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Taking The Scenic Route to a BFP - Winter/Spring 2013 Edition - Page 43

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Tf - yay for your cycle getting back into stride!!!!
SKJ - omg this is soo totally brilliant!!! Did they comment about how happy they were? So what symptoms, how are you feeling? The vicarious are so nosey don't ya know 😜
Indie - wow you're moving along quickly too - so how's that window of BDing opportunity looking for you? Lol
Primal - how's it going?
Everyone else - hi!

Ok apparently my incredibly bad pain was colic?? Or was that the nausea anyway, it's a fair bit better now... 15dpo still a bfn, still no AF, temp comfortably .3 above cover line (am still going so I know what I do at AF time) I'm totally over it and trying to ignore everything for a while -will keep temping and testing every other day... But stopping the symptom spotting and ignoring the continuously heavy uterus... So IF anything changes I'll let you know - otherwise lol you know I'm in no mans land
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Awesome yet again SKJ! Grow baby airplane grow!


AFM - Daaaaaang I'm really feeling hormonal. Not in the emotional way, but the progesterone and possibly hcg-y way...I guess we'll find out next week! I kind of just want to disappear from here for a few days but still read along ;) I'll keep you guys updated...


I realllly want a nap...come home DH....

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Fx so much for you sila!!! I know what you mean about a break - I'm trying... I know you'll be next xxxx
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I just read all 43 pages, does that make me an honorary member, or merely insane?  Lol.


I kind of want to join the group as a preemptive strike.  I'm 34 years old and we are about to start ttc #3.  I'm scared to death I'm going to have IF issues and quite honestly, reading all of your messages and support to each other gives me a warm fuzzy.  I totally understand if you guys want to vote me off the island as I haven't had any problems yet.  


I've been on nuvaring since last July to stop me from having crazy psycho meltdowns when it was that tom. We decided about a week ago that we want to go ahead with #3.  My doc told me to finish this nuvaring cycle, have a normal cycle then ttc.  I'm making myself crazy with all the "what ifs?"  

I do have a miscarriage in my history, so my fears are not entirely unfounded.  I hope you guys decide I can hang out here, because I don't know where else I possibly could fit in.  


Edited to add: We are also doing IUI, as DH had a vasectomy after #1.  I'm still GRRRRR about that.

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TF - You are a seriously awesome lady and friend. Never doubt yourself when it comes to us. We love you just the way you are. Also, f%$king great about the ewcm!!


Indie - How's the opk'ing coming along? I finally got a + on cd16.


SKJ - Fantastic numbers. So excited and happy for you!


Chuord - WTH is going on with your chart? I hope things become clear for you soon


Sila - Thinking of you and hope all is well.


Bebe, Gtree, Shell, and everyone else - HI!!!!!!


Matt'sMom - Welcome to the group. I don't think we've ever voted anyone out so I don't think we'll be starting now. Hope you get your bfp soon!


ASM - cd17, well almost 18, and not a lot going on here. DH is working more to help put money aside for DS's therapy. I plan to register him next week for kindergarten. Outside of that just boring. lol

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Hi all 😄 everything has resolved - AF is here... Onto a more relaxed cycle for me I hope...
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Sorry for my absense, friends. Do I have a story for you! But first . . . a couple personals . . .


Indie, so glad the hysteroscopy went well and got rid of the fluff! Ha, tootfairy . . . that's hilarious.


SKJ, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for this very awesome news!!!!


TF, thanks for getting us going with the beads--so excited for this. And super yay for EWCM!!


Chrissy, hi! How are you???


To everyone else, old and new -- HI! :)


AFM: Well . . . you just won't believe the last couple weeks! I'm currently out on pregnancy disability after my boss yelled at me for 20 minutes, tried to do it again after lunch the same day, and then the next morning I started having what felt like contractions, which worsened by the next day. My OB pulled the plug and took me out on disability. I'm doing much better now, and this is sort of weird to say, but I think baby is so much happier! Her movements seem more frequent, strong and normal than they've ever been. Maybe a coincidence, but I don't think so. Can you believe it? Who yells at a pregnant woman for 20 minutes? Especially when said pregnant women repeatedly asks you to stop? It was over NOTHING. She is just an insane and horrible person, and I am submitting a formal grievance. Nuts, yes? Anyway, I'm home resting a lot now, so I will probably have more time to stay updated on MDC! :) I'm 27 weeks today!

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Wow bebe! She truly does sound psycho... That is so awful that the stress affected you like that - although the end result is good! Will you be off till the end? Are you going to go back there after the baby? Bet she has no kids... Lol I hope she feels so bad she calls to apologize!
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Matt's mom- Reading all 43 pages is impressive. Insane would be reading the original scenic route thread, and the 'first round of clomid thread' from Oct/Nov 2011 when we all started together! We aren't really a kicking off the island type, as Chrissy said. It is true we have all spent too much time together and yet to have a quick BFP (is that bad juju for you?) but we are happy to help anyone along in their journey even if it is short and sweet. Just don't mind the b*tching about our family/friends/coworkers/strangers that fall into that category- It isn't personal! Is there a reason you are expecting infertility or just trying to plan for an unknown future? I was on the NuvaRing for years, it actually wasn't too bad coming off of. Anyway, Welcome! I hope that you experience in TTC is shorter than you expect and that you find us a good group to hang out with for the time being! It is a wonderful group of women!


chuord- Seriously glad that AF came and gave you the answers you've been waiting on. Will you continue to chart full cycles? It does look like your chart is perfect, just a matter of time before that baby sticks!


bebe- Your boss has shown her crazy in the past, I remember, but chastizing a pregnant woman is a whole other level of crazy. Glad to hear your doctor took your side and put you on leave. Will  you have to go back before delivery or is this long-term leave? Also glad to hear that the little lady is happier without all the stress from your job! We will be looking for updated weekly photos from you soon... don't make us wait so long that we have to start nagging again. 


sila- One more week. I won't push you for 2ww details because I know on progesterone it is just a worthless bunch but everything you said makes me hopeful. 


SKJ- Fantastic numbers, it is wonderful to hear that your body is taking over and normalizing. Hopefully this gives you a little peace of mind (does it ever really though?). Your doctor must be so thrilled for you & DH. What's next?


indie- Any luck with the OPK and timing? You travel so much it astounds me... did you end up getting the promotion you were working on a few months back? I'm sure you posted about it and I just cannot remember. 


Chrissy- Will the school provide extra services for DS starting in Kindergarten? There is so much available but I know in the experience of family members with children with Asbergers or learning disabilities you have to advocate and fight really hard for even an inch of extra help. It is nice your husband is able to work extra to help with therapy but the extra stress of everything on your family must be hard. CD 18, any sign of O? Do you usually O late? I know 18 isn't really that late, for almost a year my regular O was CD17 but I thought you were usually on the early side.


AFM- So the EWCM was there on Thursday and  I haven't had any since. Of course I haven't done any OPKs because I worry they will pick up HCG and I haven't done any HPT because I'm afraid they will still be dark and freak me out again about it not all being gone by AF and messing up my frozen transfer. Also I have no signs that ovulation occurred... My follow up to the d&c is Wednesday. I am hoping she will do blood work then. In other news, we booked a trip to Aruba the week of my due date. It wasn't intended to be that week but that's what was available to use with our timeshare so in the end I think it was meant to be. Hopefully we will be celebrating a new pregnancy but nothing will change the memory of our baby that will never be. I had my 2nd therapy session on Friday & I do think it is helping. We've talked a lot about my inability to process emotions publicly. She gives an interesting perspective. I still won't be crying publicly any time soon but it makes me re-think what brought me to this point, emotionally. Going back to Yoga this week helped too and I was impressed to find I can still do a headstand and crow pose like nobody's business. I still haven't said the words out loud 'I had a miscarriage'. Even saying it in my mind seems so foreign. I've said my baby died (sounds so harsh) but I think the coldness of it makes people less likely to pour over how sorry they are. I'm inappropriate.... I should tell my therapist that... 


Hope everyone is having a good weekend & Celebrating St Paddy's day tomorrow. Even being all Irish I've never made corned beef & cabbage but DH asked me to... soooo... I'm off to the store to figure it out! 

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Matt's mom- welcome! Hope your journey is easier than you expect!
TF - so st pats is an important day for you? Hope it's a happy one! For me it's the day dh and I first met... My friend dragged me to a med pub thing and so did his lol, I stirred him outrageously and the rest just slowly happened... So I am forgetting about AF, and just going to enjoy the day with him... (It's weird I'm still getting really strong cramps - I've never had them longer than half a day before and now it's been 4!)
I'm similar to you, I try like heck to never show general people how distressed I am, only close family and dh! Ironically he says I cry a lot... In general it feels like a protection barrier you know? If they know my sore spot they might stick their finger in it!
I'm so happy that you will be somewhere nice for your babies due date, then you can love each other and note the date the way you choose without any interruption from others. Btw I have a feeling you are right and will be celebrating a new pregnancy at the same time.
If you ladies were me, would you keep charting? Or would you ignore it all now I have an idea of my cycle? (Mind you ff still predicts O in the wrong spot for next month) I need to try a month of romance to try and get dh in the mood appropriately lol
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Chuord- So you two met on the 17th? Our 9 year anniversary (dating, not marriage) is the 18th! 9 years... unbelievable! As far as charting, do whatever you need to feel comfortable. I charted for about 7 months, on and off... it was a comfort at times but mostly made me more stressed. If you know you only get 1 patch of EWCM and that is when O comes than that is all you really need, your LP shouldn't change enough that you would worry about a luteal phase defect (mine is 11-13 days and that is good enough for me). Just know when the discharge starts getting stretchy and slippery, that is when you turn on the charm! 

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TF - I'm so sorry about the cycle fears and confusion. I hope AF arrives in 2 weeks and clears it all up. I'm glad you were able to book a trip (though I still wish you were coming here!) and that therapy is going well. I don't process emotions well publicly either. More like I don't show them much at all. Or rarely I do, but no words will come out. Anyways....so proud you are practicing yoga again and rocking bakasana and headstands! My yoga practice has changed the way I deal with and approach life in so many ways. Just this week I feel like I went home with so many valuable things, both on and off the mat. I've been working on handstands lately and pincha mayurasana (forearm stand)...


I painted my toe nails green for St. Patty's...


We just got home from a going away dinner for my brother and sister in law and nephew :( They are moving to Hawaii

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TF - thanks for the advice! I think I'll go with it and try one month without - it really would be good to focus on the romance not the science... You're right about the stress.
9 years that's great! Today is 13 for us, but we didn't date straight away... (Really lol) it's so nice to get to know someone over so long, I love him more today than before... So sappy lol...
Sila I'm not sure but I have a feeling that by the time tootfairy (yes I love it too) is on holiday you could be up to your knees in multiples lol... Here's hoping!
I have to say I think without everyone's support I could be quite miserable about this cycle not working for me, but instead I feel focused and supported.
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Thanks for the welcome chuord and TF!  


Bebe, your boss is insane.  Holy crow.  Yelling at anyone is ridiculous, yelling at a pregnant woman is beyond absurd.  Enjoy your maternity leave!


TF, (and everyone) bitch away.  I'm a SAHM, so I don't really have to deal with insensitive coworkers or the like.  My best friend wants to have another baby, but they aren't going to start trying until this fall, so I don't have to worry (for a while) about being jealous of her bfp!


Aruba sounds awesome.  I'm glad you're going to be somewhere nice on your original due date.  I say original because I know it's going to happen again for you.  I'm praying it's soon.


I don't know if I'm planning for IF, or if it's just planning for the unknown.  Mostly I think that I read this thread, empathized with all of you, felt the love that you all have for one another and wanted to be a part of something like that.  I don't have a lot of close friends, either irl or online.  I just feel like you guys are the type of people who would be happy for my bfp even in the midst of what you're all going through.  I hope that makes sense and that I've explained it well.  

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A nice dark bfp this morning at 12/13dpo. Beta is Wednesday morning!

(Terrible picture but I still wanted to share)


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YAY!!!!!!!!!  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif



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Thanks. Cautiously excited. I just now realized that the MT in your screen same is for Montana. My family lives there :)

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Congrats Sila. I'm thinking someone's got more than one baby growing in there!!!
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Whoa Sila!! Congrats!! Are you ready for multiples?? What's your plan on ultrasounds? I ask bc we are considering even putting back 2 & refusing an u/s til 8 weeks. So exciting !!!!
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Yay Sila! That is a great fat bfp!!!!!!!
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