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Sila - thanks! And I love the dream, 4 would be a lot though 😜
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Sila- Four would be a handful but my feeling would be, if 4 is what I got, I would love every one of them. I hope you are still taking it easy and letting those embryos multiply!!


Chourd- That sounds like a nightmare day. I'm glad the people at Krispy Kreme treated your DH and made him smile on his special day. Funny, our only krispy kreme opened and closed in less than 2 years. We have mostly Dunkin Donuts in this area, a few Starbucks but they don't sell donuts. Your in-laws sound delightful by the way, can't say I envy you!


SKJ- I'm almost certain that is not the trigger any more, did you do 5,000 or 10,000 units? I only ever did 10k of Ovedril and it did take 11 days to get out of my system, but if it has been as long as your first half I would say that is a Big Fat Positive thumb.gif Can't wait to hear the results of your beta tomorrow. 


daurelia- It really does help to look at the silver lining doesn't it. What do you do for work? I have no idea what a NOLA Conference is. My silver lining is booking a beach vacation the first week of October...


indie- Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow (and Monday). jpack can probably say better than me but I thought the hysteroscopy was supposed to be relatively easy? I wish we could take a beach vaca. I have no time off coming up. We are going to see my in-laws in April. I may just take a day to the beach...


jpack- That is very sad about your new friend. New RE same clinic or different clinic? Clomid is a weird thing, hopefully they jumpstart soon. Do you go back in 2 days? 


shelly, gtree, bebe- tea6.gifHope you're well!


AFM- First appointment with the therapist went well. Mostly just a history taking today. It is weird to look at your life as a whole and realize somewhat why you are the way your are (emotionally anyway). It worked out she had a 5pm cancellation so I could go right over from work instead of waiting 2 hours. I've had a headache every day this week. Not anything terrible but enough to be a nuisance. I'm still spotting, sometimes brown, sometimes red. Normal? I have so many weekend things coming up that I want to get out of... ugh. I whitened my teeth tonight. We got a new system at work so I got to try it (silver lining, white teeth). No sensitivity! We are thinking about going away in October... need to pick a place.

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Tf- glad the first session went well. And, nice about planning a beach vacay!! How do you know how many units of hcg? I've only ever used the prefilled syringes. They are measued in mcg (250). I was looking online the other day and some people say its equivalent to 5000 iu and others say 10000. Ive decided not to do any more tests and just wait for the beta. Your bleeding post d&c sounds totally normal. My second cycle was full of wacky spotting too.
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Anyone hear from gtree? She hasn't been on in almost a month. I hope she and the twins are doing great!


I'll be back later with personals but also wanted to say, TF, from what I've read the spotting after a d&c is normal. Glad therapy went well and I hope it works for you.

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I play words with friends with gtree! They're all good but I'll let her know to come by!

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TF spotting=normal for me for up to 2weeks. That's just me...

SKJ way to hold out on the tests!

Sila, I love hearing how you were monitored along the way, and seeing which follies oed must have been really satisfying!

Indie, I have to say, my histeroscopy was no biggie today, but is was so, so fast- I don't know how he would have been able to seen anything in like 12.3 seconds he was in there! Did spot a bit, and it was relatively uncomfortable while it was in, for me anyway.

So, report was that all of my follies are less than 12. E2 was in the 30s. SKJ, I don't think that DOR is my issue, but interesting thought. I think I'm just looking at a way later o. I go back Sunday. Oh and the histeroscopy showed nothing abnormal. Good, I suppose! (I wouldn't mind having something fix-able!)
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joack - pardon my ignorance, but what is a hysteroscopy for? Was there something the doc was specifically looking for? I was really concerned about late O myself, but if this month works, it means my cd 21 O was a-ok. When is your next scan? Fingers crossed for some big follies next time.
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It was just for ruling out anything structural like polyps or fibroids that would be causing the early mcs. I hadn't had one yet.
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Holy bad driving this morning. Glad I made it to work & not looking forward to the drive home. SKJ- I'll have a hysteroscopy too next cycle. I think some clinics just prefer that to an HSG or that saline one.
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Can't wait for your beta today!!!
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Thanks tf. I'm in the waiting room. My goal this time around is to not do any more hpts. So far, so good. I'll keep you posted on today's number.
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Good goal SKJ. I like that. Last time I managed to stick with testing only every other day. This next time I'll be doing betas so I think I'll do the no more testing thing too. They'll call you by this afternoon with the results?

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Yeah. I should know by 3. They are gonna do an us today. I just gave 7 vials of blood to test for rpl stuff that shows up only after being pg. I'm freaking!
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What is the u/s for???? And I didn't know there was rpl stuff that they could test for during pregnancy! Stuff that doesn't show up on the other rpl stuff? I'm going to ask my RE about that. But they think it's not the trigger then!?!

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hi friends. i'm an hour early to my pre-op appt (my RE takes most of her appts across town from me... i'm always worried about traffic and always end up being WAY early). figure i can use this time to catch up here if i don't go insane from typing on phone. blech.

skj - praying for such crazy strong progesterone # that you will know immediately that this pregnancy is different. you deserve a chance to be really excited!!

chuord - can i just tell you how impressed i am that you keep up with everyone's details so well? i aspire to be as supportive as you are! you are such a great addition to this group. and WOW about your in laws. that's just awful. your dh is lucky to have you in his life. don't worry too much about your naturopath not detecting pregnancy... skj's accupunturist has been wrong like three times now! lol

chrissy - thanks for checking in on gtree... i've been wondering about her too. where are you at in your cycle?

toothfairy - thanks for reporting on gtree! glad therapy went well. it is always strange to give your history... forces you to look at your life a whole. the spotting is totally normal. are you doing opks? it's been so long but i'm pretty sure a d&c is considered the start of your cycle?

jpack - interesting about your slower response to clomid this time around... will be interested to see how this progresses. glad the hysteroscopy was a non-event!

sila - four babies!! i know of someone who had triplets recently... and has two older children... she seems to be handling it with grace smile.gif

afm - i'll be back later with a post dr appt update. i'm guessing this hysteroscopy is a little more involved than usual (anethestsia?? really??) because she is planning on being ready to remove a polyp if there happens to be another one... i guess i'll know her plan soon enough.
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Indie - I was under anesthesia for mine because I had it done at the same time as my lap. Good luck!

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yeah my one and only hysteroscopy was with a lap as well... after signing paperwork i think the anesthesia might be due to uterine biopsy (pre-IVF scraping of uterus) TF did they do that before your IVF? can't remember...

still waiting for doc. she had emergency procedure and is running late...
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Hey all. It's FRIDAY!!! And I snuck my doggie into the office!

TF, I'm really glad that you started therapy and I agree, those first couple of appointments, it's interesting/overwhelming to look at your life in summation to get a sense of how you got here. I started therapy like 6 months ago, my therapist is licensed counselor but also a doctoral student writing her dissertation on women who have experienced perinatal loss and are trying again. So she's really familiar with the range of emotions women like us experience. (The benefits of working for a university, I can find specialists on all kinds of things!). I'm so glad you are going and I really hope it helps. ALSO YAY for a vacation in October! That's a great idea. Also maybe a weekend in a cabin around now-ish? that might help too.


SKJ, I am waiting with BATED BREATH. I hope R calls you instead of P with the news ;). Please keep us posted.


Indie, I've never had a hysteroscopy, I'm really eager to hear how it went.


How's everyone else doing today?


AFM. So a LILY WHITE negative pregnancy test this morning, I'm 14 DPO, cramping, and light spotting. Even though the nurse said to wait until Sunday, I think she mis-calculated my dates and I'm 100% sure I'm not pg. I'm throwing in the towel and stopping progesterone. It's OK. I cried, and I have all these scary fears like "what if I will never become a mother", but I am also OK with it. This means I can go to that conference! And I am still hopeful that the next cycle or two will work. If not... I am scared to even think about it but I will cross that bridge if/when. Meanwhile I'm going to step up my game a little, like going back to acupuncture.


Thanks for the support everyone.

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daurelia - just realized i missed you in my personals! sorry! wanted to congratulate you on the nola conference! exciting! sorry about your bfn but it sounds like you've done your grieving and are ready to keep trucking smile.gif fingers crossed for this next cycle!
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Indie - Sorry you are still waiting. And, thanks for the positive progesterone mojo! So, you are having the scraping done monday? Yowee! The things we subject ourselves to. Can you imagine if you said to DH that he needs some internal body part scraped. I don't know about your DH, but mine would NOT do it. So unfair that all the procedures fall on us. Can't wait for the full update on what your doc has to say.

Daurelia - I'm so sorry about the BFN greensad.gif I was so hopeful for you, but I really think that you will be pregnant in no time. And, I think the conference is the universe's way of saying, let's get this last majorly awesome thing done for you before you need to be on maternity leave. I just really think that's what's happening. And, I got to chat with R today. I agree, I don't want P giving me this kind of news smile.gif

AFM - So, I had the u/s and the nurse said it wasn't to see a sac or anything, just to check my lining. She said it looked good. It was almost a 14. I'm determined to not google anything this time around. I keep telling myself that google will not be able to tell me anything about me and I am sure it will make me crazy. We'll see how long that lasts smile.gif

So, there are some RPL things that can be "activated' by pregnancy. I had a bunch of antiphospholipid antibody bloodwork done and something about lupus. There was a third thing too, but I don't remember what it was. I think the treatment for these things is more controversial and experimental, so a lot of Docs either don't believe in it or wouldn't be able to treat it, I think. I believe the treatments are intralipids or something called IVIG. Those things are usually not covered by insurance. I also remember there being a chance that I'd have to be on prednisone. But, I won't know the results of these tests for a bit. They don't get same day results.

I asked about the ovidrel causing my +HPT, and the nurse said, there's no way to know. We'll just have to follow my betas. I think they are just treating me very conservatively b/c of my history and it's better to treat me as though I"m indeed pregnant vs. waiting to confirm it. I will know the results of my E2, P4, and HCG this afternoon, sometime after 2.

Man, the appointment was CRAZY stressful. I hate that I'm so high risk now. I long for just getting pregnant and having a baby. I can't even imagine getting past the beta part.
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