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Viddy- hug2.gif So sorry. At least you know now....gloomy.gif

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Bummer teamViddy, but like you said, at least you know.

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Viddy--How are the digestive enzymes working out for you? I picked some up recently, but I haven't been taking them much. I hear they are especially important to take when eating cooked food. I'm also avoiding dairy/wheat/soy, and just started with the baby aspirin, too. I'm sorry that your hopes were dashed. The announcement you have planned sounds so sweet. We are in a similar state in terms of time TTC and having had a loss last year (ours was in June, coming up on two years since stopping contraception, initially NTNA, now TTC). Re: acupuncture I have my first appointment tomorrow and will let you know how it goes!


Jenny--Lots of baby dust to you! Sounds like things are going well. 


Dakipode--Congrats and best wishes for a joyful, healthy pregnancy. 


ConiferOD--happy belated birthday! It sounds like you are very self-aware and I admire that. I know what you mean about wishing the months away. 


KDiaz--Welcome and congratulations! Very happy for you!


Lilac--How exciting to hear about things moving along! Spring seems like the perfect time to be starting.


Pichounette--How thoughtful of you to stop by, and very encouraging to hear your story. Thank you! 


AFM--Well, the ultrasound I had week before last showed slightly polycystic ovaries, but all my lab work came back within the normal ranges. I'm not really sure what the diagnosis is (maybe mild PCOS?) and probably won't get much detailed information until my next appointment on Feb. 27. But on the positive side the doctor did say my womb looks good and healthy and I do seem to be ovulating. 

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bailey, isn't it great to hear that something about TTC is "good"? Glad to hear that your womb is ready for some action!  Hopefully your doctor appointment at the end of Feb will be more informative.

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I have been bugging DH to get his sperm tested for months. Just last week he spent a ton of time in the sauna and I don't think he realizes how big of an impact it can have. I remind him about the impact and it doesn't make a difference.


It dawned on me today that I could ease him into the process of thinking about his side of the equation by getting one of those at-home sperm tests. A few clicks on the internet and it's on its way. No awkward clinic visits with a funny little room for producing a sample. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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Bailey: Glad to hear of the good Dx! Did you read in Making Babies that the average couple in their 30s who BD's once a week takes 10 months to get pregnant? I might be a little off in that stat, but it was close to it. Everything might be totally fine and it's just taking a while for your baby to find you.


How did the acupuncture go?


I have a friend who is planning to start the elimination diet on Feb. 1st so she and I are doing it together. I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee, totally terrified. I am following the Whole Life Nutrition Plan, except I think I am skipping two day the green smoothie fast. Just don't know if I'm up for it. Plus, just eating hypoallergenically for 3 weeks shouldn't be bad for TTC, but I do remember hearing that a fast or smoothie only diet isn't that great. It should be interesting to see how it goes.

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bailey- I get cysts on my ovaries too but haven't yet gotten a diagnosis either. I don't think my Doc is so into diagnosis which is starting to irritate me a bit. I don't think he cares about what is causing anything. Its all about the end result for him. Of course I want to get pregnant but I also want to know why all this trouble!


Viddy- Good Luck with hubby's swimmers test and the diet.  Hopefully he won't be threatened by the at home version. It took me forever to get DH to go! The elimination diet is a worthwhile trek! Its really hard the first 3-4 days then you get in a groove.  I did it 5 years ago and found gluten, dairy and soy intolerances. Best thing I ever did!


AFM- 9dpo. Not feeling optimistic anymore. What little symptoms I had are all gone now. I have a blood test on thurs. for pregnancy test so they can tell me to stop the progesterone and start my period. Sucks. My gut feeling is that I have implantation for 3-5 days then I lose it.  This just keeps happening over and over again. I was so hoping that clomid/ progesterone would make the difference this cycle. Eventually it'll work, right????

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Team Viddy, I hope the at home sperm count kit works.


AFM, last night I got bad news.  My current job will end in June 2013. Now I need to find a new job. It takes so much work to fill out job applications. I have been at the same teaching/counseling job since 2001 so it is a major mind shift.  Filled out 4 job apps today. Hopefully some other teaching jobs will open up as "that time of year" comes into season.


We have our money saved for our IVF that is covered by my current job's insurance so we are moving forward with that in March. Changes afoot.

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Oh my goodness Lilacvioletiris, I'm sorry to hear about your job. I really don't want to sound cheesy, but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I really really believe that to be true. It may not be clear why all this molarky is happening right now...but I'm guessing whatever is ahead will be brilliant smile.gif
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Lilac, what the everloving heck! Your job is ending? At least they gave you some months notice. Sometimes workplaces don't do that, they just kick you out the door.


I agree with Conifer, though... Door closes, window opens, etc. There are probably great opportunities ahead.

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Whoa, Lilac- That's a biggie! I'm sure with your expertise you will find a job quickly. Anyone would love to have you as their teacher smile.gif

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Oh Lilac, what a shock! After so many years! As others mentioned, fortunately you have enough notice to apply for openings for next year. I hope you find a new job that is as wonderful as you are. 


Jenny--Yes, I have the same issue with an unclear diagnosis. It's very frustrating! Hopefully things will become clearer after my next visit. I'm doing castor oil packs in the meantime as I've heard they can help to resolve cysts. Did your doctor recommend anything for your cysts? I'm very sorry to hear about the early losses you are having. And yes, it will work eventually!


Viddy--The acupuncture was wonderful! It was so relaxing and I really did feel the sensation of some energy shifting in my body. It was also very validating and encouraging to hear that I am doing a lot of good things as far as trying to get ready for pregnancy. Good luck with the elimination diet. I gave up coffee and it hasn't been too bad. What does your husband say about the sauna? Did you get him to read "Making Babies"? I finally got mine to make an appointment for a sperm analysis, but it's not until March 4. 

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I am confident something better will come along for my job - I am qualified to be a school guidance counselor and a chemistry, math, and computer science teacher.  Now just comes the task of applying.  It is like having a part time job. I love working with young people and I know I will find a place where I can be of the most help to many young people.

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bailey - My cysts so far have resolved by themselves so I haven't had to do anything else. He never recommended my doing anything but wait it out.


AFMWell, the blood test today revealed the bfn. My progesterone was still not high enough to sustain a pregnancy even though I supplemented. It was improved over last cycle though. Hopefully it will continue to climb. Now I get to sit and wait for AF. I'm pretty down about all this. I tried not to let my hopes get up but everything was going so well. Its frustrating to mess with my hormones with the pills and still get the same result. ...

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Lilac, I recently went through a job search and I'd like to offer some good old annoying unsolicited advice  :). Because applying for jobs is such a time consuming thing, I set up a search through indeed.com for the type of job I was seeking. I was looking in healthcare and I know which of my friends/old coworkers work where, so I knew the workplaces where I would have someone to vouch for me.


I only applied at jobs where I had a personal reference that was fairly strong (i.e. they had some solid knowledge of my work ethic, etc). It made the process very painless because I got an interview and callback for every place I applied. It took so much less time than the last time I looked for a job.


Best of luck!

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Hi--I miss this thread! I'm on CD 23. I started temping again after a long hiatus and I have noticed my temps are pretty low. Today my BBT was 96.6. I definitely have not seen a rise to indicate ovulation, either. If anything, my temps seem to be dropping. It's so confusing.

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Yeah, it has been silent for a little while.


Got AF yesterday.  Today I had NINE vials of blood drawn for hormone checking and other infertility testing in preparation for next months IVF.  I can hardly wait!  Thankfully my arm isn't too worse for the wear.  One more month and I start taking stimulation meds and I am hoping that in 2 months I will have a little one or maybe two on the way! 

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bailey- That sucks greensad.gif I hate annovulatory cycles. The stress just lingers on. Maybe your temps are dropping because AF is coming? How long are your cycles usually?


lilac- 9 vials of blood jaw.gif I would of passed out, lol.  Whatever gets you to pregnant right! I am so excited for you too. I hope you get your babies right away!!


AFM- I'm Currently on CD7. I had a RE appt. thursday. AF finally came the same day. Had another small cyst that possibly delayed AF's Visit.  For this cycle They doubled the amounts of clomid and progesterone and we will be doing a injectable med to jump start ovulation on day 13. Seemed a little over kill to me on the ovulation part since I keep having chemical pregnancies. Obviously I'm getting pregnant.  Glad they upped the progesterone though.  I guess more eggies can't hurt!  smile.gif The large amounts of clomid have been a little rough this week. I've really been feelin' it the last few days. Thank goodness tonight is the last dose. 

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JustJenny, I hope that the extra progesterone works for you.


So far the blood tests have come back with good news.  My vitamin D3 was low (12.8) so I am supposed to take 2000 IU of that with breakfast and dinner.  My TSH was up to 1.78 from 1.57, my free T4 was up to 1.19 from 0.99, my FSH was 4.7, and my prolactin was 8.6 and this was all for Day 2 testing.  Being hypothyroid was I was concerned about my TSH and free T4 but I think I am now in the range where it is good.  Hopefully all this work will get me a baby or two!

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Great news, Lilac! Sounds like things are moving right along.


Jenny, I hope the extra clomid and progesterone work their magic. I might be started clomid in the next few months, depending on how things go.


Yesterday for the first time in a few months I had some real EWCM :) Throughout this cycle I've been intermittently getting watery CM, but not stretchy. So, I was glad to have that show up in time for Valentine's Day. Just relieved that my body seems to be ovulating (positive OPK today), even if it is late in the cycle (day 25). I think that stress is mucking things up. Hopefully I see some temps rise . . .

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