. In my history, I've only been pregnant when I O on day 13 or 14, so I don't have much hope for this cycle. I meet with the doc tomorrow to go over last cycle and the plan for this cycle. I'm very curious to hear about the metformin. I searched and searched and didn't find much that would explain what she's thinking. Will report back when I have more info.
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Indie - Ugh, you do not deserve added anxiety today! I would think if it's 17mm they would have you wait until tomorrow at least to trigger. That just seems awfully small to me. My RE seems to trigger on the bigger side though. Is there a difference in triggering with Clomid and injectables? Maybe smaller follicles are better to trigger on injectables? I don't know...Hang in there friend.


Chuord - Same here, I fallen so in love with our potential baby(ies). I hope you get to carry yours in your belly soon and then in your arms :)


Chrissy - Have you ovulated late after your previous losses? Or do things seem to get right back on track? How long is a "normal" cycle for you? Is AF late? If this is a new pregnancy it's obviously very early. I would wait and get a beta if AF doesn't show or she is a good few days late and the tests maybe get a little darker (though that doesn't necessarily mean anything).


SKJ - I've missed you! I hope you get all your questions answered and look forward to your update!


AFM - In other news, my boobs are SO sore. If there was any way in the world I could be pg, I would think I was. It has to be my hormones. I've also had a little bit of EW today which confirms that. I went to a fabulous yoga class this morning where we focused on heart openers for V-day. My heart chakra felt so open since :) The family gift I had made is a printed canvas with our family mission statement that we created this past fall :) DH said I did good.


So much interest/referrals in my doula business lately! I have interviews set up every day tonight thru Sunday! Excited for some potential clients!

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SKJ - lol I would have thought it nuts too - before it happened to me lol... Now I'm just going to enjoy it!
Sila - thanks and ditto right back to you 😀
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