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New Year, New Bajingo Hopes for a BFP! TTC# 1 in our 30s January 2013 - Page 2

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JustJenny: I wish you and DH the best. That's great news so far...now you have a few extra bits to work on now that you have that information. I agree, I would feel better trying a few cycles to see how you go. I'm sure it's not an easy step to take regardless, so I wish you my best for some fruitful bd'ing for your upcoming cycles xx

Lilacvioletiris: I just got married at 34 as well. 20 cycles...I think I need to realise now that I can't just snap my fingers and scrunch my eyes...and poof! Obviously that may be my reality as well. It is pretty interesting that we are all nearly on the same cycle. If anyone watches the tv show Modern Family...you may remember the episode when Clare and her 2 daughters all had AF on the same day. Very funny one smile.gif

AFM: I'm better today. I have my moments. I just need to find a hobby for a while that takes my mind from this...just to give my head some space. I was thinking that a bit of interior design is needed at home. A few new lamps, wall frames for our wedding photos, mirrors, rugs...a few things I'd like to update. That may be just the thing I need smile.gif Could be fun! IKEA won't know what's coming...hahaha
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Decorating can make life fun! Can”t wait to see a pic of what you do with your home.
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For those who missed last month, DH's grandma passed on Christmas eve. Today we brought her rocker/recliner home... We have been meaning to get one since we started TTC since they are an essential item when you have a baby. We hope the chair will let the baby's spirit know how welcome it is in our home. DH's grandma would be happy to see us rocking a little one in her chair.


Just entered the 2WW today...

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Librarygirl: sorry AF came. Hopefully temping will give you some good information about your body and it will lead to your BFP soon! Haven't heard anything about the artificial sweeteners. Personally I try to avoid them because they taste funky to me.


JustJenny: Good luck with your Clomid cycle! I'll be keeping my eye out for your BFP!


Lilac: Stay strong!


Conifer: I love IKEA though our nearest one is a 6hr drive away. It's a nice excuse for a weekend trip. Plus they have THE BEST french toast sticks! They're deep fried or something, I don't really know, but they taste unlike any other french toast sticks I've had, sooo good!


TeamViddy: Awww, I can totally picture you nursing your baby in that rocker with grandma's spirit watching over him/her!


Anyone I've missed: wave.gif


AFM: my first beta was encouraging: at 17dpo it was much higher than the one from the ectopic at 18dpo. Getting another one done tomorrow and hoping to see a good number. Holding my breath till I get the u/s that confirms it's in the right place, probably sometime next week.

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TeamViddy, how nice it will be to relax with your baby in your baby's great-grandma's chair. I am glad you could bring it home with you as a way of remembrance.


dakipode, exciting news about the beta! Hopefully your next blood test shows great doubling and that the ultrasound shows that your little one is hanging out in the right place.


AFM, temp dropped into the 96's today.  AF will likely be here tomorrow or the next day.  I so glad we are meeting with the fertility doctor next Tuesday to make plans for our IVF  I feel like I have waited long enough.

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conifer - Glad your feeling a little better. Redecorating is a great idea! I love IKEA. 


T-Vid- That is so awesome. I am absolutely positive that she will get incredible joy on the other side from seeing you rock her grandbaby in it. What a special gift! Wishing you a bfp in a couple weeks smile.gif


dakipode- Thank you. Maybe if I hurry up and O, and all things go well, we could be in the same ddc winky.gif



AFM- Thank you all for the well wishes this cycle. You wouldn't believe how much your support means to me!  Saw the Dr. yesterday and he saw a cyst on one of my ovaries. He didn't seem to think it was a big deal. He thought that perhaps it was left over from last cycles ovulation.  But he did postpone the Clomid a few days in hope that the cyst would "settle down" a little.  I go in for another ultrasound next Thursday to see how its doing and if the clomid is working. 

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JustJenny: well hurry up and O then! winky.gif


Lilac: I'll be watching your journey eagerly!


AFM: Just wanted to update you ladies because you've seen me through my rough time in November. My beta today more than doubled! My heart was racing when the nurse called to tell me the number, I was so anxious! My first ultrasound is scheduled for next week Thursday. I feel good knowing that the numbers are looking normal, last time they were very low.

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That is great news Dakipode!
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Jenny, best of luck.. Hope it was left over...


Dakipode, HORAY!!!!!! So happy for you :) Sounds great!

Lilac, forgot to thank you for this month's thread. Thank you!

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Doing a little stalking and want to wish a joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif to Dakipode!

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Hello all!



librarygirl--Sorry to hear this wasn't your month. I don't know about citations specifically in infertility, but I recently read the 4-week detox, and it has some information about how bad artificial sweeteners are (as well as regular sugar). You can get a pdf of the book online at https://code.google.com/p/free-download/downloads/detail?name=4-Week%20Ultimate%20Body%20Detox%20Plan.PDF)


ConiferOD--I know we all hear about "35" as this fertility milestone, but remember it's not like the day before you turn 35 you are more fertile than the next day. And yes to IKEA! DH and I went at the start of the year and I am so happy with our new shelving. 


Dakipode--CONGRATS! Very happy for you. Great news on the betas!!


JustJenny--I've had weak positive (?) OPKs the past two cycles, and with my irregular cycles and starting to wonder about some kind of hormonal imbalance myself. Good luck with the Clomid/progesterone combo!


Viddy--I just got Making Babies this week! I have determined I am definitely "stuck." I think my husband is "tired." It sounds like your self massage was effective! I like how the book encourages us to take a longer view of the process, preparing over the course of a few months rather than obsessing over each cycle. I'm really hoping I can get more information about why my cycles have been so irregular and bring things back into balance. The dietary recommendations for me are pretty close to what I had started recently on my own, so that's encouraging. Have you been following the dietary/supplement guides for your types?


lilac--Thanks for starting this new thread. Hoping all goes well with the fertility doc!


AFM--This cycle I am not really trying as I am taking an herbal tincture to cleanse the womb, but I'm still feeling very frustrated. Last month and this month I took OPKs and could not pinpoint a clear time of ovulation. The tests trended toward positive but never quite got there. I also did not have any discernible EWCM. It's very discouraging to think I might not be ovulating at all. I hope that in this new year my body can come into a balanced, fertile state. I'm also trying to get my DH to get his swimmers checked. Sometimes I think the main problem is really stress. He is a first-year middle school teacher and he works insane hours, often lesson planning and grading until well after I've gone to bed, then up and out the door before 7am. I know he is just trying to do a good job, but I feel upset that all this work stress is making it impossible for us to BD at the right times, and probably affecting his health (and virility) as well. I'm sure my multiple jobs and dissertation stress/guilt don't help the cause, either. 

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Happy Friday ladies! I'm so excited for IKEA tomorrow and I'm going to try to free my mind and enjoy the weekend. I hope you all have a fabulous one and enjoy whatever you get up to smile.gif
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Hey everyone smile.gif I'm new to this so not to sure wot to do but here goes, I'm TTC for over year now and miscarried sept 2012, I've been doing OV test every month which are fine but this month I ov'd on the 23rd dec and my period still not arrived, I've had 2 neg preg tests this week greensad.gif please help!!
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Hello.  I am also new to this board.  My DP and I have been together for 7+ years and two years ago we wanted to get married and start trying for a baby but he was diagnosed with a heart condition.  It has put off an engagement and our plans for a baby.  The doctor has cleared him to start trying and this month will be our first attempt.  Fingers crossed that his medications and condition will not be an impediment.  I am baby crazy and just want us to be able to start our family together and take our relationship to the next level.

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Welcome Joe82 and mjmax!  May your stay here be short and your BFP come soon! Could you give me your age and the month and year you started trying to conceive?


AFM, I saw the Assisted Reproduction Technology nurse today and my Reproductive Endocrinologist as well.  We went over our schedule - February/March for now.  Some things at school might have me change the schedule to June/July.  Over the next couple of weeks we will know for sure.  Today I had an HSG and mock embryo transfer. The actual procedures didn't hurt, but man 15 minutes later after talking with the doctor and while paying our fees at the front desk, I had cramps so bad that I felt like throwing up and I got really hot and light headed like I was in the middle of my worst cramps when on my period.  It is CD5 and the HSG brought up bright red blood where this morning I was just having a little discharge. Glad I was still wearing my cloth sanitary napkins because the blood came pretty strong.  Feeling better now after a bunch of ibuprofen and some horizontal resting.  I am excited to moving forward! IVF here we come!

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Hi all, and welcome to mjmax and joe82. I'm still pretty new here myself. Lilac, how exciting to be starting the process! I hope you continue to feel better.


This morning I went to see an ob/gyn the nurse practitioner I usually see at the student health clinic had referred me to for my painful and irregular periods. He did a vaginal ultrasound and saw some follicles around my ovaries that could be indicative of PCOS. He didn't seem to think I had endometriosis, which was a concern that the nurse practioner had. It was my first time seeing a male physician for a pelvic exam and I have to say I think I prefer women! It felt a bit rushed and impersonal. He ordered a bunch of lab work to check various hormone levels and said I can start taking Clomid anytime I want. I'm still optimistic that I might be able to bring things back into balance with healthier eating and herbs. I've also started doing these walking meditations when I take my corgi for a walk around sunset. Kind of bummed about the possible PCOS, though.

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Hi ladies, I am new to this website and found this forum and thought how perfect cause I just turned 31 on Monday and we are TTC! I am a mother of two, 11 yr and 9yr.. So u can imagine how much I don't remember from being pregnant or even trying! So, I'm 8DPO and am driving myself crazy waiting to test.... I start my last semester of nursing school next week... People might think I'm crazy for wanting to have another baby while starting a career but I can't wait forever!
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Welcome kdiaz, I hope your stay here is short! What month and year did you start TTC so I can add it to our chart of active members? Most of us are TTC #1 in our 30s and you are more than welcome to be a part of our group as it sounds like TTC was long ago for you and all the things we wonder about may be the things you wonder about.

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Lilacvioletiris- thanks for the welcome!
I started trying December 2012. And yes I do wonder about a lot of things while trying. My sister who is 34 had her first 1 1/2 years ago and had a long battle trying,but had a beautiful little boy in the end. She is now 7 weeks pregnant again and it didn't take but 3 months!
Anyways- stay strong ladies and baby dust to all!!
If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask, I had to c-sections.
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I am 32 years old and I started trying today actually but it is a no go this time around.  My DP will need to go back to the doctor next month to see if maybe there is a work around for his medication so that the next attempt will be more successful.  Bummer.

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