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Wow! Well, it's not the trigger! And you progesterone is great! I think that's a great number for what, 13dpo? I'm thrilled for you SKJ!
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All of those numbers sound perfect!! Yay!!!!
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Thanks jpack! Yesterday was 14 days after the ovulation trigger, so between 12 and 13 dpo. Definitely my best first beta so far. I'm on prometrium, so I expected a good p4, but not that high.

Cautiously optimistic for Monday.
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this is a huge win, skj!! that p4 tells the story! eeek! i really think this is it mama!
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Are you on oral prometrium or suppository? The vaginal doesnt show up in bloodwork so if that's the case that 40 is alllll you!
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Thanks ladies. It means a lot <3
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tf - oral smile.gif but, I think my own p4 has to be good even still. I think bebe's p4 was in the 50's and she was on twice a day oral prometrium? Maybe it was vaginally? In any case, I think it's good regardless bc don't they say anything over 15 is good for a medicated cycle? Is that with oral p4?
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Yay SKJ!! Congrats sweetie.
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I'm so excited for you!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!

Ok, so lets go over your treatment, yeah? wink1.gif
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Great SKJ!!!!

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Yes, let's smile.gif

So, I'm on the following sups all month long. I asked my doc abt each of them: l-Arginine (1000 mg 2 x a day), myo-inositol (1500 mg in am, 750 in pm), vit D (1000 iu 2 x a day), b50 complex once a day, baby aspirin, fish oil (1200 mg 2 x a day), prenatal, coq10 (200 mg ubiquinol 2 x a day)... Gotta run. Will finish in a bit
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Ok. Have a quick sec. I also started twice a day metformin around cd 14. And, I did 1000 mg of epo twice a day before o along with one cup of decaf green tea. I also took fertilecm from a few days before o until bfp. I had run out, but previous months I took it all cycle.

Ok, as far as "real" meds go, I triggered with ovidrel when my labs and us showed I was surging. Then, I started lovenox (once a day), 200 mg prometrium at night, and a vivelle patch every three days. All this started three days after the ovidrel. 6 days after the first ovidrel, I did another. The estrogen, progesterone & ovidrel were all to support my lp. The metformin was to prevent loss bc I have a mutation of pai-1 gene. The lovenox was due to some possible clotting issues, but she said the issues could also cause my body to not get the estrogen and progesterone to my uterus. So, it had a dual purpose.

I'm still to take everything but l-Arginine and inositol. That decision (stopping those two supps) wasn't confirmed by doc though. I'm still on everything else.

Hope this helps smile.gif
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Question: what baked good do I bring doc and nurses Monday? Was thinking banana bread.
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Thanks so much for sharing all that, SKJ. Pai-1? I'll have to look that up... Very interesting stuff! And I think banana bread sounds lovely!
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Oh, and I asked about alcohol and exercise. My doc said I could do both until I got a +Hpt. I worked out pretty intensely up until a few days after o. I only stopped bc of my knee. I drank a couple glasses of wine during my lp too. Oh, and I took chuord's advice about a "happy ending" while bd-ing. smile.gif I think that abt covers all of it.
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SKJ - I love waking up and reading good things on here!!! I'm so excited for you I could bust!!!! So next beta on Monday? Will you be testing between now and then?
Everybody - where are you at? I soo love your posts and to follow the journeys...
Afm - still no clue if this one will work, temp dip yesterday with mild cramping and rise again today - but I get the cramping pre AF, and I was awake earlier today so...
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Thanks sooo much again, SKJ for sharing everything you did. I'm totally adding the ubiquitol, and giving some to dh, too! Sooo fascinating. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm so excited for tomorrow morning's monitorring. I'm such a dork! I'm like, "ooh, ooh, how big are they now?" I just crave info-- it's like a sickness! Anyway, that's all I got for tonight- I'm cd13 today, still no indication that ovulation is anywhere near by. I feel like it'll probably be late, like cd 18 (has happened before). I just really hope they don't tell me to trigger before my own lh surge... Oh boy, I need (another) hobby!
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Oh, I forgot to share a funny joke from the RE who did my hysteroscopy. So it wasn't my old RE or my new one, it was a well-known one around here with a good -- but lousy, dry bedside manner -- reputation. I found him lovely. Anyway, he was super fast, then as he was "going in" he said, "I call this the sperm's eye view" I thought is was really funny, hope you ladies get a chuckle! wink1.gif
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So... Bummed out over here- one follie, about a 15, nothing else looked like it grew. Geez.
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jpack - ugh. I'm so sorry. That sucks. Are you done with the clomid pills? I'm hoping you get a growth spurt before the next scan.
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