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TF - ditto xxxx
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good morning, friends.


sila - hooray for trigger and four follies! so exciting! remember to go in to iui with a full bladder! still annoyed that i didn't get to try that one out...


chuord - i'm sorry about the final bd session... that's been one of the toughest parts about this journey for me... having to "alert" dh that it is a not-to-be-missed window and then things end up feeling very un-romantic and forced. blah. happy for a march 1st O for you and I'm sure you have your bases covered! 


duarelia - i'm so sorry about your mom. i agree with skj that IF can mess with so many relationships and that you WILL be a great mom simply because you are concerned about it! i'm looking forward to your bfp announcement in just a few short days :)


skj - all those bruises are going to pay off :) i think your symptoms sound so promising... thinking both you and daurelia will have bfps to share with us soon!


chrissy - sounds like you are going through a lot right now with ds. he's lucky to have such a dedicated mommy. hope you are taking care of yourself and enjoying this less stressful part of your cycle :)


msd - sorry about the late nights and bd interference... hoping you are wrong and that you didn't miss your window.


shell and bebe! nice to "see" you two (even though it's for a sad reason) - hope to hear some updates from you ladies soon


gtree? aren't you getting close?


toothfairy - hope your weekend ended up a little more healing. i totally understand opting for a d&c...especially knowing you have two embabies waiting for you. do you have a timeline yet for FET?


afm - wow, i hope i got everyone! i check in all the time but by the time i get to a computer to post it always feels like i'm way behind! not much going on here. 8dpo today. this weekend i've been feeling all kinds of uncomfortable, but nothing that seems to be pregnancy related. just terrible trapped gas pains (which worry me a bit because i was getting that in my lp regularly before my lap and then nothing since... so of course, i'm worried that it is endo related) and i just sort of feel like all my internal organs are sore. it's weird and disconcerting. other than that, just busy, busy at work and gearing up for all my travel to start. things seem to be falling into place (knock on wood!) for IVF... turns out i will be going on birth control pills when this next cycle starts so i won't miss my window for the hysteroscopy. i didn't want to go on bc pills the cycle prior to IVF for fear of over suppression (which happens a lot for DOR ladies) but i'm hopeful (and my doc assures me) that doing it two cycles prior will not interfere with stims during my IVF cycle. in some strange way i'm looking forward to bc pills. i guess it's because it will guarantee me a "normal" stress-free cycle prior to getting started with treatments. it will be nice to not have to be constantly concerned about my cycle for a least a couple of weeks...

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My first pt was 17 w pregnant & last night I put DH cell through the wash. I need a vacation. Will be back later with personals.
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I'm so sorry TF :( I hope you can take some time to take care of yourself, maybe a vacation and if that's not an option, a stay-cation? Just awful. It's so hard to be around someone pregnant when you just had a miscarriage.


Sila congrats on your "perfect lining"!!! My doctor (also SKJ's doc) likes to say that the uterus is like a guest room, and you've got yourself some nice fresh linens :)


Chuord, sorry about your problems in the bedroom... TTC can really do a number on one's sex life :(


Indie, will all your upcoming travel impact any of your timing/windows for your IVF? I'm really pulling for you. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.


I just wanted to thank everyone for being so, so supportive about my fight with my mom. I dunno. She is just massively self-absorbed and really hasn't been there for me the last 2 years as I've gone through the greatest hardship of my life.


This is a really great group of smart, supportive women.


I'm just barely hanging in there-- trying to squeak by at work and quell my anxieties. I had another thermal shift upward today, and given that I'm about 9-10 DPO (turns out I miscalculated it)  I think that is a good thing! It doesn't necessarily mean I'm pregnant, but it does mean that the progesterone is working, which is important. Will start testing on Thursday.

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MsD - Thanks! I know you just went through this and know how it goes so I appreciate it :)

Indie - Will do! I don't think it will really be a problem since the first thing I do in the morning before anything else is drink 1L of water. Oh I hope it's not your endo coming back! Gah I HATE bcp's! I hope to never be on them again in my life ever. I hope they do the trick for you!


TF - Huge hugs to you! I hope your DH was forgiving about the phone...


Duarelia - Ya know, I've never had any lining issues with a medicated cycle. Even with Clomid which is notorious for that. In fact I think in natural cycles my lining gets too thick because my cycles are so long. Which was kind of confirmed this cycle when I went in for baseline after 3.5 days of bleeding and my lining was still 10mm! Stay busy and distracted at work! I'm glad the progesterone seems to be working. Do you have a suspected progesterone problem?

Hi everyone else!


AFM - Triggered! Everything looks really good. It looks like 4 follicles will ovulate (whether or not they all have mature good eggs who knows) which is about the max the RE wants. He only had me do 5,000hcg because my estrogen is rising very nicely on it's own, and again we don't want any of those smaller eggs to get any ideas and join the party. This morning I was feeling better like maybe my energy was coming back and the worst of the cold was over. Then, a few hrs after trigger I remembered (been a while since I have used a trigger) how sensitive I am to it...now I'm feeling extremely nauseous, dizzy, and like I got hit by a truck. Oh well. IUI #1 tomorrow! I should ovulate sometime during the late evening/night tomorrow so there will be swimmers up there waiting, then we'll do another IUI Wed morning while my eggs are hopefully out there floating around. Date night with DH tonight! 

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Sila- I'm thrilled for you that this cycle seems to be progressing so well and you have 4 beautiful eggs ready to become babies (though hopefully not all 4!). How is your lining measuring up this month?

Thank you for your support, I think sometimes being told just to cry it out really is the best advice. It is what I did, but not for hours later.


shell- I've been wondering about you for weeks & hope you will check in about yourself soon! Thank you for your note, it sucks... no other way around it.


daurelia- I'd like to think anyone who has introduced themselves here has made it a home and felt welcomed. This group really has done more for me than any real life friends or groups. It sounds like you have potentially exciting days coming up. I love your doctor and she really sounds like this is going to be what works for you.


indie- BCPs, bleck. It is nice to have a whole month not to think about TTC though. I don't think any of us would choose BCPs in the future after all this but they do serve a purpose. The doc is probably right that you won't be over-suppresed with a month off between cycles. I'm always surprised they require BCPs for those procedures, wouldn't it just make more sense to say abstain or take the risk that you could abort a potential pregnacy if you don't... sigh... I'll need another HSG or hysteroscopy too, my 1 year is March 29th since surgery, has to be w/i a year for IVF/FET. 


chourd- welcome to the 2ww. Sex while TTC is very stressful. Honestly, we haven't had any since November. I think after 3 years of TTC... we don't even miss it.


Chrissy- You are a good momma for looking after the learning/life needs of you little guy. It is a long road of advocating for him with ADHD. He is a lucky little boy. Hope you're taking care of yourself and doing well otherwise. It is interesting how long it took for you to get AF after your miscarriages. I am aiming for 30 days or less...


SKJ- Your acupuncturist sounds like a debbie downer.... as long as they know what they're doing when they're sticking in the needles she should butt out otherwise (especially since she was wrong, twice). Thanks for your m/c advice. My emotions have gotten better each day. It is still a lot to process but I hope this means the hormone are going away. Lord knows my progesterone was terrible from the start so that shouldn't be a problem. It is interesting about her having your on lovenox, ouch about the bruises though! I hope the things you are feeling is because of your own building HCG and not the shot or medications, etc.


jpack- when is your monitoring starting for the clomid? 


MsD, bebe, gtree- grouphug.gif Thanks.


AFM- Every day gets better in some ways and remains so surreal in others. What I keep thinking is how did it come to this, how did we get here, what happened.As far as the d & c goes I woke right up after and haven't had a single bit of pain and just a tiny bit of spotting. Much of my free time I am googling (which does no good, really). I ordered some new supplements which have good reviews for immunological issues (endo, thyroid, miscarriage). They are safe for pregnancy/TTC. I started drinking RRL tea and drinking lots of water to try and get AF back soon. My appt with the RE is Wednesday so I hope to get a protocol for FET. I also want to schedule an appt with a naturopath and I need a follow-up with the OB that did my surgery. My acupuncturist is very supportive, more like a friend after nearly 4 years together. Also, I had something I meant to bring up a few weeks ago and kept forgetting. How would you all feel about doing a bead exchange? I'm happy to organize. Basically you buy enough beads to send a couple for each person participating, you package each with a note to the person recieving and send the whole package to the organizer with a self-addressed stamped envelope, the organizer puts all the packets into the envelope for each person and sends them out. It is typically used as a birth necklace, to focus on during L & D and remember all the strong women supporting you, but I think for us it can be used anytime you want to remember all the women around the country that have your back and understand you and keeps us connected for good, even as we grow together and graduate, parent, etc. Just thought it would be a nice way to really remember everyone... and maybe I need something to keep myself distracted for a while. 


http://community.babycenter.com/post/a29136739/birth_bead_exchange         example of bead bracelet


http://natural-fertility-info.com/wp-content/uploads/WobenzymStudy.pdf        study about wobenzym n (enzyme I was talking about) but also it has a lot of info on recurrent miscarriage, it was from 2000, so obviously dated but interesting if you have some time to read.

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Ok just misplaced a post - hugs to everyone...

SKJ, Daurelia - I have a good feeling about this cycle for both of you too. Daurelia - just hang in there not long to test now...

MsD - how are you travelling?

Sila - So excited to see how this month turns out for you.

Indie - I agree eew on the birth control, although apparently some women are more fertile when they first come off it so who knows... btw I am silently hopeful for you this month still.

Chrissy, shell, bebe, gtree - hello!

TF - hugs and more hugs, its so nice to 'see' you on here today, you seem to be allowing yourself to grieve in a good way for you - I just hope that you get a few baby free days... Let us know if there is anything we can do to help, and please keep being kind to yourself. I think the bead necklace/bracelet is a lovely idea - particularly as a symbol of what everyones support has meant to us - great idea!


AFM - Thanks ladies for all of your support re bding! I'm now in the crazy symptom spotting game, lol Indie I have gas and abdominal discomfort too - heres hoping its a positive sign.

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TF, I love the bead bracelet/necklace and would love to participate! I'm thinking of you all . . . I'm going to go to bed very soon, but just had to say hi! xoxo

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Re Beads: I'm in.

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TF - will you let us know how many people are in at the end? Then I know how many beads to look for 😃 I'm so looking forward to this - thank you!
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I'm in for beads too. Love the idea!

More later. I'll have lots if time bc I have jury duty!
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2nd day, 1st pt 17 weeks. Seriously.
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I'm in for the beads. And major hugs, tf.
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So sorry TF.


I'm in for beads too.


Sila good luck in your IUI today!!!!


slightly sore boobs today and bizarre dreams last night... hoping it is a sign and not just the damn progesterone faking me out

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Sila- hope all goes smoothly today!! Yay!!

Daurelia- hope those crazy dreams mean something good. I had crazy dreams too but not consistently on progesterone.

I'll send a PM with my address. I think there are 10 of us active on here so it's up to you if you want to do one bead each or a few. I'll confirm a number once we hear from everyone.
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You know TF-- I just joined this thread and I'm hopeful my IF journey will be over soon, BUT. the last 2 years of my life I've spent with at least 2 miscarriages (I think more, though, because at one point I was so depressed I stopped testing), and I have been thinking of you each and every day. IF IS SO SO UNFAIR. It is the most UNFAIR thing I have ever experienced. And MCs just feel like the worst of it all, like it takes you so long to get PG and then it's snatched away from you. It feels like I'll never get to have the normal pregnancy experience of all my friends, and that just kills me inside. Even if my IF journey is over soon, this experience has changed me and I will always remember what this was like. I am really thinking of you.

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I'm so in, and so sorry I've been MIA. I went to a public interest law retreat/conference hosted by Yale at a retreat center in NH. I was invited to speak about Indian law and to teach law students. It was sooooo awesome (but nerve-wracking and intense and I sound like a smoker for all the talking). I'm back now, and catching up. I'll write more later from the computer...

Just wanted to say hello! Hugs to all! Love hearing how cycles are going... I'm in for monitorring Thursday (histeroscopy too).
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ugh editing in word... this was a mess.
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tf - you aleady know i'm down for the beads... very excited about this! and even more excited to be doing this bead exchange with this particular group of awesome women. i'm sorry you had yet another preggo patient. you don't need the reminders. then again, maybe you are just drawing pregnant energy to you to show you that you will be pregnant again very soon. i want to know more about your supplements. i scanned through the link about the enzyme... if i read it more thoroughly will it tell me dosage? where do i get it from? have you been tested for beta 3 integrin? my latest obsession is how to prevent implantation failure/miscarriage due to endo... wanting to be well informed but also trying not to get to carried away... i'll talk more about it in my AFM. also, i think the bcp for hysteroscopy is not just for making sure you're not pregnant but also to keep the lining at an acceptable thickness for the procedure... but it looks very likely that i will be skipping out on the bcp after all... again, more in the AFM daurelia - your symptoms sound so promising... really hope it's not progesterone related! as for travel and IVF timing... thankfully, everything seems to be lining up. just trying to stay as chill as i can (given the situation)... sila - good luck today!! can't wait to hear all about it! jpack - nice to "see" you! the law conference at yale sounds exhilarating! i know you've been missing that part of your life so it must have been nice to get back in that world for a bit! sounds like we are both in for a hysteroscopy... can't wait to hear about your monitoring appt! chuord - hope your abdominal discomfort proves to be a good sign! mine, sadly, was not... skj - hope you are surving jury duty! chrissy, ms d, bebe, gtree - hope you all are well! afm - started AF in the middle of the night. 9dpo. and while on progesterone. a very appropriate ending to a clusterf*ck of a cycle, i suppose. no warning whatsoever, just showed up in full force. that never happens and especially on progesterone... i'm usually looking at 16 and 17 day lps when i supplement... i guess i can't really be surprised, though. this cycle was just so nuts from start to finish. the (possible) good news is that as long as i hear back from the clinic that they can do my hysteroscopy on monday or tuesday next week, i should be able to skip out on bcps all together. and then, if i do have a polyp, i will have more time to get it removed before my IVF cycle. so hoping that is the purpose of this surprise AF. i'm currently debating whether or not to ask my doctor about doing an egg retrieval only in may and then freezing embryos and letting me go on two months of depot lupron prior to FET. the purpose being 1) address any endo flare up that is sure to happen (happening?) due to all these medications and 2) treat for possible beta 3 integrin issues ( i *could* have the test, but my doc isn't gung-ho about it since i haven't had enough "failures" to warrant it. lupron is the treatment, though, and if it is a standard treatment for endo anyways... ). I'm trying to get my nerve up to ask her. So far I haven't found anything that says it could be harmful... only awful to experience since it is basically a medicated menopause... i'm just trying to make sure all my bases are covered so i don't waste any embryos (that's, of course, assuming i will have embryos!) anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share?
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