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New Year, New Bajingo Hopes for a BFP! TTC# 1 in our 30s January 2013

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's January 2013 banana.gif

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On the exercise front, as long as your exercise isn't too strenuous, I would think that you should keep it up. It is so amazing how little things like exercise, what we eat, drink, and wear (especially tight undies on our men) can make such a difference in TTC. After going through so many challenges with TTC, it is amazing to me that anyone gets pregnant!


I was looking at my fertility friend chart and noticed that this month is the only time that our "intercourse timing" has been "high", usually it is just "good" and a couple times it has been "low".  I have been having those twingy/crampy feelings since 3dpo. Usually they don't show up until 7 dpo.  So many things to consider as we figure out what our bodies do and when to finally catch the egg!

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Hello everyone!

I am still in limbo. Such a crazy cycle. I thought I had O'd on CD12 and when I had cm the following week, it was thick and yellow and kind of stretchy but not what I usually think of as ewcm. Based on negative tests and no AF, I think the second strange patch must have been ovulation, making AF due today or tomorrow. There was some holiday BDing, so its still possible for pregnancy. Or I am having an anovulatory cycle...

Still tired and nauseous, which could also be a sinus infection.

I just wish I would get an answer... Kind of feeling dejected and that this isn't our month now, but I just want to know.
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Lilacvioletiris, you are so right! It's so funny...the list of do's and don'ts is so long, how did our parents conceive?!? smile.gif

So roll on cycle...show me what you got! I'm going to try to relax this month if AF shows up. I tend to get quite emotional on the day she arrives. I keep trying to tell myself that it's better if it doesn't happen until April because our lil one would have a better chance in being string in athletics! Hahaha...DH is a sport coach and read in a book that the month your birthday falls in can determine your athletic success. Jan-March is ideal...so that's keeping my spirits up. Obviously we would prefer for a BFP now, but this thought keeps me sane and ok with a delay. We were laughing about it last night when I told DH that he would be disappointed if we had a lil one in those months and the kid hated sports! He's be crushed smile.gif hahaha! Whatever keeps you smiling I guess x

I hope you are all having a great day smile.gif
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Soooooo... What do you ladies think?



I took it this morning after DH left for work because I never have a 14 day LP. I'm tempted to wait till after the weekend to call for blood work just in case it's an early loss.

Not sure what to think. I'm excited about the possibility of course but dreading going for an early ultrasound for fear that it might be another ectopic...

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Dakipode...   Nice line you got there! I would probably wait until Monday, but I would be testing every morning over the weekend to see if the line gets darker, too. Toes crossed that this is a normal, healthy pregnancy!

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nice BFP Dakipode! fingers crossed for you that it is sticky in the right place this time fingersx.gif.

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Dakipode: That's a lovely pic smile.gif I would wait if you can possibly stand it. But I agree with Stevi...test again each morning over the weekend. A few days to let the lil bean settle and hopefully stick x
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dakipode- looks great! goodvibes.gif


conifer- I believe the weak positive opk was related to my low progesterone. This has happened more than once and I am definitely a slow temp riser. My temps are very low. After O my top temps are around 97.5 on good cycles. 

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You can officially move me to the pregnant graduates. I am due Aug 14, 2013. Yay!

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Congrats!!!! That's sooooo wonderful! What a blessed year it will be for you!
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Woo hoo!!! A big fat congratulations to you hermesgoddess!!! smile.gif
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Cross posted in Saner TTC:

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I feel like I need to change my username to "obviouslydoesn'thaveaclue". In retrospect maybe comparing the current data to the ectopic cycle wasn't the best idea since that was obviously not a proper success. Scientists give me your opinions.

If you ladies don't mind I'll stick around for a while until I see the doc and confirm it's in the right place.


Hermesgoddess: Congrats to you! May you have a healthy and happy nine months!

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Congrats Hermesgoddess! jumpers.gifjumpers.gif   wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy and birth!



AFM- Still waiting for AF to start. I stopped the progesterone 3 days ago so AF should be here anytime. whistling.gif

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Since there were a few people talking about this I'm going to reply to everyone, but especially Conifer who originally brought it up. I just read in Making Babies (sad to say it appears to not be available in Google Books for me to point to an exact reference) that any exercise that causes you to release endorphins will suppress ovulation if the exertion happens at the right time. That's the only real reference to physical exertion I've read. Granted, Making Babies, although reviewed by some doctors whose health books have meticulous references, has no references at the end. I think that the information is reputable but I hate that the authors do not reference studies or research to back up their facts and ideas.


Dakipode: It looks so good to me! I am sending you sticky wishes; hope everything turns out OK. Also, I totally remember that quote from Making Grace-- it's the kind of thing that sticks with you.

Thebyr: re: your question about Clomid, I have not considered it because half the time we do not BD during my fertile window. There is no reason for me to throw my hormones off if there's so little chance of catching the egg. Maybe that's bad logic. But I am a weirdo about drugs... Before moving in with my husband the only drug in my house was asprin.


Bailey: I just read Making Babies! And that is so cool that you got to see a sabadora. I don't think they have those here in the rustbelt wink1.gif. I did do the self-massage described in the book, starting a few weeks ago. This is real TMI so stop reading if you don't want to hear: I had the clottiest AF EVER. It was on par with my miscarriage. AF was about a week late with a few negative tests, but I just wonder if there was something there that I needed to get rid of and the self-massage helped get things moving. I am also both "stuck" and "waterlogged," and both described me to a T. Did you find much of the book rang true for you?

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dakipode, congratulations!  Seems like we have had several BFP lately!  Stick baby stick and in the right place!  Hopefully all will be well on Monday when you call your doctor.  Feel free to stick around until you are ready to move ahead.


librarygirl, I hope your feeling badly has a positive end to it.  Today I was feeling all achy and tired.  I took my temp this afternoon and I am wondering if I have a high temp from a fever.  I guess I will wait until tomorrow and see.


JustJenny, hope your AF shows up soon.


hermessgoddess, Congratulations!  I will move you to graduates!  Very exciting! Check out the Bajingo grads page at http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1363138/fall-2012-love-for-the-preggo-bajingos-having-1-in-our-30s/80#post_17220824

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Well, AF found me after all...which means I must have had my O date really wrong (or possibly was anovulatory this month, but I think it was just a wrong O date). DH and I decided that I should go back to temping so we have that confirmation and don't get our hopes up for nothing. I temped for about a year when we were TTA so it's not terrible to go back to it.


I'm trying to find something- some research that indicates that artificial sweeteners cause infertility in men that I can get DH to read. the man LOVES his diet coke and uses splenda in everything. If anyone knows of anything that I can have him read, let me know!


sorry for no personal messages this time. hope everyone is doing well and congrats to those BFPs!

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Librarygirl: I have had an interesting cycle as well. Had you ever had that kind of cm before in another cycle?  It's such a rollercoaster of emotions and expectations.  Sorry miss AF came in the end.  I hate how she can get our hopes up sometimes!


AFM: I think I O'd on cd 20.  Ewcm started cd15 and stopped cd17.  So I thought I was O'ing on the 17th (or so said my fertility tracker).  However the opk's did not agree.  But then I ran out of opk tests on the evening of cd19.  However symptoms showed that cd20 seemed to be the O day this cycle.  BD all through the prime days with a few before and after the expected days.  Today is cd 28 for me and it has been an eventful one.  Started getting mild cramps cd22, random pelvic bone twinges cd23, again with the dull aches cd24, then from cd25-26 every time I wee'd I had the snotty cloudy yellow cm (sorry TMI). Now today cd28 all day long I have had dull aches on my left side.  And guess what...BFN.  I average a 30 day cycle, so AF is due on Thursday. I honestly am an emotional wreck for some reason.  It may be that in my mind I always wanted to have my first by the time I was 35.  My 35th birthday is next Friday...and reality has set in.  I am putting so much pressure on myself and thinking how wonderful it would be to at least even know that I was going to start being preggers by 35.  But I think I need to let that just go and relax.  Easy said than done.  Had a little bit of a cry when I saw the bfn, but I am still hoping that this aches on my left are for a good reason other than my AF wanting to visit.


Sorry for the ramble, I am just having a tough day xx


I hope you are all having good spirits and I really love hearing the good news stories! 

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librarygirl- Boo. Sorry AF showed up.hug2.gifHope temping next cycle will bring you some clarity. I don't have any info on artificial sweeteners on male fertility. I've read here and there it can in women for sure, so men shouldn't be any different. Has he ever had his swimmers checked? He may prefer that to losing is Diet Coke, lol. 


coniferhug2.gif I'm still holding out hope for you!  I can empathize with the pressure we put on ourselves. I'm 36 and always thought I would be so done by now. Yet, here I am ttc #1 still! All those damn deadlines that get stuck in our heads, Sh**y statistics and feeling so faulty - ugh - I wish I had good advice to help you let go of it all. The only thing that has helped me recently is moving forward with fertility testing. If all this doesn't help, I'm in trouble!! eyesroll.gif Happy Early Birthday, btw!


AFM- AF finally showed up and I'm on CD2. Tomorrow is ultrasound and the start of Clomid. I know that the Dr. is going to want to go straight to IUI but I've decided to just do The clomid/progesterone combo for the next couple of cycles. I'm hoping that with just finding out the low progesterone issue and then Clomid making me drop a extra egg we can be successful on our own. The other tests we've done indicated that DH's swimmers are good and they are getting through the CM. So, my fingers are crossed!

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librarygirl, sorry AF found you. If you can do the temping, it does at least give you a heads up whether to hope each cycle or just wait for AF to arrive.


Conifer, I know that self imposed "deadlines" are the hardest - I didn't get married until 34, wanted to wait a year, then try to get pregnant - now that I am coming to the end of 20 cycles of TTC to just seems like the waiting to be pregnant is taking forever. I hope your birthday is a great one and that your hopes come true for starting a family in 2013.


JustJenny, great to hear that you are able to move onto the next step and that your DH's swimmers are going where they need to go.


AFM, this month has just felt odd to me, breasts haven 't  been so tender, cramps have felt different and more localized to upper left quadrant of my abdomen, a little bit of nausea, etc.  Today my temp was lower than yesterday and AF is expected for Friday - seems funny how we seem to cycle so closely to each other even though we don't see each other in real life. I guess I will wait for tomorrow - today is 10 dpo for me and DH wants me to wait it out to test until later in the week.

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