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New Year, New Bajingo Hopes for a BFP! TTC# 1 in our 30s January 2013 - Page 5

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Great numbers lilac! I bet your counting the days- so exciting! joy.gif



Bailey- yay for ovulation! Hoping you catch that egg! goodvibes.gif


AFM- CD10 and I'm feeling better. Only symptoms left are sore ovaries- which is manageable. Monday is my appointment to see if the follicles are ready then I'll get the trigger shot to force ovulation.  So I'm just waitin' whistling.gif

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That is exciting Jenny!  I hope that trigger shot is just the ticket and that the sperm find the egg at the perfect time to make a baby!

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Jenny, sounds good! Glad you are feeling better.


Lilac, so happy for you as you get closer and closer. It'll be here in no time orngbiggrin.gif


AFM, yet another cycle started over. I am back to normal with the medium/heavy flow. Not too surprised since DH did a lot of sauna sitting just a week before I O'd; I had low expectations. Besides the sauna (which he just didn't think about), he was really into the process this month. It took a lot of pressure off of me; it's such a relief that he is finally invested in the TTC process. For the first time in months I didn't cry when AF showed up.

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TeamViddy glad to hear that you are having a good attitude about AF this month. I hope this month will be more successful for you.

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Viddy- So glad to hear your dh is on board. I can identify with the relief you feel. It took a looooong time before my dh was ready. ANd when he finally was ready anything regarding ttc was left all up to me. He is now a more active participant thank God. Sometimes I don't think its real to them, you know? I know he's going to be awesome once a baby gets here, but until then I think its hard for him to connect to the process.  Hope you get your egg caught this cycle! dust.gif

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Jenny, there was a HUGE difference between him being ready to stop preventing pregnancy, and whatever happened last month. I don't know what flipped the switch, and why it took more than a year and a half. I have heard a lot of people say exactly what you said about it not being real to them. Maybe there was some master plan to waiting until our partners are emotionally invested...


Lilac, thanks... I'll be thinking of you as the date gets closer for you :)

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Hey ladies! Wow...sounds like everyone has had an eventful month to say the least. I was looking for the February thread and couldn't find it. Then I actually was trying to stay away from the web for a bit. I was so consumed with it all and it was all I could think about.

Then I was wondering how all of you were doing and I am so happy to see you girls back on this thread.

Viddy - I totally understand where you're coming from. We switch on straight away when the decision to ttc is made. There are so many emotions since it's our body that's going through it. We have to watch the changes in our body on a daily basis. I'm delighted that you are feeling that he's more there smile.gif

Bailey, Jenny and Lilac - It sounds like things for you all are moving in the right direction. There is so much to track, so much to take in, so much excitement...I truly hope you all stay positive and get those wombs ready for some cookin' !!!

AFM - I have supposedly stopped focusing on it smile.gif For February and March I'm not tracking anything. Obviously I can tell when I have EWCM and I can fell my O pains, but no writing in my daily trackers. It's out 1st wedding anniversary in March and I just wanna bd when I feel like it without ttc in the back of my head. Then come April I'll properly track again. Now don't get me wrong, just because I'm not physically tracking it, I have LOADS of mental notes of what and when things are happening...I'm not good at lying to myself. It's kind of like I'm pretending to take my mind off it, but the reality is that it doesn't leave your mind. But I think my sanity has returned and I'm keeping myself busy in hopes by relaxing I will help my body relax yo let nature take it's course. Time will tell smile.gif
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Confier, I hope your time off from tracking gives you the rest you need. 


AFM, spent an hour on the phone with my mail order pharmacy trying to get all the meds pre approved for my IVF cycle.  At least the pre-approval guy really spoke English and could think on his feet, the other woman I spoke to could only read to me from scripts and was unable to answer my questions to my satisfaction. I will be calling my Dr. again today to figure out exactly how the ranges of meds I need will work - does the pharmacy give me the low end or the high end or am I getting meds delivered every day for the month as I need them. March is coming!

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Lilac- wow! How many meds do you have to take for IVF?  Sounds complicated! Glad to hear your insurance will cover some of the meds. Mine won't cover squat related to pregnancy. The trigger shot was $140 alone! Luckily they covered the 80% of my HSG.


AFM- Got my trigger shot yesterday and had the positive opk this morning. They give it in your stomach! I thought it was gonna be in the butt, lol. Luckily its a small needle. Anyhow we'll be trying to catch a egg for the next few days. winky.gif

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Lilac, I am so excited for you guys! Hope you get all the insurance stuff worked out.

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Best wishes to you, Lilac! Sending lots of baby dust your way!! I'll be checking in to see how things are going. smile.gif
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Thanks boots and pitch! Just a couple more weeks and I will be filling my body with lots of extra hormones. I am so thankful I have a couple nurse friends who will do the injections for me.  I hate shots.


Anyway, in other exciting news, I have a job interview today to be a "student interventionist coach".  It sounds like a job I would fit well into. I will let everyone know how it goes.

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Best wishes to everyone and I really hope you move to graduates soon, Lilac!!

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Just popping in to give a update- 11 dpo today and a bfn gloomy.gif  Clomid/trigger shot didn't work...We most likely will be moving on to IUI next cycle. Hope you all are doing much better!

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JustJenny - I am so sorry to hear that. I hope your next plans help you to get pregnant. My sister did clomid/trigger/IUI a few times before she finally got pregnant and now the baby is due April 16. I hope your IUIs do the trick for you.


Well ladies it is time to start a new month!  March has arrived and a new thread is over here.  Come chat with us!



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