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TF - So sorry about piddle puppy. Is this a new thing for him? Usually if they pee or poop inappropriately and suddenly it's cause for concern. Maybe take him for a check up? Also look into getting some puppy pee pads. They might help, too.

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Hope everyone is having a great Monday.
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chrissy - did you test today? that last one looks quite noticeable... fingers crossed for you! and to answer your question, yes, we did have our bases covered with bd... guess i'm having a 2ww after all...


jpack - yay for AF!!  it's funny because getting AF never gets me down... I'm always happy by the time it shows up. I think I do all of my grieving earlier in my lp since i tend to test so early so by the time AF rolls around I'm all ready for a fresh start. Very excited about your cycle! about my RE admitting that had she been the one in town she would have had me stim longer... that was a little rough to hear. but she was very honest and said that she has managed to screw up another doc's patient's cycle because when she did an ultrasound it look positively like the patient had already ovulated so she canceled the cycle... but later when they got the P4 back it was so low that she obviously hadn't ovulated and the cycle was canceled for nothing... i appreciated her being honest about her mistakes... crazy enough that gives me more confidence in her and not less. she also told me that women who "own" their treatment as i have tend to have better outcomes. but at the same time it causes a lot of stress and i need to cut down on my stress... sigh. feels like a no-win situation some times.


toothfariy - i agree with chrissy, if the puppy peeing inside is a sudden change, maybe take him to get checked out. i hope it eases up soon, you definitely don't need added stress!


afm - 1dpo today. so odd considering i thought for sure this crazy ass cycle would be anovulatory. we dtd on friday night and saturday night but not yesterday. my thought is that with dh's sperm having 100% slow progression, the two days prior to O is more important than O itself (unless it was an IUI). in other news, the woman who gave me a copy of her CCRM protocol just had two really nice blasts (a boy and a girl) transferred and I am so hoping they stick! she is a year older than me with pretty much the same stats and so it gives me a lot of hope to see her respond so well.


one of the things i've been stressing about is the thought that there is something else besides DOR/endo getting in the way of me getting pregnant. i know for sure now that i don't have anything thyroid related, and my glucose and insulin tests are pretty spot on... so i started worrying about some sort of immunity issue. and then of course, i worry about age. my RE says she really thinks it my "inefficient ovulation" and that i would likely end up pregnant on my own but it may take several more years. then i talked with my mom and she reminded me of her history (she has never had IF treatments or diagnosis of any kind). she got pregnant with me at the age of 15/had me at 16 (so, super easy) but then it was 5 1/2 years before my brother (with a miscarriage in between) and then after my brother was born it was another 12 (!) years before she had my youngest brother (with a miscarriage in between). her history never really comforted me because she was 34 with her last child and i was 34 with my first miscarriage... but she never tried again after her last (actually, i'm pretty sure she had her tubes tied) and obviously, i would have had issues even if i started 10 years earlier. so i'm hopeful that treatments will get me to where i need to be...


ok, that was a long post! hope everyone is have a good start to their week...

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Hey everybody! I'm joining this thread if that's OK... on the referral of SKJ2011 :) 


It sounds like a lot of you are on pins and needles right now... I am hoping for the best for everyone. Will be reading along.


After a year and a half of miscarriages and infertility, my amazing doctor has hopefully fixed my problem and I just started trying again with a newfound hopefulness. The last 18 months have been some of the hardest of my whole life. So I'm kind of gunshy.


I ovulated on Saturday so I'm in the 2ww again, but it's been a VERY long time since I've had a normal 2ww, since before my last miscarriage in November (as we had to do diagnostic and treatment stuff). I've forgotten how agonizing this is. Also, I don't want to live like I lived before-- constantly hoping, obsessing, etc. I am trying to just live my life as normal as possible and hopefully things will happen.

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Daurelia - Welcome!!! I'm sorry about your difficulties. Hopefully your stay with us will be short.


Indie - I'd rather have a doctor admit to mistakes then to have you think they are "perfect". Just shows they are human, too. Everything crossed for you that this is it!


AFM - Used wondfo this morning. It laughed at me and was very negative. (LOL) If I did o about Saturday then I'm only 7dpo or so? Still strange to have bfp's and then bfn's then bfp's then bfn's. Seriously though, this sucks major.....ya knows. Maybe the vitex is keeping it away? Meh.

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Daurelia - Welcome! I'm glad you found us! I remember replying to a few of your posts when you were first starting out on your journey. I'm sorry you are still here. You're in the right place with this group of ladies!

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Daurelia - welcome! Huge hugs for all you troubles! I agree with Chrissy and sila - may your journey be almost complete, and you couldn't find better companions than this lot of mad supportive ladies 😜
It's interesting that you have been doing the teat/research cycles - SKJ has just finished some of that too, and changing the meds for things better suited to the lady in question seems to have been the general focus here for the last month or two 😃 so you are in exactly the right place!
Indie - I'm with you and Chrissy, it's so much more encouraging to have an honest doc! Besides you can tell your re is so passionate about her work, and ensuring you get there in the end... Just think turtle and the hare (lol no of fence to your dh mobility issue) the win will be all the sweeter when you get it - just like TF, bebe, gum tree! I loved reading your info about mum, although I'm not sure if its the same? You have pcos right? Ive seen that when people have a baby with that it helps it, I've seen a few almost cured of it and the notion of having more kids is meant to be easier? Sorry if I got that wrong, just it sounds like hers got worse not better? My mum only had one ovary (or part connected) - btw this is so not relevant just my normal random😜... She had tests done etc, and took 4 years to get me - but was on the adoption list too, got offered a baby just after she found out about me lol (so said no), another 4 years for my bro, then an 18month surprise with my sister. I assumed I would have issues getting pregnant too, but it wasn't genetic I assume as I'm all functioning... Sorry my gist is you may be the reverse and once it happens, it gets easier, fx for a miracle baby this month xxx

TF - hope the cramps settled quickly! What did you end up doing with the puppy? Hope it's resolved well for you!

SKJ - how are you doing? Did the trigger go ok, and are you in the tww?

Jpack - woohoo for AF and a fresh start! Hope it's a successful cycle - keep up your fab cheerfulness I love it!

Gum tree, bebe, msD and any others I've missed - hello there 😃

Sila how are the meds going? Still painless, any side effects? 3 good follies sounds excellent, wow about the bunch under 10 - I see why they didn't want to over stimulate you! From what I've seen on here from others they seem to grow faster towards the end?! How close to O are you? I'm assuming you'll be triggered? Don't feel bad about lack of time - lol if I had a job/life I wouldn't be so prolific😜

Chrissy - good to see you are hanging in there, I'd be tempted to ignore the tests for another couple of days at least... Do you feel anything that would encourage you to think you're pg? (I know symptom spotting is not the best - but your tests are so up and down)

Adm - 9.30 am here, rainy (flash flood warning again) in bed - dh likes to sleep late (I'm not a fan) anyway still low temp today so more BDing time! I actually pulled a stomach muscle yesterday - it hurt to breath and walk so hoping its better today! Nothing else exciting....
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daurelia- Welcome! So glad that you found us and I hope we can help you along your journey and that you are on the right path to success now.


Indie- It makes me even more hopeful for you hearing every time you have a visit with your doctor. It is amazing to me to hear a doctor admit to being human (which of course we know but they never admit to). It is sad that our medical profession has to be that way. I assume it is to cover themselves against being sued but it gives me so much respect for your doctor. Glad to hear that you did ovulate on your own and I hope that stinkin cyst is gone. Also the fact that she took your sample protocol and actually read it over and agreed to try it with you... doctor that dreams are made of. 


Sila- Still sending good vibes to those growing eggs! 3 would be perfect as long as they don't all fertilize. Triplets would be a handful!


Chrissy- Your pee seems to have a love/hate relationship with the HPTs. I hope the next week brings answers. 


chourd, SKJ, MsD, bebe, gtree, jpack- blowkiss.gif


AFM- I had a little brown spotting today. I'm trying not to freak out and just figure it was from over-exerting last night (cleaning dog pee out of my carpet). Thanks for the dog advice, I'm pretty sure he is just acting out. I got some advice from his owners and I think we will all be okay. Feeling normal (too normal?) otherwise.

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TF - I just tuned into your baby, still happy with the energy and feeling good... I hope that helps, lol just tell dh he will have to do all the physical tasks for a bit 😉 double bonus lol
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Jpack - Yay! So glad you are getting started. Can you remind me of your protocol? Is it 100mg of clomid?

TF - Sorry about the spotting, but I'm sure it's nothing. When is your next u/s? I wish I had some advice on the puppy. The last thing you need is more stress now! I hope the owners had some good ideas that help.

chuord - enjoy your time with DH! How'd you pull a stomach muscle? Was it a TTC injury?orngbiggrin.gif Sorry about all the rain! Full disclosure - in a strange twist, I recommended my doc to daurelia b/f I actually had been to the doc b/c I had heard good things about her. Then, daurelia told me how fantastic she was, so I switched to her.

Chrissy - Sorry for all the HPT confusion! SO confusing and frustrating. I hope you get some clear answers soon.

daurelis - Welcome! So glad you joined us! Fingers crossed for this cycle.

indie - what a totally wacky situation you are in! I wonder if all this out of the ordinary stuff is just what you needed for a bfp! We are cycle buddies! I hope we are BFP buddies too! I'm so happy with your doc. She just sounds so honest and real. I think that is the perfect kind of doctor to trust. She's not going to BS you at all, just tell you in a very kind and thoughtful way exactly how it is. That's an ideal kind of doctor. I think you are in great hands. And, thinking about your mom makes me really optimistic for you.

AFM - So, I triggered on Friday night at 10. I finally got an OPK in the afternoon on Friday, so it all lined up. The weird thing is that my temp was WAY up on Saturday morning. I had EWCM on Saturday and Sunday and O pain on Saturday night to Sunday. We DTD on Friday night and Saturday night. By Sunday night when we would have DTD, my cm was no longer fertile and I was tired. It's hard work to O on day 20 something. My hats off to you ladies who routinely O that late or later. I'm hoping our bases were covered. As for my temps, it was lower on Sunday, but still above the CL and my temp was the exact same this morning. So, I've decided that my temps are just not working with the meds. I'm sure I O'ed and I'm sure I didn't O on Friday, as FF suggests. At least that's what I"m telling myself.

As instructed by the doc, I started lovenox and my vivelle (estrogen) patch this morning. I just took prometrium a little bit ago. I go in on Thursday for monitoring and to see if/when to do the ovidrel booster. I have little hope for this cycle. I actually feel like I have no chance. Not in a bad way, but in more of a "we aren't trying" kind of way. It's weird.
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SilaMarila-- yes, I remember corresponding earlier! As a healthy 31 year old (actually 29 when I started), I NEVER anticipated it taking me 2 years of miscarriages and medical drama to have a baby. This has been the greatest hardship I've experienced in my life. 


Chuord-- you are wise to pick up a similarity between my treatment and SKJ's... she actually recommended a doctor to me, not because she'd been to her but because she'd "heard good things". So I LOVED the doctor and now SKJ is seeing her too. She is amazing- I wish everyone's RE was like this. She really sees each woman as an individual and carefully pores over your information to figure out what is going on. I have never loved a doctor this much. And as for you-- good luck this cycle! All the BDing can be exhausting.... :)


TFTB-- Spotting :( :( :(  I know firsthand how frightening that is. I know so many women though who spotted in pregnancy and still had babies. I'll be thinking of you.


SKJ-- I know what you mean about not feeling hopeful this cycle. It sounds like your temps are all wonky but I bet it's the meds! In a way though it's like protecting yourself from disappointment. I'll be pulling for you.


AFM: I have decided every night for the rest of this cycle during my 2ww I'm going to have a plan, either socializing, or cooking an elaborate meal, reading a book, cleaning a room, or something. I need to keep BUSY so I don't just ruminate all the time. My job is unfortunately slow so I have time to be overly thinky all day :(

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Daurelia - Same here. I'll be 27 in a wk and never thought I would be into my 3rd year of trying with miscarriages along the way. Your RE sounds awesome! I have a similar plan for my 2ww next week. I'm going to get my hair cut, get a massage, celebrate my birthday, listen to relaxation tracks every night...


TF - Well, brown means it's old, but I know that doesn't make you feel any better. Any cramping? 3 babies would be craziness! I would be thankful, but crazy.


AFM - Back from monitoring. I've got 1-2 lead follicles on each side plus many many more that shouldn't be mature by the time we trigger. I'm assuming my my RE will tell me to stay on the same low dose. The nurse thought was I thinking, that maybe I'll be ready to trigger over weekend and IUI's maybe Sun/Mon. We will see how fast things grow. Going back on Thurs. I have definitely reached heavy feeling ovaries territory...

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welcome, daurelia! you are joining a fantastic group of women! and if you are going to the same doc as skj then i just know you will have success soon... it sounds like you two are in really great hands!


skj - it's funny to me that you feel like you don't have a chance... you've gotten pregnant on so much less! i feel so strongly that you will be pregnant... if not this cycle, then the next for sure! and yay for cycle buddies!


toothfairy - i remember gtree had spotting after too much exertion... so i think it's totally normal. is your ultrasound this friday? i'm glad you got some answers about the pup. i love my animals but man, potty accidents (or on-purposes!) are the WORST.


chrissy - i have heard of your first cycle on vitex being a little wacky... but i agree, so frustrating to go from negatives to positives to negatives!


chuord - yes, it's such a relief to have an honest doc. i'm sure it's true what tf said about docs being scared of malpractice suits is what makes a lot of them less than honest... but it actually helps to build confidence to hear that they are human and what they have learned... go easy with all that bd'ing! pulling muscles?! you are hard core!


afm - found out today that the lady who shared her protocol with me got her bfp! makes me so hopeful :) otherwise, not much happening here... waiting to hear back from my doc about scheduling the hysteroscopy before IVF. it's getting rather tricky. she wants me to do it two cycles prior instead of the standard one cycle since I had a polyp the last time and if it came back, it would delay IVF if we found it the cycle before... the problem is that since I ovulated on sunday, that puts me in hong kong during the typical time of the cycle that the procedure is performed on (cd 5 - 10). there's a slight chance i could go in on cd5 (it's the ONLY day I am in town that part of my cycle) but that depends on 1. my cycle cooperating and 2. the clinic being open to doing hysteroscopy's that day.


it's always something over here :)

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Lol thanks ladies for all the props re my pulled muscle... Yes I think it was from BDing lol - but rather than proving me hardcore, I think it proves I am way unfit lol! 😜😝
SKJ daurelia - thanks for explaining the connection, now the similarities in your treatments make perfect sense! Here's hoping and fx for you both this cycle! Daurelia a slow job with thinking time is the worst - good luck with the distraction x
SKJ - woohoo so you are now in the tww! I agree don't write yourself off, maybe the lack of stress about this cycle working will help the whole process? Lady parts - wholistically) seem more in tune than I expected... When in grade 10 (age 15-16) I made the regional school swimming champs, I started to get crampy, and AF started - back then day 1 was heaviest... I freaked out and clenched every muscle - AF actually stopped and didn't come back for several days! Both very strange and fantastic lol, but it's made me wonder how sensitive to our emotions it could be?
Indie - your job sounds both awesome and painful on the timing - is there any way you can talk to re and organise to book in for that one day provisionally? So if it works out you are good to go, I'm guessing you can't postpone the trip? What would happen if you were sick, (for instance) could you delay or postpone it then? Sorry for all q's, just you are putting soo much effort into ttc - how do you work out the priority lol, aside from need cash...
Sila - lol I agree 3 would be a lot, I only know 2 people who had that with ivf - and both had some family who lived there 5 days a week lol! Here's to your follies continuing to ripen well (but maybe just 2 fertilizing?)
Chrissy how are you holding up?
TF - hope every thing has resolved itself xx
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Chuord - Hope that muscle feels better! I've pulled a few abdominal muscles in my lifetime. Hey, I'm an ex-swimmer as well! The pool in our neighborhood is being completely remodeled into a fantastic modern pool and I can't wait for it to open back up so I can get back at it! Wow, IVF trips are rare! More common with injectable IUI actually! I guess we will see...


Indie - What a nice bit of hope for you today! I'm sorry the timing may not work out so that you can start right away. It is always something isn't it?


AFM - I was wrong. Just talked to my RE and he wants me to go up to 100iu of Follistim for the next 2 nights. Trusting him, but if he gets me cancelled...bridge burner over here remember. 


Just found out that a spot finally opened up for DS at the preschool we want him to go to! He starts Thursday. So excited for him. DH and I figured it out that he can take him to preschool and I'll go to my monitoring appt then to the preschool after to fill out the paperwork then DH can go to work. Glad it all worked out. It's still crazy that I have a an only child that is already school-age...

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Sila - yay about the preschool! Sounds like it will be a busy day all around, you gotta love it when it all works out! Re the pool that sounds soo awesome! Are there going to be any 'special' features - like a current to swim with, wave pools etc? I'm also a fan of the fun pool lol! Re the 100iu, you're right at this stage you just have to trust and have faith - fx!
Afm - my temp was a little higher today, but I think I was just hot lol... Only 2 more days to make it to march (my hunch re this cycle working lol) so hoping I don't O till then... And I feel 'recovered' enough today to get back to it 😜
Wishing all you ladies in the tww a nice distracting day...
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Sila - Congrats on the preschool. Hope ds loves it.

Chuord - glad you're feeling better.

Indie - good luck. I hope your timing works out if things didn't take this cycle.

Tf - how are you feeling?

Where's Bebe and Gtree?!

Skj - fingers and toes crossed!

Daurelia - Good luck!

Afm - Broke down and used frer. It's so light I can't get a pic of it. So, either the hcg is about gone and af will arrive or it's the beginning of something. Either way is fine with me. I want a resolution dang it!
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Oh Chrissy, I hate that feeling! I wish you all the best in the next couple days! It's so hard!

Sila- that's great about the preschool. That's also pretty interesting about the bump up, I have everything crossed for you this cycle. Looking forward to the news on Thursday!

SKJ I agree with everyone so far, sounds like you have a great shot for this cycle! I think temp increases are totally plausible before actual o, I think I get them some times. I thought it was super weird how much I sensation I got exactly 36 hours after trigger. I'm psyched for your cycle!

TF, oh hon I think it's true about exertion. Hope you're well!

Indie I do think your doc is awesome! I'm really glad you've got someone so receptive, but I do have to say again wish the next one was on her wink1.gif so cool about your parallel bfp!

Daurelia hi! So cool about your doc! I totally understand if you don't want to share, but I would live to hear what got fixed. I had no problem with #1, and now nothing but miscarriages... Sure wish I was eligible for a fix wink1.gif glad you joined us

Chuord- you're great! Good luck getting all you can before o! (That sounded dirty -- I just mean, you know, given your injury) smile.gif

Afm, monitoring in the am, then to start clomid (100) in the pm. More importantly, I had a great session today with the therapist and she made a relaxation cd for me- it was great! I can't wait to do it at home... Ok, more later...
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Ok... Being a newbie at the poas opk thing can I pls ask some advice? I did a late morning lh test and got the below pic... I'm assuming its the build up to O (second line) and that if I had O'd it would be blank even the day after - is this how it goes?

Woohoo I got a pic to work! Lol!!!
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chuord - for me, the OPK nearly always has a second line. It sometimes fades into positive and out, other times it goes from very light to positive the next day. The day after my first positive, I often get another positive, and sometimes I O that day. So, I think the only thing you can determine is if it is positive, it's likely you'll O within the next 24-48 hours, otherwise, I don't think you can reliably tell that you are going to O soon if the test is dark, but not positive.

That's nuts about holding off AF. I totally think we have control over our bodies, but we just need to learn how to exert that control.

Jpack - Good luck tomorrow! Do you get side effects from the clomid? I hope not. Are you going to trigger and IUI? Thanks for the enthusiasm about my cycle. I was thinking that my ambivalence might be due to the fact that not trying last cycle was AMAZING It was so relaxing and unstressful. Maybe I just want to feel those feelings again? Whatever it is, I'm going with it.

chrissy - Man! This confusion is never ending. I hope you get a clear answer soon!

sila - yay for preschool! that's great! As for the increase in FSH, I'm thinking that if you have a cohort of follicles that are clearly larger than others at this point, the FSH will likely just further mature that cohort. I base that on the fact that my doc said that our backup plan if this protocol is a bust is for me to use FSH once I have a dominant follicle >14mm. The FSH would then just help that follicle have a stronger O. So, I'm assuming that after the group of follicles gets to be a big enough size, the smaller ones just don't catch up. Not sure if that makes any sense or is even true, but maybe?

indie - Hope the timing works out! And, if this cycle is a bust, I hope you follow in that woman's footsteps.

daurelia - Yay for keeping busy! That sounds like a great plan.

AFM - When I started the natural cycle eval, I decided to start exercising more rigorously. My left knee got a bit swollen, but I just kept pushing myself and it actually felt better when I was exercising. Well, it's been about 3 weeks and it's still swollen, so I decided to go to the doc today. She thinks I have a torn ACL. I had 2 ACL reconstructions - one on each knee, so this would be a re-tear. I have an MRI on Friday. Even if it is torn, I'm not doing another surgery. But, not great news. I'll need to do physio regardless of what the MRI shows. Not looking forward to it. And, I can't workout anymore. I really hope I get knocked up soon so I can at least be pregnant and lazy instead of just lazy.
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