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Number of midwives to interview?

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I am planning my first home birth and I'm wondering how many midwives I should interview? I met with one today that I liked a lot and I have another interview this weekend. Is two enough or should I set up more interviews?
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It is whatever you are comfortable with. I have never bothered to interview more then two that were willing to take me.  For this pregnancy I had to interview three before I found one that was comfortable taking me. I went with the first midwife that did not turn me away.

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It depends on how the interviews go.  If you find one that you just click with, then your search is over.  If you feel like something is off or something makes you uncomfortable, then you need to keep looking.

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I interviewed 3 but I pretty much knew who I wanted before I started. I interviewed all 3 anyway just to see. Went with the one I wanted from the get go and I am so glad we did.
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