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JPack - I hope the cd works and yay for starting clomid!


Chuord - I can't say. The first time I used them it went light (like yours) then dark, i.e both lines were the same, then light. Second time I tried it it was just super positive but the next day the test line was real light so that was a negative. Sorry I'm not more helpful. New to opk's.


SKJ - Ouch! So sorry about your knee. Hopefully you won't need surgery again.


AFM - Did I mention spotting? This morning I have major ewcm that was streaked red. A couple days back I had red then brown spotting all day. Want to symptom spot? LOL Increased hunger, decreased energy, tire easily, drinking more, no af, some cramping on left side.....I think that's about it. Looking back last year I was pg for 67 days, had a 15 day mc, then af arrived on cd46/47. This time, almost a year to the day, was pg for 43 days, had a 6 day mc and am on cd41/42. It's just so crazy making it's unreal.


Then to add more stress, tomorrow we find out if DS has adhd.

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Thanks SKJ 😃 I'll do another tomorrow to see... Sorry about your knee, what a poo! I agree get knocked up so its not a problem to be a couch potato lol! 😜
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Chrissy - No idea. Hang in there. I know how rough it can be. 


Jpack - LOVE relaxation tracks. How cool she made one for you. I've been doing tracks from Hypnobabies and Hypnobirthing (obviously not the birth specific ones!) because they are all I have lol. Ick Clomid. How have your side effects been in the past?


Chuord - Well the original pool was built in like 1964, so this will be a major improvement! The biggest feature is that it will be a salt water pool (like most newer pools are now). So much nicer on the hair, skin, and bathing suit! I'm no good with opks sorry! They don't work for me.


SKJ - You are totally right! That is exactly what he is doing! I have 2-4 lead follicles? They measured so many I lost track. The other measurable ones are smaller (11-13mm) and they shouldn't be able to catch up. come on good eggs! Sorry about the exercise situation. How about swimming to take pressure off the knee?


AFM - Speaking of exercise. Last week I went into one of my monitoring appts in my workout clothes and my RE reminded me that once we got closer he wanted me to modify my exercise. Today he said no more running. Nothing that will bounce my ovaries/follicles around too much. I might go crazy! Keep me sane guys!


Off to give myself a shot in my belly and hopefully our last sexy time so we can "save up" for the iui ;)

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oh, crissy, i really hope this is something new! i wish we could speed time up just a little so you could get peace of mind one way or another. the symptoms sound promising...


skj - OUCH on the knee! will be hoping for a good excuse for laziness in your near future :)


chuord - i agree with skj about the opks situation. i only use digital opks for this very reason... trying to decipher lines is just too much work! i prefer a no-confusion digital smiley face :) also, i think you asked me a while back if I am PCOS. Sadly, no, I have the opposite problem - diminished ovarian reserve. I have a regular cycle but a lower follicle count. I'm assuming this was the case for my mother as well, though she never had any kind of diagnostics. and, yes, the travel is so complicated. what makes my type of work difficult is that i do leadership training events where if i cancel or am "sick" then the whole event has to be canceled so it affects a lot of people. so there's not much room moving my schedule around... i have to work with what i've got. and, you know, infertility treatments are crazy expensive so i do need the cash! i can't remember... do you have a diagnosis? are you PCOS?  Hoping O shows up for you at just the right time :)


jpack - i know! i wish i was getting a free cycle out of all this nonsense, too! my hope is that penance will be paid through other accommodations :) love the relaxation cd! that reminds me that i need to get back to listening to my hypnosis cds... i don't know if i mentioned here, but after my one hypnosis session i had a lovely dream where dh and i were laying in bed playing with our daughter. in the dream i was playing with her feet, telling her she had "mommy's feet". it was so nice to have a dream about having a biological child... i think that dream was unlocked because of the hypno session... excited for you to start clomid! hey, it worked last time! now we just need it to work AND stick!


hope everyone else is happy and well!


ETA: Sila... don't save up too much! I know studies say that you don't want any more than 2 days worth of "saving" :)

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Quicky - I have cramps and spotting!! BFN on frer so fingers crossed this is it. Been kinda bouncing around and DH asked what I was doing. I told him I'm trying to jiggle start af. lol

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Baby stopped growing at 8w1d. I'm not really surprised but it still hurts.
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Oh no, tf. No. I'm so super sorry. Crying for you.
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Oh tf! I'm so so sorry. My heart is broken for you. I hate this unfair world of IF that we live in. I don't know what to say. Please know that I'm thinking of you and your family right now.
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i don't even know what to say. toothfairy, i'm so sorry. i hate that your intuition was right. this is just so incredibly unfair. you know we are here for you.

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Oh TF - I'm so sorry. This totally sucks and isn't right at all, I wish there was something, anything we could do to help with the pain... Lots of prayers for you both xxx
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Tf - all of us are sharing in your pain. Hugs and healing to you and dh.
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I'm so, so so sorry TF. I lost one at 8 weeks too. It's terrible because it starts to feel more real at that point. I hope you are taking care of yourself and doing nice things for yourself.

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TF, I'm so, so sorry. I know that doesn't help, and I wish there was something else for me to say that would help. I am heartbroken for you.

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TF, as you know, I am so, so sorry for your loss. It's a tragedy and a very, very awful thing. I am so, so sorry. I hope they were nice to you at OBs office, and I hope you feel OK asking for whatever help and support you need from friends and family. Sending you a big hug!

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hugs for your hurt


some of the greatest things

cannot be held

or touched by your hands

but held and touched in your heart

and this is where you have an empty spot tonight


anger for the unfairness


tears for your ache


i am so sorry


i am so ...WHY...I'm sure we all are...

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candle.gif hug2.gif

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So, a little disappointed after my monitoring appt today. But, just trying to take it in stride and trust this whole process. Really no change in progress since Tuesday appt. Even with the upped dose. The PA said that because I have sensitive ovaries (lots of follicles) be need to just be patient and take it slow and let them grow at their own pace and not rush anything. Which I totally agree. Next appt is Sat. Looks like we won't be doing IUI's until next week then. My ovaries are really getting achy. Kudos to all of you that have gone through IVF stimming! 


Indie - No worries, we totally realized it was too early to "save up" even if we would have been doing IUI this weekend and DH talked me into fixing that right away...


First day of preschool went fabulous!

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Sila - Sorry there's been no change. Hang in there and I'm glad preschool went well.

AFM - CD2!!!!!!!
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Chrissy - About f'ing time!!!!


AFM - Talked to my RE (he has 2 offices and somehow my appts keep being on the days when he's not at the one I go to, so he calls later after my blood results). He wants me to go back down to 75iu. Whatevs. Grow follies grow. But not all of you ok.

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Morning ladies! Hoping that everyone is starting to find peace after yesterday's nightmare, TF I know you won't be yet, I second please let us know if there is anything we can do for you 💔💔💔💔 huge hugs, even dh was saddened when I told him. I'm not sure if you all read the tww forum but mamacats posted a beautiful story and I needed to share it here...
Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post

I just had to share some good news that a friend just shared with me.

After years of TTC and running the whole gamut of fertility treatments, including IVF with failed transfers, she found out she is pregnant with a surprise baby! She's 12 weeks and still can't believe it. I am so, so happy for her and her husband! It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. It reminds me that the unexpected can and does happen. smile.gif

May it be catching! Hugs to all xxxxx

Sila - at this stage just keep your calm going, I think you have to trust that they will get you there... As SKJ has said sometimes a longer stim/lp is better egg/s? I hope so - my opk went positive yesterday so prob ovulate today or tomorrow - cd19-20 lol so I'm already there!
Hugs on the painful ovaries 😞 you're right we don't hear much pain on here so you forget how hard the process is... Heads up ladies I'm not good with pain!
Chrissy - yay for good solid AF, and onto a 'normal' cycle for you
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